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  1. People with narrow feet are probably fine in Nike. It's just that (at least last time I bought Nike in the 90's), their standard width is a C, and New Balance has a D-width as standard along with offering a full range of sizing options (like my college buddy that wore quad-E width shoes). Personally, I switched back to Chuck Taylor's a few years ago, because I like the zero-rise, the simplicity, the durability, and the relatively low price point
  2. I think you are likely mistaken. Support for any country is effectively going to be proxy-support for one or the other in some fashion. Both USA and China would have to have their respective influences on world affairs shrink CONSIDERABLY for that not to be the case.
  3. The question is would you rather: (a) support the USA or (b) support China Practically speaking, you have to do one or the other.
  4. If we REALLY wanted to, we could probably economically destabilize China faster than they could hurt us in return.
  5. I generally agree with that stance. But the "socially liberal" part is what goofs it up on a couple of "wedge issues" where the policies where ACTUAL change is plausible get blocked. Major "handouts" issue I'd disagree with is when it comes to healthcare, pragmatically recognizing that by the very nature of life-and-death not providing time to "shop around" as well as generally blocking rational financial decision making anyway, some kind of "universal" healthcare would solve a lot of problems. Not the least of which is allowing small businesses to be more competitive with larger and mid-sized competitors since good-quality health insurance with a small buyer pool cranks their overhead costs through the roof compared to what very-large companies can negotiate for more-or-less the same demographic spread.
  6. For instance, take the abortion issue off the table, and I suspect there are MANY so-called-republican-adherents that are at least willing to flip independent. That issue alone as incredibly entrenched battle lines drawn that let either side run amok with all kind of other BS that are against their respective voters' best interests.
  7. As long as people can be convinced to vote all-or-nothing on one or two (key to them) issues, you can't get people to actually vote on practical issues where meaningful change is possible, versus getting caught up in the ideological divide on a small handful of high-inertia topics that are incredibly unlikely to change no matter who is leading the government.
  8. Understand the interesting in the old 8-bits. Though I wouldn't really call the 1984 Macintosh "homogeneous" with the offerings of its time.
  9. Interested in an original Macintosh with pretty much everything except the digitizer pad?
  10. "plain" black olives (like you'd get on a pizza or in a can) are pretty bland. if you just want to eat olives, get kalamatas.
  11. My digital library is on the PC. It would take a pretty significant shift to lose access to them.
  12. Yeah, but you can also go to any Thai restaurant and ask for "Thai hot" and get a plate of food that will make you sweat. In the UK, they discount the "5 star" scale of heat at restaurants by at least 2 stars.
  13. Compared to European and UK cuisine, the American flavor profile is way spicier, in my experience. (exception being Indian/Thai/etc restaurants, which is still going to be served spicier, on average, in America unless you can convince them that you really do want it authentically spicy) But "American Hot" is evidently a distinct menu option at least in the southern UK and parts of the Netherlands.
  14. My favorite pizza I've had in the UK gets billed as "American Hot". It is a pepperoni pizza with nearly a full jar of jalapenos.
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