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  1. Since that would represent a sustained 25% annual rate of return (rivals the best decade-long rates of return of the best fund managers of all time) -- I would sure as hell HOPE you'd be happy!
  2. 5% per week is almost 1200% per year. If you're counting on that kind of rate of return you're going to have a bad time. EDIT: to try another way to show how ridiculous a sustained rate of return that would be -- an initial investment of $10k would become $22MM after only 3 years, would be $286MM after 4 years, would be $3.7B after 5 years, and sometime during year 8 you would become a trillionaire.
  3. You are only taxed on gains. Just keep track of your cost basis accurately.
  4. A little confused by that last comment -- what does Elon Musk have to do with Virgin Galactic (ticker SPCE)?
  5. I am shocked that some of you played this with the single-controller configuration. This game was the reason I owned a 4-score as a kid.
  6. If I recall the context of the old quote that Dave dug up -- the point of the study I read about was that the 21-and-up is less about successfully having a hard-limit on alcohol access and more about taking measures to mitigate access in high school and lower. Obviously under-21's in college will have access from their near-peers. But there are a lot fewer college-aged kids willing to provide regular access to high schoolers, and it is way less likely that a high schooler can pull off a plausible fake ID to say they are 21 vs 18. And I agree with you that making t
  7. I agree that it isn't as obvious as growing weed, but you must only know some really inattentive parents.
  8. How does the fee structure work nowadays? Wasn't there some kind of sliding-scale on fees related to how quickly you wanted a transaction to take place?
  9. Even a modestly attentive parent is going to notice wine production. And if the parents don't care, those same parents would probably buy their kids alcohol anyway.
  10. I honestly expected salad bars and buffets to be gone for a long time.
  11. Why would I pick either of those over Johnny Mnemonic? (which also benefits from being one of the few movies to skirt the line of plausibly being part of the Shadowrun universe)
  12. I don't think I could put it anywhere near the level of the best from the 80's. There is a grittiness of good sci-fi from that era that very few things have captured since. But in terms of the "timeless" comment -- Matrix went over-the-top trying manufacture "cool" in a way that is hyper-specific to the era and in an aesthetic that was way too easily made "uncool" by the fanbase trying to emulate it. Put simply, they just look ridiculous in hindsight. "Timeless" cyberpunk avoids that with styles that are "weird enough" or "world-specific-enough" that they aren't readily emul
  13. Exactly this -- and I'd probably rank it higher if they never made the sequels (which I thought just went off the rails and were disappointing as hell). At the time of release, being in the target age group -- it was a big "10". But it is pretty far from timeless, and unlike some 80's sci-fi that I can watch again-and-again, I'm not sure if I'll ever bother to rewatch the Matrix. MAYBE when my kids are older... but I have a feeling it will be really embarrassing to explain why we thought it was "cool" at the time -- versus watching Blade Runner with my parents and being envious that
  14. I'd be interested in hearing practical feedback on burn-in risk for OLEDs.
  15. 1st shot was today (pfizer), second scheduled before end of april. Looking forward to having this done.
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