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The SNES Rankings - Finished!

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Editorials Team · Posted


I'll be using this thread for any posts about the rankings going forward.  Questions I've been asked multiple times in the last few days:

Q: Are you continuing the reviews?

A: Yes

Q: Will you be "migrating" all of the reviews you already posted over from NA?

A. No

Q: What, why not?

A: Because I already migrated them to their own domain before VGS entered the equation.  One that will be ready very shortly.

Q: Are you still gonna post them like you were before?

A: I'm unsure at the moment.  At the very least we'll get a link to the other site and posts notifying everyone when a new batch is up.

Q: I'm new, what the hell are you talking about?

A: I ranked all 714 US SNES games, and I've been writing reviews of them (if you want to call them that), 50 at a time, starting at the bottom.

Q: How many have you done?

A: Just over half of the library

Q: When are new reviews ready?

A: Every 3-4 months

Q: That's gonna take forever

A: You're telling me

Q: Why don't you just post each one as you finish it?

A: Not gonna happen.


Old format:


New format:





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Events Team · Posted
3 hours ago, Reed Rothchild said:

Shooting for the end of the month for Volume X.  I have 30+ edited, another 10 partially written, 1 RPG I need to finish up, 2 Koei games to sink more time into, and 5 more spots to finalize

I'm still waiting on that Koei poem you promised me man, don't you ever forget!

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