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  1. Looking for the following games for the SNES Clean carts please Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates Adventures of Batman & Robin SNES
  2. I personally don’t count this as social media, twitter Facebook instagram snapchat that’s what I consider social media, call me old fashion but I don’t consider forums that.
  3. Same, I have no social media profiles at all, I had an Instagram for about 6 months, couldn’t take it. The “retro” gaming community on Instagram is way to toxic and to many people scamming each other.
  4. I don’t collect any of this stuff and I have no use for it, shoot I don’t even display my games or my systems, just seeing if there’s any interest before it goes back into the box and into the garage
  5. Nice, I have the sharpener somewhere, I just need the eraser...
  6. I’ll sell the individually if you are interested, but the ruler came with a pencil and sharpener and eraser, I think the pouch is separate
  7. I’ll post what I took when I come back from vacation
  8. Got a few items I been hoarding and rather pass them along then keeping them in a box. For now they are for offer so if you are interested feel free to send me a DM. I also might have the pencil sharpener somewhere just have to look for it.
  9. Box is going out to the next recipient today
  10. Got the box today, gonna open it tomorrow and I’ll have it out by Friday if that’s ok?
  11. Oreos are gross and taste like chalk.... don’t ask
  12. Bump still looking, only looking for console and controller
  13. Put some respect on his name, MF DOOM was the first artist I purchased on vinyl, RIP Viktor Vaughn...
  14. What ever the site is I wish nothing but success, majority of us found a new home here.
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