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  1. Nintendolife's Tom Massey is a guy with deep roots in real arcade gaming. He's been a long time member of the shmup community, and I trust his takes. He is very positive about the game: https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/ghosts_n_goblins_resurrection Meanwhile, GameSpot reviewer "Mike Esptein" gives the game a solid 4/10, with hilarious claims such as video games have outgrown being challenging. I have no idea who he is, but I feel like I'd probably enjoy the game less if this guy had liked it. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/ghosts-n-goblins-resurrection-review/190
  2. What are its redeeming values? I guess it has things you can do in it, but so do most video games. Going by the meaning of the 1-10 ratings, at least 4 definitely implies a game will still have some redeeming values, while 2 and 3 at least allow for it. I personally went with a 2 because I don't see them personally. I feel like it's a well deserved score.
  3. One of my favourites in the series. People will lambast it for its slow movements compared to the visually similar Dracula X on PC Engine, but despite having played both games extensively, I never even made notice of that. Of course it doesn't hold a candle to the PCE game, but they are different enough that they don't need to be compared, with the SNES one feeling more like a good traditional Castlevania game. I still prefer it by a long shot compared to the three other Castlevania games of the 16 bit generation. It always bothers me how much praise CV IV usually receives outside
  4. Don't buy into anything this guy says
  5. Castlevania 1 takes less than half an hour to play through, it doesn't need a save password. For what it's worth though, the game was originally designed with a save feature. It was just taken out for the cartridge version.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's basically it. The same year was Mario's 40 year anniversary, so they could have gone for a nice round number if they wanted to, instead of going by the anniversary of one of his more iconic games.
  7. I'm delighted the game doesn't let you down. Maybe you'll trust my video game opinions in the future
  8. Oh haha, I think I played through it in three sessions across two days. The first 50 stages go by super fast. I don't think it really managed to stress me out in any point because outside of maybe one or two stages in the final castle, I didn't spend more than 5-10 minutes on any single puzzle. Well, like I said, I think it's just that I've been schooled by Lolo 3 where a single puzzle would often take me well over an hour to figure out! So finally completing one would result in absolute joy, only to be immediately replaced by a massive feeling of dread as you move on to the next room and
  9. Played through Solomon's Key 2, had to see what it was all about since people love it so much. Though the first Solomon's Key never clicked with me at all, despite being probably even more popular, this one is a completely different kind of game. These kinds of contemplative puzzle games tend to stress me out, but the puzzles in this game are all short and simple enough that they never manage to wear me out in the same way something like Lolo 3 did. But on the other hand, the satisfaction of completing one of them also never manages to approach the same incredible feeling of extacy a
  10. I have zero love for these kinds of bundles of lazy minigames. Some of them might be entertaining to play, but then it's usually via the context in which you play it, with a bunch of buddies, rather than to the credit of the game itself. And even in that situation, there are many much better choices you could go for. Stuff like Wario Ware Smooth Moves or even that Rabbids game are much better bets at waggle party games.. I can't imagine voluntarily putting this on for a single player experience more than once ever. 2/10. I'm sorry.
  11. I don't have to convince anyone that this is pretty much the defacto swashbuckling adventure movie. Despite being derivative in its own right, it's no coincidence that it ended up as probably the most commonly referenced movie of its kind immediately after it was made. I do like Last Crusade even better though. 9/10
  12. And you don't think the arcade PCB sells for a lot more? You'd probably be hard pressed to find any Irem game for under $500 at this point.
  13. Really? I thought everyone hated Skyward Sword. I liked my time with the game, but so much of it was annoying enough that I don't really want to ever play it again. Nah, the entire game is much longer than five hours :3
  14. I don't think so. It's just the arcade game goes for even more.
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