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  1. I’m intrigued by this and scared to witness this at the same time
  2. Nice! Diggin’ those cart pictures in the background
  3. Tastebuds approve. Thanks @SuperJimtendo
  4. Could put in a racquetball court
  5. Ausden

    RPG Thread

    Still chipping away at DQ VIII, but also started I AM SETSUNA. Just made it to the first village and I am digging the music. Having already played Lost Sphere (and loving it), I think I’ll like this one as well.
  6. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight - awesome game that I highly recommend. I had a blast playing this one.
  7. Fired up for a short play through and loving it AND the music. Looking forward to playing a much longer session
  8. Nvm. I commented on the rules of soccer not this game, which is what your talking about. Disregard
  9. -4 0-4 Big old nope from me to play anymore. The first 4 minutes of he game I didn’t touch the ball once with the exception of my keeper. Tackling? Oh that only works for the opposing team and they get every tackle from behind.
  10. Well done @Kid Dracula, way to “sink your teeth” into the competition.
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