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  1. As a gamer who only ever played Tetris casually and never got to level 15, this mess is screwing up my eyes. I am just unable to keep up with the pace. I’m old but I didn’t think I was THAT old!
  2. Houston Asterisks lost Verlander for the season....ouch
  3. Looking good. Glad to see your taking your time and making it look professional. Cannot wait to see the finished project.
  4. Watching the Sox v Twins last night and my wife wanted me to feel like I was there so she came into the room and yelled “beer here” followed by charging me $20.00 for a beer. I felt like I was sitting right there in the stands folks.
  5. Ha! I remember the first time I saw that commercial and thought “damn he must have made some bad investments”.
  6. Same, unless the game involves the Cubs, Yankees, or Red Sox!
  7. I’ll admit I was bit by the FOMO bug on Cooking Mama. Was really hoping the game would be pulled off shelf’s and online based on what was being said. oh well. Grabbing a gem that one day becomes rare is a gamble and you just have to be willing to take that gamble if you want to end up with a pricey collective item in the future.
  8. First time ever playing and I really enjoy what I made. Needless to say I’m an far from an artist! this is the Chicago white Sox logo from 1976-86 and my favorite logo of all the ones they’ve used. Happy to see it’s making a comeback over the last few years. Top pick is my logo, bottom is the referenced logo.
  9. Before my time by a few years; thank goodness. can you believe how much they are going for??? Especially compared to the rest of the black box set
  10. Boy I do miss old Comiskey. Saw my first baseball game with my uncle when I was 7 at the old park before it was torn down. As far as fandom, it’s normally north side versus south side but there are times when families are split like mine. Funny how a town can be so civil and brotherly when it comes to the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks; but absolutely lose it and almost go to war when it comes to baseball. Side note, I do wish the Sox would make theirs 80’s uniforms standard. I like that color scheme and logo so much more.
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