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  1. Save my spiel? Come now, MrWunderful. You're made of stronger stuff. The point I was trying to make about the KKK is that their membership is on a downward trajectory and they are increasingly irrelevant in today's culture, especially on a historical trajectory, and are thus not as much of a threat as you might like to think. This and many more salient points are made by Daryl Davis in the Joe Rogan interview, and listening to it would help ground your concern that that hate group, in particular, is not the threat you may think they are. Are you sure that the "white nationalism seeping into the mainstream" isn't just the pendulum of history/social norms swinging away from the hyper sensitive mindset of the mainstream into a more robust and mature mindset? One that is able to face the evils of the past and not blink? Or maybe something akin to gallows humor? Things that are so dark that for some the only way to cope with the magnitude of evil is to laugh at it? Dave Chapelle's Clayton Bigsby sketch comes to mind. I would rather have the hate groups online, honestly. They are easier to keep track of and refute that way. I also don't have to wade through fields of ticks or get lost in the woods.
  2. Nobody in this thread can legitimately say they speak for anyone but themselves, including you, and from where I stand Quest has not purported to do so. The KKK is no longer a single unified entity, and has not existed as such for a rather long time. They are much more fragmented into local/state chapters, and so if someone makes the claim that the KKK is backing a particular candidate it would not be fair or accurate to characterize said endorsement as a nation-wide effort. Also, if a particular chapter of the KKK backs someone who is not looking for their endorsement (and has even disavowed them), and you lump them in with guilt by association, that does not speak highly of your objectivity or willingness to see nuance in a world with a million shades of grey. No one is pure. No one is good. No one has a perfect lens with which they view and interpret the world. It has been my experience that those who are obsessed with racism will find it anywhere and everywhere and use it as a tool to control and shame others, thus making any attempt to discuss or deal with the remnants of that failed ideology that much more difficult. I recommend to all checking out Daryl Davis' interview on the Joe Rogan podcast (easily found on youtube). He has converted a number of actual KKK members (and has their robes to prove it) and can provide some much needed context to the issue at hand. He's also one mean musician.
  3. Oh, thaaaaaaat's where all my childhood nightmares came from. Glad to finally put that to rest
  4. My gut reaction was 1/10, but as @Kguillemette said, they would rate higher if I were just to consider them instrumentally. They are America's shame. I would rate Nickelback higher then them. They are a regular subject of derision in the workplace whenever someone is loading an especially large file, "Keep loadin', loadin', loadin'! What?!"
  5. The dogpile is real. I wish real life circumstances gave me more time to contribute to this thread, but them 're the brakes.
  6. What would qualify as a "reasonable price" nowadays, if you don't mind me asking? Ball park figure? Just wondering if I need to add it to the "Pipe Dream" section of my want list or have it remain in the "High Ticket Items". Looks very nice regardless.
  7. Heh! Until the carnivore diet really takes off.
  8. Spiffing new art @CasualCart. Simply spiffing!
  9. He's the one they call Dr. Encore! He's the one that ships the games all right! Prices are great, Dr. Encore! He can make collecting fun all the time! (Cash for Vice Project Doom and Zelda 2 CIBs)
  10. I have a hard time qualifying whether or not I think a homebrew is "good" because I've dabbled (and continue to) in making my own and would not want to dissuade anyone from enjoying someone else's labor of love. That being said, I've owned a few homebrews over the years, but the ones that remain in my collection are Battlekid 1 & 2, Legends of Owlia, and Lizard.
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