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  1. It absolutely affects grade, but can possibly be fixed sometimes. It also can come loose in shipping (after grading even) so it's a tough one to judge.
  2. Very nice ones for the list. I'm partial to Battleship myself, I wouldn't have even opened that one!
  3. You just have to use your own eyeball test on the crossovers. Thankfully I collect both scales. So if I buy a "bad 85" that isn't worth crossing, I'm completely content owning it as an 85. I don't really like owning 80+ or below on VGA though, and I don't really like owning anything below an A seal on Wata, which can even be suspect at times.
  4. Correct, sorry about the typo in the copy / paste...
  5. First off, I don't know you, you don' t know me (clearly), and many of your assumptions are way off. I'll briefly explain some of the woeful inaccuracies here. 1) 150% in 24 months is nothing. Plenty of times over the past years games have jumped 200 / 300% or more in a month or two in crazy spikes. If that guy has been collecting for years like he claims, surely he's seen some of them. Sometimes it was blamed on a Youtube review, sometimes a re-release (think what Pokemon Go did to original Pokemon prices, something like $50 CIB to $150 CIB over night), sometimes an NA hype post, etc. 2) We're all priced out! It's hard to feel sympathetic for a guy who can't afford the $100 to $250 CIB when I'm looking at 4 figure sealed games that are now 5 figures or even 6 figures! One can still afford to collect lower value stuff at a slower pace (save better, liquidate better, budget better, etc.) but in the other case you're making life altering decisions or just changing the direction you collect entirely (CIB vs Sealed, Loose instead of CIB, etc.) You can't speak to this man in a vaccuum like he's the only one priced out and the rest of us aren't. 3) Most people aren't struggling to move their games. Every time I list a wave on eBay at least one is side dealed in 24-48 hours. Ebay is merely a fraction of my sales and good stuff still moves pretty quickly direct. Overseas buyers are extremely numerous as well. You've talked about tracking stuff, but public sales are only a fraction of the market. Your best attempt to monitor market pulse is watching where the weekly ebay auctions end. 4) Last but not least, if you think I'm a reseller who hypes the market, you clearly don't know me. I've been at this since 2008 and I'm a collector who only resells to fund the hobby. There are so many buyers spread out across the globe and once you make connections, it's very easy to move good stuff. The only ones truly hyping stuff are the auction houses, I don't get that vibe on social media at all (unless you want to talk VHS, that's a whole nother topic). A lot of the good stuff still sells privately without prices being disclosed.
  6. But he may have just had unreasonable expectations. I'd argue that you go to a game convention for the experience, meeting people, hanging out with friends, etc. And he did all of that, he showed a car full of his buds and playing arcades, etc. If you're just looking for deals, I'm sure those evaporate pretty quickly first thing Friday (underpriced), or maybe have a little bit of haggle room on Sunday with vendors not looking to take stuff home. But I would never go to a convention expecting to find smoking deals personally. You're buying from people who know what they have. Maybe he was spoiled in the past from getting lucky.
  7. He's just a loose cart / old school gamer complaining about graded games, what do you expect? But yes, I wouldn't expect many graded games to actually sell at those conventions. It's more about a marketing trip for people, they can just expense all of the costs on their taxes and offset income. Plus you get to hangout / meet some people, have a couple dinners, and life goes on.
  8. Yes, your items can be in the post grading phase for months. They do not become available until the games ship back.
  9. I'm on a roll, two new adds for the list in two weeks. Another Hi Tech: Chessmaster, The (Oval Seal) Box: NES-EM USA (Date Code 00403 on inner flap) Cart: NES-EM-USA Manual: NES-EM-USA* Nintendo Power advert: PMG-AA-USA High Tech Expressions Registration Card: HIT-EM-US Hi Tech Expressions Poster: HIT-NES-US Textured Black Dust Cover
  10. Did you see the horrible jewel case sell for $14.6k on eBay? Rusted staple, multiple cracks, probably a 6.5 to 7 A / A+ at best. That is a game that no one should have wanted due to condition, believe it was being sold $40K OBO on social media before he had to let it go to auction. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194390468611 So yes, a game that no one should have wanted went for $15k. The first print in Mint shape, well listed on an auction house in front of tons of people with 6 and 7 figures of spending? In a condition that everyone would want? You'll see where it winds up.
  11. Yes you're way off. There's not a snowball's chance in hell it goes under $300k.
  12. *Should, if the Mario 64 is setting the bar. At minimum, there is no doubt in my mind that's a $500k game today.
  13. For one, of that 85% you mention, how many are up to date with tax law? Half? Those people will keep churning as normal and will get a surprise 1099 that they either ignore or make up numbers for if they aren't tracking. Keeping records isn't required... it's only there to defend you in an audit. Of course everyone should but I guarantee a lot of people don't and won't. If you're just going from memory and estimate you paid $50 for a $100 game you sold, no one is going to care. And an audit isn't guys in black suits showing up at your door, most of them are just via mail. Sorry to be so brutally honest but it's a simple function of time and people. This change that everyone is bickering about is going to overload an already extremely strained system where they are woefully understaffed. Especially in a remote working environment now. They can't just triple their workforce overnight, so those same core group of people get triple the work. That means even more reason to only focus on blatantly off stuff (1099 income not reported, extremely high deductions, etc.) or very large income, or severe income swings (making tons more in one year than before). So if this scares anyone out, so be it. If you're actually having fun or need any of that side money then you'll have to evolve and after one year you'll see it's not a big deal. People are always resistant to change but once change is made they adapt pretty quickly.
  14. Nothing will change. Just like how people swore they'd quit eBay after they forced managed payments a year ago and guess what, ebay still churning as usual. And count me in the group that absolutely hated the managed payments change (resisted as long as I could), but once I hopped over I'd never go back. Set up the separate checking account and it was much easier. Also, don't be scared of Government workers, they're normal people like you and I who want a 40 hour work week and nothing more. About 50% of them are just doing the minimum too, or they'd be in private industry making more. Those people are going to go after big dollar audits to maximize the return on their time, or returns that are obviously wrong (capital gains not reported despite your bank giving you a form, 1099s not reported, people claiming high amounts of deductions (home office use), etc. If you're more or less honest and reporting fair amounts then you'll be fine. If you had $10k of sales and reported and $11k of costs (expenses, COG, etc.) you'd be a bigger target (but still severely low percentage). If you have $10k of sales and report your COG as $1k, $2k, $3k, $4k, etc. they aren't going to know or care. End of day we all accept some level of risk. You have a risk of dying every day you hop in a car. You have a risk of getting COVID everytime you go out. And you have a simlarly low level or risk when you self report your 1099 income as long as you are matching top level. Take that for what it's worth.
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