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  1. They're gonna try to sell it again elsewhere no doubt
  2. Now I know for sure you're just intentionally trolling. "The CD-i is great! Great games exist on it. But I can't tell you which, it's a secret"
  3. Pretty amusing you're posting those screenshots, yet nothing that indicated which game(s?) the person is talking about Also, why do you insist on discussing CD-i in the SNES thread, and SNES in the CD-i thread? If you honestly believe good games exist on the CD-i, the least you could do is suggest what a mythical game that could possibly be. And ideally do it in the CD-i thread. I'd definitely buy into a reasonable point'n'click adventure working on that console, rather than a beat'em up or racing game, but I've never run into anything interesting outside of superfluous port
  4. Because the entire library is garbage. Look, I love the cd-i personally, but I'm not going to lie to myself.
  5. You also gotta keep in mind that at the time the first Sonic Adventure came out, Sonic was a beloved franchise that was considered a valid "competitor" to Mario, known for high quality games. Even if we accept that it got higher review scores than it deserved (mostly due to the hype and spectacle I guess?), it was still a massive letdown at the time. It was the game that transformed Sonic from one of the biggest video game icons to a mediocre 3D platformer underdog. When I say people didn't like Sonic Adventure when it came out, I'm not talking reviews, I'm talking about my peers, fa
  6. It really doesn't need to be said, but let's say it anyway, this is obviously the way to rate any console in general. If I were to rate the SNES or any other system (the PC Engine? I didn't even get into that library until after 2000) based on the games I had as a kid, rented or borrowed from friends, my impression of its qualities would be incredibly biased, and governed almost entirely by circumstance. Not really representative of what it actually has to offer. As a big nerd video game enthusiast, my insight into games has only continued to grow the longer I've been into this hobby
  7. Having just played Silver Surfer for the Survivor challenges on this forum, I can confirm - Silver Surfer is indeed very bad. It has some fun ideas that could at the very least be very enjoyable, but it has several absolutely unforgivable qualities, most notably the abysmal collision detection. And if it hadn't had that, it would probably have been too easy to be interesting at all, so it's probably beyond redemption even with a rom hack.
  8. While I do think the SNES lacks certain games the NES has (and Kickmaster especially is a good example of those school of games) I wouldn't knock the SNES based entirely on this experience. I mean, Contra 3 is hands down the best game in the already strong Contra series, possibly the best in the genre. Played on hard mode, it's the ultimate arcade-style run'n'gun experience. And I do think games like Majyuuou, Hagane, Cybernator, and of course Super Ghouls n Ghosts scratch that itch you're talking about very, very well.
  9. Surely, no one is in support of the gray and purple SNES design?
  10. I'm down to a pretty tiny shortlist of stuff I need to finish out my NES "set" of games worth owning. So figured I'd try out if anyone here got some stuff they are willing to sell at reasonable prices. These are the games at the top of my list currently. Region doesn't matter, but US or JP are prefered. Condition doesn't matter either - cheap price beats nice label. Cart only is fine, but I'll take boxed if the price is right. Shipping to Denmark. I got some PAL stuff to trade as well, but probably not reasonable with the shipping overhead, for anyone not in continental europe.
  11. Not really that outrageous compared to what else is out there, but I was always a big fan of this game for the concept alone
  12. Well it's most likely a bidirectional audio cable for hi fi systems, with the red/white transporting audio in one direction, and the black/yellow for the other direction. But without a way to test the leads it's impossible to tell. If it matches this pinout (sorry couldn't find it in English), it should work with a model 1 MegaDrive/Genesis for AV as long as you're only using the yellow and white cables - the red one will have +5vdc
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