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  1. Hah, I was so close to picking this exact track. It's probably my favourite track in the entire Dragon Quest series! Glad I went with DQ2 insead though, for someone else to highlight this one. DQ4 hero chapter was another one that was close to making the cut.
  2. Whoa. I never even heard of this game before, but it looks beautiful! I hope they're releasing the System18 roms too, some time down the road.
  3. It's not just you. I'm a massive fan of the original Ninja Gaiden, and I was dumb enough to shell out for a boxed copy of the original PC Engine HuCard, but I'm not gonna let that cloud my judgment. The PC Engine version of this game is atrocious. It adds a few more colors which at first might make it look like a graphical upgrade, but it's really substandard from what you could expect from the PCE hardware. It's very obvious that no effort was put into it, with a lot of sprites and backgrounds being completely undiscernible. But even if that doesn't put you off, the attempted parallax backgrounds will be sure to make you nauseous. At the end of the day though, what matters here is that the port plays like garbage, and really proves what a fine line this game rides on - because the original NES game is still a masterpiece. As with most of the PCE Konami shmup ports, Salamander is probably really most desirable in this version. The original arcade game features some extremely dodgy hit detection that's all fixed in this port. It's completely solid.
  4. Thunderdome's by far best part is the car chase at the end, though. That whole scene is so fantastic you'd figure it could have outclassed the second movie if all of it had been like that. And then 30 years later, Fury Road shows up and is exactly that, and proves that the sentiment is true. If you want gritty and believable, that's what the first Mad Max movie is for, and that one is a snoozefest. Are we doing any Mad Max movies in the foreseeable future?
  5. "pretty good" o____o The PCE/TG16 Mini has probably the most overall solid lineup of any of these mini consoles. Even though the SNES is filled with amazing games, you could always make arguments for several obvious omissions. But the PCE Mini has just about a bit of everything. If I didn't already own most of the best games I would have invested in a heartbeat. Rondo of Blood is obviously the crop of the cream, but don't underestimate Parasol Stars. It's only too bad that they didn't choose to include its surprisingly solid Rainbow Islands port also.
  6. This was the first movie I watched on Blu-ray, and I haven't seen it since, so I might not be qualified to vote, but I'm gonna do it anyway. As far as I recall it, it was an interesting take on what's essentially a stereotypical, old school sci-fi plot, but handled in a surprisingly mature and quite well crafted manner. I also seem to remember appreciating that despite the overarching implications of the plot, the story it told itself was a fairly small and straightforward one, that reminded me of classic 80s thrillers. It doesn't really stand out too much in my memory, but I'm pretty sure it was a good movie. Am I far off? I'm unsure if this is the kind of movie that gains or loses values on a rewatch.
  7. Oh yeah, Golden Axe Warrior is fun. But it really is just a carbon copy of Zelda 1, right down to the hidden caves where NPCs will take money from you with nothing you can do about it. It does have a little more interesting environment, with something that looks like towns, and of course the nods to the Golden Axe characters as you mention, but that's about it. Also, I think it's worth pointing out, that game came out in 1991, same year as A Link to the Past XD
  8. Someone has never played Golden Axe Warrior Neutopia definitely has its own identity IMO. You can easily tell how Bomberman Tournament takes from that series moreso than Zelda.
  9. People care about how many screws their NES games have now? Why?
  10. Gonna play this on Maniac level, sounds more fun. So one track per series. Day 1 (Title screen): Raf World Something about this title screen and the music just makes you immediately realise that this is something special. The rest of the game is pretty standard for the NES though, but the whole soundtrack remains incredible. Day 2 (Opening level): Ibara - Showtime Playing this game for score, and bombing every single building on the first stage, with this tune from Shinji Hosoe himself blasting through it is just a feeling like few other shooters give you. Day 3 (8-bit music): Robocop 3 (C64) Whatever is meant by "8-bit", the NES is undeniably the most famous platform from the generation, so why not go with the platform more famous for its incredible music. Day 4 (console exclusive series): Super Metroid - Brinstar Depths What game popular enough to make a series hasn't appeared on PC some time or another? I felt the safest approach was to go with a Nintendo IP. Day 5 (Hub world or overworld music): Dragon Quest II - A Lonely Youth The DQ series has always had top notch overworld music, and it's really hard to pick just one. DQ8's orchestral version is probably my favourite, but we gotta go with one of the classics here. Using one of the re-releases though, because this series has always had accompanying orchestral recordings, and the soundtracks were obviously composed to be played a such. (this version is still synthetic, but at least it sounds better than the NES one)
  11. Damn! Mischief Makers has been in my backlog for way too long.
  12. Yeah, though RGB is of course "the ideal", I know Gloves is in the US where that isn't necessarily as viable without another broadcast monitor. S-Video and component video are both completely adequate, and a huge step up from composite mush. Personally, I'm not a video perfectionist at all, I just enjoy games that don't look like a complete mess.
  13. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Bomberman game newer than 1990 without 5-player. It was probably the primary appeal of that whole series, and what made it so popular
  14. I'd hate to state the obvious - but something a little bigger than 8" might be pleasant. Also, with all the consoles hooked up, are they running on the best output they can? Of the ones pictured I wouldn't accept composite video from anything outside of the NES (and even for that, an RGB mod is so much worth it). As far as I recall from your posts in the Discord chat, your JVC monitor only accepts composite input, which is unfortunate, considering what a great series of monitors that is.
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