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  1. Did you click on my link? The link of $700 is posted. Both GVN and Pricecharting miss a ton of sales, neither is better than 50/50 at this point IMO.
  2. A starblade alpha sold for $700 in January, lol. The days of $100 are behind you, though agreed, it was in the $150 range a long time. I sold a VGA 85+ sealed copy a few months back when I upgraded to 90+ and sealed price was pretty stagnant around $1k at the time too. I bet that is no longer the case. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124539338836 And yes, Super Mario World in VG or better shape is $1k+ already.
  3. Funny you mentioned this example, someone messaged me last week trying to buy mine. When a uncommon title droughts it price doesn't usually return back to normal. Look at some similar NES exmaples like Cliffhanger, that one is way up over the last year. When the demand gets so high it takes a lot of supply to bring it down... and if the title was already uncommon then the supply usually doesn't catch up. Yeah, I noticed this too. Bought a sealed VGA 90 a couple weeks ago just thinking it was a good deal... then when I noticed the CIB price had gone from $400 to nearly $1k I was thr
  4. Sure agree to disagree but A is a very average seal especially on Genesis. A on Genesis has multiple holes or splits, sometimes a inch or inches long especially at seam. And multiple corners are worn through or hangtab area is split. I could respect someone saying it's an A+ but it's far too good for A. I'm not trying to have an ego battle, I just collect Genesis myself and sub a lot so I know what I can get away with at this point. End of day that hole would bother me on A++ but I'm already used to being disappointed with A++ half of the time if I didn't sub myself. I'm very strict thou
  5. They are overwhelming saturated with demand. They could double prices today and I bet it still doesn't kill volume as much as you'd expect. I agree they should have better customer service but there will be a horde of people throwing money at them everyday regardless. Any dollar I spend on grading pays for itself many multiples over. It's how the market is and has been for awhile.
  6. I'm telling you I've held a lot of sealed Wata games and if you have A+ on Genesis it has at least one hole in the seal somewhere. That guide is over 2 years old and should be updated. On NES I agree no holes on A++ unless a tiny corner pokes or two, but Genesis is a whole different animal. Problem is using one scale to describe it all. Each platform has more variation.
  7. A++ isn't a perfect seal. It's a sliding scale, so think of it as anywhere between a 9.4 and 10 seal. If you hold enough A++ stuff in hand you realize there's some variation in the grade. If that's the only flaw, it's an A++. But yes, their 9.8 A++ stuff leaves a lot to be desired. If I buy a game in that condition then it should be one I don't want to upgrade, yet I've gotten some that I wouldn't mind upgrading.
  8. I'll go on the record and say if you are submitting a Turbo run today then you probably won't see it for at least 10 months. I also have a Turbo run from late September not graded. And they get more backed up with each day. So if that one is already about 6 months then ones today are 6 months + several more.
  9. I've seen Geocities websites in 1996 with better reliability than HA had today.
  10. More like minutes. I told a couple big spenders to just buy that and cross it a few weeks back. It should have never sat that long, 90 Tysons don't really exist regardless of print.
  11. Anyone know of a good source for pricing this stuff besides ebay completed? I've had a guy trying to sell me about a dozen of his but I haven't pulled the trigger because I'm not sure if they're worth it.
  12. Oh and kudos again to whoever mentioned RAD... I didn't get that one but I did invest in the sector with WBA. They beat earnings handedly and I will add to the position if there is a bit of a post earnings lull. Looking at the weekly chart I see lots of upside in 2021 especially.
  13. The Tech bounce was good today. I did get in PTON around $103 that I'm happy with but didn't get ABNB at $170 even though I really wanted to. Like both of those plays. Haven't pulled trigger on Z yet as I could still see more profit taking there. Also strongly considered SPCE at $28 but unsure if I want to get in that one too. Seems like all hype with no fundamentals, but Elon obviously will provide all capitalization it needs.
  14. Someone on IG just posted a screen shot of their one year anniversary date on a select order being created. You've got months still at minimum. I have turbos from September not graded as well.
  15. Hmm I finished mine in early Feb and swear it wasn't included in my total. I wonder if that's state by state, seems odd it would vary if so.
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