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  1. Psychobear85

    FS: sold

    I’ll take sol, dm info
  2. Gonna be a scumbag if flip it for profits, just waiting on my brother to decide if he wants to buy it (at cost) if not up on feebay it goes
  3. Was able to snag one of each from Amazon My son picked the digital version since he don’t care about physical media. The other I have t decided what to do with it. I for sure don’t want it
  4. Naw it’s pretty stupid, sent baby showers for that? Or you can just make a post or send a text out.
  5. One of my favorite movies and the first Blu-ray I ever purchased
  6. Gender revel party’s are stupid, but you know what’s more stupid then gender revel party, people that set a massive fire doing it
  7. Thanks.... now all I see is poop emojis now
  8. Looking for these games loose no damage labels or writing in them
  9. I don’t know what method of payment you used but my credit card covers theft, which I had used it in the past, I did have to file police report. Hope that helps
  10. Do you live in Vegas by any chance? This happen to one of my coworkers the other day to, same scenario, open packages, camera pointing in the same direction. https://www.ktnv.com/news/crime/caught-on-camera-duo-suspected-of-stealing-mail-from-las-vegas-neighborhood
  11. Hana Ramen in Vegas https://www.hanaramenlv.com Best ramen in Vegas and it’s hipster and foodie free.
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