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  1. Not sure if you missed my post which explains all the details you need to know... but "Legend of Heroes" is just a moniker used by Falcom that doesn't mean anything about a collective series. The "only" games before Trails of Cold Steel, are the thee Trails in the Sky games, which are all in English, and Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure, which are not (officially) out in English yet, but will come around to that next year. "Trails" (or Kiseki in Japan) is the overarching series. Not Legend of Heroes.
  2. I' missing an option for "I've seen this, but I don't remember anything about it" The only thing I recall are the memes and the "twist".
  3. Much better than any boxing game had any right to be 7/10
  4. Who the hell hates on Little Samson? I don't think it's a top NES game, but this is the frist time I've heard of anyone disliking it.
  5. Lol you hit the nail on the head in your first post. On my game rating tracker, Fantasia is one of only two games I've given less than 3/10. The other is Spice World for PS1. but I'm pretty sure there's a ton of games like the latter - Fantasia is unique in its terrible. Most other games I strongly dislike still have some sort of appeal to them that I can at least recognize even if I don't like it.
  6. More bland and toothless 80s rock music. At least it's not as uncomfortable to listen to as AC/DC. I can see why some people like it, though I can't see why people are straight up fans.
  7. The "Trails" series have basically nothing to do with other Legend of Heroes games, so don't pay much attention to that title. Trails In The Sky (2004, PSP) is really the first in its own mega-series, which the two "Dragon Slayer" and three "Gagharv" games aren't a part of. However, every Trails game takes place in the same world, in its own continuous storyline, with several of them straight up overlapping and referring to events in the other sub-series. So you basically have three individual series which are a part of the same overarching universe: Trails in the Sky 1,2,3 Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure (crossbell arc) Trails of Cold Steel 1,2,3,4 Trails into Reverie Kuro no Kiseki (brand new game just released in japan, seemingly the start of a new sub-series) Outside of those games there are also a few more spinoff games, but those aren't "canon". All the games above were released sequentially in that order (in japan), but the Crossbell games and Reverie have not been translated into English yet. It was recently revealed that they will come out over the next couple of years though. A crossbell fan translation does exist, but it's been pulled back because the translators are actually involved with the official release (which I can only applaud). Each sub-series is episodic in nature, so you can't by any means play them out of order, it would be like jumping into the middle of a story (and I'm told Reverie makes for a conclusion to both the cold steel and crossbell arcs), however you can play each series out of order. Cold Steel has some spoilers for Sky series, so if you do want to play them all I think it's still better to play them in order. Also, Trails In The Sky 1 is just such a fantastic game in terms of story telling that I think everyone should play it. It's also a lot shorter than the rest, but all of these games are fairly beefy. Based on your tastes I think you'll probably like the Cold Steel games best, because they focus a lot on inter-character relationships. But I think you'll also like Estelle, she's a fun and spontaneous character who starts out very cliche and is initially passed off as stupid, but as the story progresses you can tell she's kinda intentionally playing off that trope. The whole game is just incredibly well written, especially for a video game.
  8. Dragon Quest 6 was like the third or so DQ game I played, but it was the one that finally won me over to to the series, making me go back and play all the others. It greatly exceeded my expectations, and is still probably my #1 DQ game, or maybe #2 right behind DQ11. Same league as FF6? Haha no, very few games are, and it's not fair to compare the DQ games to it. What the Dragon Quest series usually does well is very different from that game, so they aren't really competing. Like MagusSmurf said, there's no great focus on the plot or your party characters, it's simply not what the game is about. DQ5 though? 6 is way, way better. I'd say it's a bit of a return to form after 4 and 5, which IMO are some of the weaker games in the series.
  9. There have been plenty of high-res renditions of Ghosts 'n Goblin's Astaroth over the years, but since that hasn't stopped you from translating a bunch of other similarly popular characters this year, I think it could be a very interesting one, too Or maybe the Ogre enemy for something a little less detailed:
  10. Didn't you play Trails in the Sky? The main character has the same name as you
  11. I mean yeah, I get what is going on, but it's not really established at that point. Without knowing beforehand what the movie ends up being about, Wilford's line could easily be interpreted in a bunch of different ways.
  12. Well that one is very clearly Heart of Darkness. I still haven't played the game, but the expressive main character still stands out to me from the TV commercials.
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