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  1. The numbers are going to do what they are going to do. Don't be so focused on placing blame. You can go outside anytime you want, its all in your head if you decide you must stay inside.
  2. If you're at risk, stay home and don't interact with others. Your risk tolerance does should not impact how someone else lives their life. It's one thing if someone wants to walk about in public being brazen without a mask and coughing on people. It's another for someone to live a normal life yet still respect masks and 6 foot distancing. If that person just got back on a plane from China, there's nothing you can do it about it. In your case, I would just assume everyone is infected and treat life as such if you are mortally fearful.
  3. Why are so many other people worried about what others do? Masks in public spaces, I get that. Limiting the amount of times you need to go out in public, I get that. But if someone wants to have a small to medium sized gathering at their house with friends or family, let the them do so. No one needs to be living in fear at this point. This is the new normal, everyone has a different risk tolerance, and you choose your lifestyle that fits your risk tolerance.
  4. GME surging past $15, $15.50 today. Hype knows no bounds of course.
  5. Most of those were reseals though.
  6. Ocarina of Time for me... though probably as a teenage kid. I'm not sure if playing something for the first time as an adult would have quite the same feeling.
  7. Is loose is too easy and sealed is too hard, why not just CIB Mint of your favorites? That's a nice medium.
  8. I haven't even seen a 10.0 component. Don't think it is possible as a manufacturing flaw could still be dinged. Just like every time you open a pack of cards you don't get all PSA 10 cards due to offcenter, corner dings in assembly, etc. I have a 9.8 CIB with all 9.8 internals and that game was as mint as it could possibly be.
  9. Cart grading is by far the hardest part to me. I have a good eye for box and manual but man oh man any single microscopic flaw dings a cart. A cart with a "perfect label", no stains / discoloration, no marker, no rental stickers, etc. was generally "mint" to me. That however is no guarantee of a Wata 9 or higher. You have to look for any type of subtle identations in the label or any types of scratching / scuffing at all. Take the cart and hold it at various angles under the light, you'll likely see at least some superficial scratching... and that knocks it down. If you have some
  10. Likely an 8 box based on a quick look from my phone. Way too much edge and corner wear for 9. And if its got a crease on the inner opening flap 7.5 at best.
  11. You guys can't look at these sales through the lens of video game collecting anymore. Comic investors piled in and comic games shot up overnight. Pokemon card collectors coming in and Pokemon games went from $500 mint to 5 figures and even much higher went mint in 2 years. Now sports card investors are coming in and sports card games have taken off too. The bidding got to almost $2k in the first days it was up so you knew it was going to get nutty.
  12. Sadly that's all the stock market is. Pile in, post hype articles, increase your target estimates and try to recruit more people to buy into it. Remember, GME was buying back stock in the $6-$8 range themselves to the tunes of several millions. They're doubling their investment there alone.
  13. GME flirting with $14 for anyone paying attention. Intrinsic value and worth doesn't matter, it's all hype and sentiment. And this thing went from getting pummeled to new hype piling in every week. Still has a ways to run with the amount of hype piling in. Add in an earnings beat or a good winter selling season and it'll really get crazy!
  14. Thanks, were you refreshing minute by minute? Haha.
  15. Okay not just me, at least calms my mind then. Thanks!
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