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  1. 1a. SNES (tie) 1b. N64 (tie) 2. Switch 3. DS 4. GameCube 5. GBA 6. NES 7. 3DS 8. Game Boy 9. Wii U 10. GBC 11. Virtual Boy 12. Wii Yes SNES and N64 are tied for first but my "official" #1 for PR's sake is SNES because I acknowledge it is the superior console but I can't not have both since they both offer me unique experiences and in my opinion are the absolute best companion consoles for each other. But that's just me! Switch surprised me and came in 2nd (technically 3rd) because it really is just the ultimate Nintendo expe
  2. I've never seen a ranking of any kind that is based on the worst things about it. Every console has a ton of crap games. When I rank something objectively I look at the best of what it offers and see how it compares to the best of other similar things. With the logic of basing a consoles worth on the average quality of all games in it's library, what if a console came out and released only 3 stellar games and that was it's whole library? Is it a 10/10 simply because it's games are 100% good since there are only 3 of them total? If you want to take an average objectively to determine a consoles
  3. Tempest 2000 was ported to Saturn and PS1 so, problem solved!
  4. I just fell off of it, a few weeks went by and I forgot I never added one so I just let it go. I was trying to think of something more fun for a poll if I do another.
  5. Michelangelo, forever the party dude. Cowabunga!
  6. It's probably unfair that I rated it as well, since I've never actually played the system. I've only seen one in a retro gaming store once a few years ago. But I have looked into the system a lot, checked out a bunch of its games, and played a few on an emulator. So I rated it based on what I know about it and how much interest I have in it.
  7. There is something about this console that keeps it in the back of my mind a lot of time. I don't know if it's the badass name, or the awesome look of the console, or just the fact that as a kid I really wanted one but to this day have never even held a controller for one. I have been on the verge of buying one several times in the last few years and I always back out because I look at the list of games and there are so few that appeal to me and even the ones that do, like Doom and Wolfenstein, can be played on other (better) consoles. So objectively I think it's pretty bad but there is appeal
  8. It's amazing..still the best TMNT movie yet. Absolutely nostalgic for me too. I can't give it lower than a 9.
  9. Rescue Rangers is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Probably on par with Ducktales and Gargoyles, at least as far as Disney goes. 9/10 Friends I watched a lot back in the day, I liked a lot of the first 4 or so seasons and liked it less as it went on longer. But it's trendy to hate on it, and I really don't think it's bad. I've rewatched it a few times, but last time I only made it to season 5. Still it's one of the most successful and iconic sitcoms. 8/10 Tales from the Crypt I watched when I was younger, I'd like to watch it again. I remember liking it but it's been a long t
  10. Really not my genre at all but I even loved this series. 8/10 because it's my favorite game series of this genre, but the genre itself is one of my least favorites. But definitely would recommend to anyone but especially fans of strategy games.
  11. Can't take the poll. There is no 11/10 option. Well, I guess 10/10 is close enough so that's what I went with. Jokes aside this really is the definitive console experience in my eyes. I did give 10/10 to N64 (to much of many people's dismay) but I truly think SNES is arguably the best console of all time. It has everything. Shmups, platformers, action, racing, rpgs.. oh god does it have rpgs. Maybe not as numerous as, say PS2, but many of high quality, some are the best of all time. As great as the NES was, the SNES was exactly as it's name implied, it was literally a Super NES. It
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