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  1. Double your money? Always wanted a few handhelds I never got and one I wish I got back... the two would be that(or the GT) and a Lynx, back...Nomad. Amazing handheld there, that last picture, I'd get the same feel/look too from that. Dudes nuts for that price, and Bonk 3 alone -- yeesh.
  2. IT only ever got a port to the EU market, which they've pointed out. I think it was mentioned in NP like it should have been out in the US but looking at the wikipedia quickly, seems that never materialized. I wouldn't call it outright rare, but it could be considered regionally easy to tough to get. There are games you can find, if you are in the area, fairly easy, but outside can be a bitch, this qualifies. HG101 covered the game, both versions, might be worth a glance here: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/the-battle-of-olympus/ and gamefaqs has a section and faq for it too so maybe you can flush out the changes, but supposedly very close copies between systems with some minor changes (maybe like how ducktales on NES vs GB are nearly the same yet not.)
  3. Agreed, Capcom did utterly stunning work on both that and Resident Evil 2 too late to do much good for N64 though, but at least they did. MM64 I remember them going on about back then, in ways, being the superior copy since they did some camera and gameplay rework, also widened up and fixed some collision issues in the overworld walk around/combat spaces too, the AA gives it a smoother more cartoony feel it. The only pisser is the highly compressed tinny spoken sections of the game to fit the cart, but the trade off is very solid. I've owned both, but despite the compromise prefer the N64 release. Same can be said for RE2 too. That game is stunning on n64, FMV aside, which is very pixelated(boxy artifacting) due to the small space to work within, and the talking tinny but not MM64 levels.) But you get better control, blood color choices, a high resolution mode, fast loading through doors not accessing a CD...it's slick.
  4. Thanks you reminded me of that after decades of time as I recall doing it back when that game was current generation stuff in the 80s, but haven't since. Just like cheating, time runs out, but you can enjoy the fact you pulled it off at least until you croak at 0.
  5. That's pretty much how I felt about Android too, yet I'm being told i'm wrong...I get amazon, they suck, but the shield tablet other than loading some optional nvidia tools just runs straight android and my experience is like @RH experience with his slightly even more 'pure' Pixel. I really do want to like it, it just has issues...issues apple 90% of the time has sorted out (his point about major firmware being flaky out of the gate at times.) I side load, but rarely. I had put Dune 2 PC on my tablet to use, Neo Emu for my MVS carts on the go, and a few other decent things, but mostly just vanilla use. And yeah trying to figure out all those ADK tools and other crap, that kept going bad each time I tried which really put me off as I'm no slouch as I am(was, but still enough) quite solid with DOS and lesser degree linux for navigation and use. Android, it's just buggy and fiddly to get where you really need/want to be. The apple walled garden is bs, but comes with perks, and I mean you could just buy the phone outright and jailbreak it anyway to get the keys to side load there too.
  6. Maybe it's dumb luck but I'm curious if I'm dealing with shenanigans on ebay at the moment. Cart I've wanted for awhile resurfaced, usually this thing sells south of 100, so I dropped a bid semi-close to that, and this other mystery guy pops in, it's not some low count account but his bid history is 0 for the window ebay allows public viewing. It's now like twice where I valued it almost, and it still has most the duration to go. Seems fishy. Any way I can poke a stick at it to see if it's a shill?
  7. I'm starting to wonder if your idea of usable technology is just one step beyond 2 cans and some string, seriously. RPGs with basic walk around mechanics and progress through basic menus don't need a button, it's not that hard to grasp. A basic touch panel where you just move your finger to walk or tap to walk to X spot, and tap X icon on screen to attack hardly needs a button loaded controller to play any better.
  8. Yeah the old DQ1 on the phone there allows save anytime/anywhere. SO if it's a problem, saving often would solve loss issues.
  9. Well I don't have a pixel, the last android devices I've had either been others amazon tablets or the shield device from nvidia. I just find android clunky and a bit more testy.
  10. For the every day functionality, good setup, speed of it, overall appearance and usage -- iOS hands down, no argument there. But, Android has ONE and just one perk, if you don't jailbreak an iOS device -- side loading, you can do whatever you want with it, which is huge. I've done both for mobile, though android never as a phone, just tablet. Android always seems buggier, slower, more rough, have to dig a bit more to do this or that, weird random glitches are more often too. It just feels less polished, refined, dirty...it works, with issues, but with issues comes freedoms. Adding this as other posts reminded me, apps seem to just behave/function better on iOS too when there are versions between both. Not just the cheapo/freemium stuff, but also the more big developer(console side I mean) types works too. Maybe it's just profit motive over user base over a more concise set of hardware standards, but android versions sometimes notably feel like they get the shaft.
  11. I saw the result already, and I agree, bail, he's being a dick. That said, ebay is notorious for pricing screw ups burning sellers too. Usually when it happens is not so much the flat rate shipping over zones, that's a choice(one I make) but when it's calculated there tend to be problems, mostly down to when someone buys more than one item and combines things, then pays up front not asking for an invoice. I get this happening quite a lot, just Sunday night I got screwed out of $3.50 over it which bugged me, but wasn't worth the loss. I wrote the guy, thanked him, let him know he got a $3 savings in shipping leaving it vague like that. Ebay's crap system took the charges for each item for shipping I had as flat because they were first class ($5 each) and charged him $10. Problem is it was from KY to WA and ended up being just around $3.50 short, I ate it. I wish ebay would stop people from paying on combined orders and allow an invoice first because you have no grounds to argue, maybe you can sit on hold for an hour and get them to refund it, but is $3 worth an hour? Nope.
  12. Two weeks eh? The game right? Mine and I feel sad saying it, is still sealed, going on 5months now. No reason not to which is worse, other than other stuff comes up and it's a little rerun.
  13. Seriously? It's a basic RPG, it's not like you're trying to platform or play street fighter. Come on... You don't need buttons for something this basic that's already menu driven. That's a big fat excuse there.
  14. $500?? Didn't know GTA games had any real value given how mass printed they all are.
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