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  1. I did it in high school for a year or two to dodge the usual asinine general PE class we had to do and it was nice. I miss it, but I also refuse to be around the whole gym rat douche scene and I prefer my privacy so that's an issue. I don't have room or finances to buy a machine or whatever catch all for at home so it's quite limiting. I'd like to do something, my daughter is starting to get a bit hard to catch if I'm not ready for it when she jumps around or wants to do stuff (she's 9 1/2, over 50lbs.) I don't have too many limitations other than weak shoulders from old problems and m
  2. That's impressive. I have no idea if that's normal or dumb luck, but it makes me wish I had the tools and stuff to dig a little into it myself just to experiment, see what works and maybe use it to grow a little egg on the side.
  3. It varies, sorry but there isn't exactly a 100% set style of how they were sealed up.
  4. I bought my first SNES game in years over the weekend, found a better than online price for Axelay. I've never owned it or played it before, so refreshing. The reason I'm doing this here, than in the pickup thread we have, it relates. I can't have rose tinted beer goggles or the rest over a game I never once saw in action or touched, beginning and ending in screen caps in NP mag and a few stories online in passing. I'm amazed at what it did to tease the features the SNES was notably singularly known for and quite well. It's fast, incredible trickery with the background rolling mode7 v
  5. Can you drop me a link to that on Steam? There have been so many reisuues, remasters, HD this and that I've lost track and gave up paying attention. Is this the RE title that showed up I guess what 2 years ago now, as RE2 was last year? I've been curious, but hesitant because the old games have utterly garbage control and cameras, moon logic puzzle bullshit for puzzles that made no sense at all, and then the grossly limited amount of ammo and health given what the zombies and stuff would do, or resurrect and do, it sucked every care out of myself to bother. Love the ambiance, th
  6. Preach! I gave up on ever getting an Earthbound box/tray back in my hands ever again. This is going back at least 5 years plus. Even then buying the stupid box would have cost like $300-400 alone, and it's worse since. I just felt it would be a deranged waste of money on basically old artsy pressed paper on cardboard which could have bought a LOT of actual games, vintage toys, antiques, etc I was/am into.
  7. Oh I just did the laugh face, but let's be serious and I expect it as such. Why? What has that company done that qualifies as a total waste of basically existing given you think they're just frittering cash and resources. You do know what the space program on the whole has brought the world since the 60s right? Imagine what SpaceX taking it that next step will do with cheap affordable flights into space compared to the bloated government only programs.
  8. Look no offense intended here my friend, but the only thing here missing unless I missed it in this thread and the other where this got mislead into discussion -- it's starting to sound like you're part of the salty 16bit console wars at their peak and you chose the black/blue army over the gray and purple... Go Sega right?! What I'm seeing thrown around here with all due respect is nothing but vapor. I'm having flashbacks of my brother around 1990-92 being a complete douchy troll (he's younger) going off on how terrible the NES and then SNES in particular was. The games weren't good, i
  9. If you're serious and not just trolling the disagreement here, depending how you care to price the stuff to relieve your burden I see a few I used to own before my sad losses ages ago I'd grab again. I just don't now because ebay can suck it and going through Japan direct with their mail being dickheads removes any benefit when it costs me like $40 to ship a small box under a pound or two tops.
  10. I'm with you two too, if it all become unobtainium level pricing I really in the end, just wouldn't care, and move along. There's plenty, and there are flash kits, between those or even just emulators -- screw the crooks. It would take a huge mental burden off caring about the stuff and leave more time for playing the things, or finding something else to do. If the tax thing wasn't going to shit next year it would inspire me to take a week off work, photograph and process everything, and slam it up on ebay well under value with NO bin and NO best offer and let the predators go stupid slitti
  11. I'd tell the crybaby whining about SpaceX to suck it. I'm sure his work has furthered things so much more than SpaceX ever will.
  12. Bingo Like you said, mental gymnastics. I mean, let's stop the bickering and look at it this way... what *IS* a 1 on the polling here. Now with pure honesty, and a straight face methaphorically speaking since we're not in the same room. How could anyone ever dare throw the SNES let alone a majority of systems a 1?! 1 basically says the only redeeming value, if you can call it one, is that it well...exists, not because of the games, the designs, anything...it's a participation trophy for the easily triggered so they feel included.
  13. I entirely do realize, that, but you're clearly splitting hairs to make a very weak case and have no slight inclination of backing down despite you clearly being in the wrong on this. For the reasons sumez said exactly so not going to repeat that. Not looking to get into an argument with you as you tend to be right, just very very not so in this case.
  14. I think your metric on three is grossly flawed. Sure take the name out, you still have to rate it on the games, and let's be fair, one 10/10 quality game will make any system seem more viable than 3 games that rank 5/10 because they exist but neither are good or suck. That would just seem like wasting more money on more mediocrity at best, vs wasting money on one excellent experience to return to. Sure you can remove opinion and feelings out of a review, I used to do it all the time when I was in the media because I got sick of the fanboy shlong sucking behavior from fanboy media press.
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