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  1. Awesome game. As much as I love seeing the 49ers lose, that is one stacked team that should be great for years to come....unfortunately
  2. Well that was a good fuckin game. This is a better outcome anyway, I think we'd all rather see a potential rubber match in San Francisco in a few weeks. That delay of game penalty cost em the game....although maybe they were gonna throw it at the 1 yard line
  3. Seattle be like "we dont wanna win the NFC"
  4. My aunt was at a Reveen show back in the 70's and he did the thing where he "locks" your hands together and then unlocks them before starting the show. Hers didn't unlock so she ran up to the stage and he had to unlock them again. Based on that story, and this picture, I believe in hypnotism 100%
  5. Good lord this Jackson - Andrews combo is ridiculous. I dont really care about the Ravens but damn they're fun to watch
  6. 1 from me. Never have been a fan, never will be, can't think of a single song of theirs I like. Everyone always says "listen to Hey Jude, it'll change your mind", but its just like 3 minutes of "na na nanana na, heeyyyy Juuuude".
  7. Niners lost to the friggin Falcons
  8. Yeah and now a days we have people having breakdowns because a butterfly landed on their arm. Both world wars were awful, but WW1 was hell on earth.
  9. I cant remember the last time I got a frozen pizza, it's easier to hit up Lil Sleezy's and grab a hot n' ready for 7 bucks.
  10. 2 of everyone's favourite things, grindcore and Donald Trump
  11. Shes a lil dingbat. What is skipping school to protest climate change gonna do in Sweden? They're not even close to as bad as China is for pollution. Go protest there, or India. Then i'll give you some bravery points.
  12. Damn Seattle played like shit tonight
  13. GoCollect should go after Beanies and leave games alone.
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