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  1. Only the US version, and only because it was licensed to Tengen. Namco were a licensed developer.
  2. That's an awesome game, but I'm fairly certain my copy is licensed.
  3. Probably Nebs 'n Debs or Battle Kid 2. Really great games, both.
  4. EDIT: Just for context, the below is TTYD talk Mostly how every chapter has you walk all the way back and forth between the same two locations over and over again. The fact that each of those treks are just a long linear path makes it super uninteresting, and occasionally they'll be sprinkled with minor puzzle obstacles along the way that are fun to solve the first time, but not 5 times in a row. Rogueport has a really fun design that's less of a singular horizontal path, and I wish more of the chapters did the same. There's no reason they couldn't. Also, trying to avoid repetitive b
  5. Still playing TTYD, a little over halfway done with it, so my perspective may still change. I like it, but I think people's glasses might be a little rose tinted. It's very easy to remember the great parts, and forget the tedious crap
  6. KLOV is pretty big, and I see it brought up very frequently in video game communities that aren't just centered around the NES It's just old and really bad at staying fresh and up to date. It has some misinformation out there too, but nevertheless it's a bit of a cornerstone in the history of video game collecting on the internet. As relevant as SMD vs through hole mounting of ICs is in terms of console modding, it would be kind of weird to have a video game community where SMD doesn't stand for Sega MegaDrive XD. It would be like adding NES as "Nightmare on Elm Street".
  7. I love turn-based combat if there's an actual tactical element to it, but if it had Paper Mario 1 style simplified command battles, the encounters would have been a lot more tedious and then you'd have me skipping 75% of them. As the game is, the fights you run into are mostly interesting. The puzzles are involving, and the consequences of failing them are bad enough that solving them feels super satisfying, especially when you run into some of the real headscratchers later on. I only avoided combat when returning to previous areas just making my way through... same as in the old games.
  8. Finished the game, and I loved it till the end. The final boss was a letdown compared to every other boss in the game, which are generally really awesome, but I think that's the only letdown of the whole experience. On the other hand, the final dungeon music is the most final dungeon music I've ever heard. I guess I can see how the battles might not be great if you don't enjoy puzzles, but on the other hand the battle system in the original Paper Mario definitely isn't anything interesting, so I can see why Nintendo are trying to shake things up. I think it had its issues - it can get a
  9. I can't count Contra 3 The Ninja Warriors Again Majyuuou Dracula XX Super Bomberman 5 Magical Pop'n Sparkster The Firemen Rocky & Pocky Lufia 2
  10. One of those myriad of elusive Squaresoft titles from the 90s that you had to import to have a chance at trying, so that probably added a sense of mystique that really drew me to it back in the days. I also really enjoyed the 2D characters in 3D space aesthetic at the time. It's a deeply fascinating game with an overwhelming lore, and when I first played it it probably placed itself somewhere in my top 5 RPGs of all time, but as time has moved on, a lot of the things that carry the story are things that I've grown more and more annoyed with in video games. Most notably when story elements
  11. I'm not making shit up for the sake of argument here. I don't really have any investment in those abbreviations anyway. I'm just stating the facts. "Complete In Box" makes no sense though, because a CIB game isn't necessarily complete, considering collector stuff like obi, registration card etc. The "contents" stuff was in quotes because it was usually applied (as another retcon I guess) to make some sort of sense in the situation where "Cartridge" didn't apply due to the spread of new formats. Originally it was just cartridge/instructions/box, because that's what matter to people whe
  12. Probably the same people that tried to change CIB
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