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  1. We're alternating independent pizza places. The REALLY good one is also doing takeout growlers. Had them tonight. The good-but-not-AS-good place, happens to be owned by the family of my son's preschool teacher, so there is the social connection.
  2. Well, the suicide rate is going to tick up. (already in evidence at the Air Force Academy)
  3. Or...you have far fewer places to go, so more people end up at those places than would typically be there, increasing density in those places from people not following instructions...
  4. WEN is running a deal on generators (found via slickdeals). We need them rarely enough (even for all the storms/floods we get) that I've never bothered. But $400 for a super-quiet/low-maintenance generator to run the freezer and fridge, and charge video devices for the kids, seems like pretty reasonable sanity-insurance before we get into hurricane season.
  5. So I saw that Michael Pachter at Wedbush FINALLY downgraded GME (he was the last long-time hold out among analysts).
  6. Yeah, that is the big takeaway. From the beginning we should have all gone full-blown-Asian-traveler and worn masks in public 100% of the time. Much better potential to keep the asymptomatic carriers from spreading it to others when they breathe out.
  7. The virus can get aerosolized just BREATHING. (evidently can project up to 27 feet and stay in the air for up to 3 hours) Coughing or sneezing not required.
  8. The absolute last thing anyone that dislikes Trump wants is for the November election to be disrupted in any way, shape, or form. I highly doubt there is any political agenda, from "the left" or any media construed as left-leaning, that would want the shut down to last beyond the summer.
  9. "First round of testing" is just to make sure it is safe to use at all. Then they have to go about testing efficacy. Human trials take on the order of 6 months, at least, even if they are hurrying.
  10. Look at a calendar -- the specific end-date is because it works out to an exact number of weeks for the order. In VA we have one of the few governors (if there are even any others) that is a physician who I'd expect to accurately follow whatever x-week-from-start-date guidelines that are floating around.
  11. Plain white is good enough for me and matches the other appliances
  12. I played TTYD first (it was the reason I even bought a Gamecube back when it was new). When I finally got around to playing the original, it felt like a crude prototype that really had nothing to offer over TTYD. I think a great method for them to take would be to just make another Paper Mario game in that style, with the same kind of generational improvements that makes the predecessor feel like an early beta release... (and while I enjoyed Super Paper Mario, it definitely didn't succeed at doing what i'm referring to above)
  13. Well Alton Brown's pretzel recipe works really well. My only recommendation would be to do the baking-soda boil for longer than 30 seconds to get a better bubbly pretzel crust and to probably use more butter than he calls for (or baste them in butter once they are done). Otherwise, excellent. EDIT: also, a full-blown stand mixer (like a Kitchen-Aid) is an incredible tool. Probably the only "kitchen gadget" genuinely worth owning.
  14. There has been a persistent . narrative from right wing radio personalities that this thing isn't the big deal people are making it out to be and "way more people die of the flu every year and we don't shut the country down for that". One in particular is probably going to be beating that drum until he catches it and dies due to.his compounding factor of stage 4 lung cancer...
  15. Might give that a try next weekend. We have a bunch of attachments we have never used in the 16 years we have owned it...
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