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  1. No telling how soon it would drop, but I agree the long term prospect seems dubious, since it isn't particularly clear how they would make money, unless they are running paid subscription. It just seems like a brand gamble to affiliate a business with that particular platform by paying for advertising.
  2. Ok, that makes sense -- was just surprised at the comment about being worried about paramedics trashing the scene...
  3. Hold up, if he wasnt dead yet, why wasn't he being rushed to a hospital or seen by paramedics? (Even if his condition was dire and he was going to die enroute) It isn't (or at least, shouldn't be) up to cops to decide if your condition is salvageable...
  4. You don't get paid unemployment when you quit. Also, those people working minimum wage that you mention, typically work paycheck to paycheck with zero savings and no ability to handle financial disruption. Anyone quitting by choice isn't living off of subsidies. And anyone with the savings to float for a few months, or more, wasn't working minimum wage.
  5. Solid 9. Great movie from an era where you could stumble across something like this on TBS as a 7 year old and have it burned into your mind for life.
  6. This may be a big part of it. Their whole image really breaks down when they try and maintain it well past middle age and into being senior citizens.
  7. I used to love them, and actually saw them in concert back in 2001, I think. But sometime in the past 15 years I have kind of gotten over them and they don't really do it for me anymore. Not sure how that fairly translates into a rating, since younger me would have given them a 9, probably. But nowadays I will change the station.
  8. I am content to marvel at it the next time I go to a brick con.
  9. Having gone through a loss of a dog a few years ago, and eventual new dog - a new dog isn't really a substitute for the one you already had a relationship with. And it isn't going to make her feel better about feeling like she failed by letting the dog get hit by a car. That is all going to take time to mourn and process.
  10. Dave, how is a client stating what they are interested in paying any different than an employer stating the wage for a job opening? It is not "insulting" except that you choose to take offense at a negotiation tactic from the client. I will grant that there is a gambit in negotiation related to anchoring, where the first person to state a price sets beginning expectations for discussion -- but it isn't something to take offense at when someone beats you to the first offer. It is just business. Now, if the price is changing after a service is rendered, that is a breach of contract, and is an entirely different discussion. All that said, when it comes to contract bidding, it makes life a lot easier when a client lets you know their budget up front.
  11. I still think it is a bit of an odd position to take to be upset about a client openly stating a starting point of what they are willing to pay for a service. They aren't forcing anyone to take the role. And if nobody takes it, the price they are offering goes up, or they don't get the service. Simple as that. There is nothing offensive about it.
  12. It still all boils down to a market transaction of services. You want to be paid a certain amount, the client wants to pay something less than that. You negotiate and come to some kind of agreement, or you don't take the gig. I still don't see the issue with the request for a resume, though. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal to offer up qualifications for why you are worth the money you want to get paid. Generally speaking, if a prospective client is asking for some kind of verification of your background and suitability, and you refuse, you are not doing yourself any favors in the negotiation. Employers ask for resumes. It isn't offensive, and strikes me as completely normal. When I offered private tutoring to high school and middle school kids, in college, the company offering the service needed my transcript to see that I was actually competent in the various subjects I was going to tutor. They could then assure the clients they were doing that due diligence and giving the kids access to knowledgeable tutors.
  13. I would think it has more to do with the proliferation of "digital nomad" types effectively flooding the market while seeking a reliable east Asian foothold. While the internet access item mentioned may not be directly undermining your services, what it has done is make it a lot easier for more people offering similar services to be OK with moving away from home to work abroad in a field that is perceived (in the west), rightly or wrongly, as the low hanging fruit for a westerner seeking employment in Asia. I would be interested to hear more about why you found the request for a resume so offensive, though. Seems like if you have applicable experience it would be worthwhile to justify your requested price.
  14. 1) You know what you would like to charge, the client knows what they are willing to pay. The tutor isnt getting the gig until those two prices match. It takes two to make the transaction happen. That said, whichever party is expected to lead off negotiations could be a cultural matter, and if you want to do business in a culture it is generally best practice to respect their norms to the extent possible. 2) you are selling a specialty service by the session, where your academic history, at least, is highly relevant. It isn't inappropriate to request an actual resume for this type of job. You are certainly welcome to refuse - but see my first response about cultural norms. The more you go against them, the fewer opportunities you will have to do business. 3) obviously not. That is an incredibly naive view. In the USA for any job where people are responsible for kids it is best practice to conduct a background check though law enforcement.
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