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  1. Bump lol im still searching guys thanks
  2. Please let me know what you have to offer! Thanks
  3. anyone selling Castlevania VGA games?
  4. Selling Contra NES factory. I was a little hesitated and didn't think it much at the time. Now i really have deep regret.
  5. Really impressed with your games man! Just keep looking like i do and I'm sure you will get all of them!!!
  6. The problem i always have over GVN is that you can’t just include every variant and give an average value. Look at this example you cant give a fair value if all the variants are included. Probably a filter can properly fix that.
  7. Will be very dificult to keep up with all the inacurate data that people tend to believe and a group of collectors will have to get together to have a starting point.. Showing data of all the possible variants with the latest grade games from VGA/Wata information from all those private collectors will probably be a good start, but not everyone can access those data base reports to keep updated at least on a monthly bases with all the submissions that i have seen lately. Definitely a great thread to place ideas.
  8. Yes Sir! Thanks for contacting me. Looks like everybody is holding on to their collections and what you see on ebay is basically what people dont want. I did found a couple of the hard ones over the last couple of years
  9. Thanks for the reply. Great man! Do you have pics?
  10. Let know guys if you’re looking to sale any good Castlevania game!!
  11. Trying to start fresh on this great site! NA is dying....same is happening to SGH
  12. I’m from Puerto Rico leaving on Roanoke, TX for the last 2 years. Here’s very dificult to find collectors locally.
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