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  1. You absolutely need to turn the difficulty up for this game. I've never played it on lower than hard, but holy shit I got killed a lot. There's a lot of skill involved with the combat, and I found it a lot more satisfying than the original GOW games. The level design wasn't as interesting though.
  2. I have zero clue what this is supposed to be. Is it some kind of injoke? XD
  3. Looks like a conversion for sure. Would a prototype ever have non-socketed eproms?
  4. Sounds like you didn't have a lot of patience for Paper Mario, because the game isn't like that at all. It's kinda weird because the Mario & Luigi series is probably the proper sequel to Mario RPG based on the team working on it, while I think Paper Mario only had the main scenario writer. But Paper Mario (1 and 2) is probably the most RPG'ish of them. My point was really just that I don't think it's really a question of Square's involvement, since the core team left for Alphadream.
  5. I'm an MVS guy too, but in this context I thought it would be implied that Neo Geo refers to the AES boxes. Of course there are two common types of AES boxes too, but the clamshells are fucking badass. The fact that it's the "rolls royce of system" doesn't make it less likely to qualify here, rather the opposite
  6. You know patience isn't one of my virtues, mate. You should try to fit in an explanation somewhere in that schedule, too. Ideally before the "signup" part.
  7. I think I lucked out with a lot of the games I had as a kid. Like there was no reason for the Tiny Toons game to be any good, but it turns out it was made by Konami (a name that meants nothing to me at the time) and is really good, so yeah. The closest to an example like this I can come up with is Solstice which I initially disliked, and returned to much later when I finally grasped it. And honestly it turns out it's a really good game, it's just not very approachable. So some times it's kinda of fortunate to be stuck with only a few games. I think my best examples of "stockholm synd
  8. I'd check the 5V pin on the actual CPU with a voltmeter, too. It's a very good suggestion. Even if the PSU isn't the problem any broken component in the console could cause issues. Including the voltage regulator or capacitors. IIRC the front loader NES's voltage regulator is notoriously flimsy. You need to replace it if you're installing a NESRGB.
  9. All the people who were essential to the experience of the original Mario RPG worked on either M&L or Paper Mario. Alphadream was basically made up of ex-Square employees.
  10. Is this just an internal chat for people who already know what this is all about, or is it eventually going to be revealed what this is all about?
  11. Anyone who didn't vote Neo Geo has obviously never seen a Neo Geo clamshell box.
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