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  1. Damn ouch... $20 to ship a cardboard box? That's ridiculous. I was thinking of comparing the quality against a couple GB games I have complete.
  2. Wow look at that. I have to admit, I'm slightly tempted to get one just to compare it to some boxes I have to see just how damn good they are boasting that kind of claim on the main page. I've got a jewelers loop among a few other toys I could use to see if they're smoking crack. ...and you're right, if this is not bs, and they can back that claim up, then the barriers are basically gone. If they 100% match you're getting into where you'll have to test paper and inks for age, etc which no normal person would have supplies to do so. And if they can pull that box off, could
  3. I'm a hostage taker too. I tested the waters years ago (decade easily) and do periodically usually for a couple weeks some month each year. Nothing changes. If I leave it first, I get next to nothing in return. If I take a hostage as some call it, then it seems to get up to the 30-40% mark. I'm 1859 rated on there now, I'd be around 2500 easily if people were forced to do it. @fcgameris right, it's foolish to say the buyer is done once they hit 'pay' and that's that. You get all sorts of garbage that comes up. Last week I sold a 40 year old 18" tall Donkey Kong bank that was unpunched.
  4. Wow on both Konami Krazy Racers and Sega Rally -- that's ridiculously inflated. Makes you just wish all this blows up in peoples faces once the vaccine is truly out and about in peoples systems and the money dries up. Anyone losing their ass on these big purchases speculating on it deserve to lose.
  5. Piko Interactive bought the rights to 40 Winks and finally after all these years published the complete game on N64 carts to buy, might still be, never had an interest so I have no idea at this point. I think he also had it shoved onto Steam as well.
  6. Me too. The shop when I was on NA back in the day during the west coast times there was this shop, it was the same one I started buying second hand from in 1995. 90% of the stock, didn't matter if it was any Nintendo, Sega, NEC, Atari, 3DO, whatever system...outside of SNK it was $5. It was $5 if it was beat to shit or immaculate in the box, $5. The few games that did score a few more notable dollars at Funco and other printed paid mailorder price lists dictated it went up from there. Of that last 10%~ a majority of that were games in the $6-10 range, a few were $15 or 20, and I recall th
  7. While I didn't give it a 10, it has it's issues in how it works, but it's basically impossible to argue against that too. I'd be far more questionable of anyone slapping it with anything under a 6 really as it had quite a few redeeming values.
  8. Doh, yeah I see it....on all of them to varying degrees. I've got an amazing FF4 that's complete, keep the box out of sight so it doesn't get wrecked. Kind of wish I had never got rid of the set in the day. I do have 1+2 still but it's loose.
  9. Well I don't much care about if the n64 vs ps1 had ports, that was still an era most people just owned one console. The rabid thought of pokemoning every console on the market didn't kick off until after when it starting hitting some extremes. Despite that though, yeah Konami and Capcom put dozens more games on Sony, no surprise, optical is cheap. But exclusives, Capcom...zero. Konami though did, quite a bit which was a surprise. 2 Goemon games, Hybrid Heaven, the broken beta Castlevania then the complete Legacy of Darkness, and there are others. The indy/star was ones thankfully were if
  10. Well now that's a pretty sight. How much worse is the other?
  11. I will have to side with Nintegageo there. I think the PS3 is kind of a hard cut off where people just won't bother. Sure there are some really desirable games, but face it, there are things, many, working against it. Quite a few of the games got released in beta format in all fairness, just broken, buggy, unfinished. Depending how bad, quite a few had 0day patches, others had the 'oh crap' moment where you had fix or fixes within the first few days to a week. That stuff will be collection fodder exclusively for those who run hacked systems or just want stuff to stare at a shelf sayin
  12. Wow new outfits for Hooker Barbie, or would it be for skanky Skipper? Seriously though, I did get a nice little package of GBC games (3) in the mail today I'm happy to own once more: Game & Watch Gallery 2 and 3, then Rampage World Tour. Good mindless distraction titles, have another 3in the mail, probably do another post then with a pic to consolidate.
  13. I'm wanting to try it, but I'm afraid I'll get too into it and I have priorities...that and the fear of the notes I saw taken that it may not actually be able to be completed due to bugs late game or on the actual final boss itself. They are working on patching, so I'm kind of holding off in case it tampers with some data values and perhaps a save won't work once repaired. Anyone else concerned about the issue of possible progression stopping bugs here?
  14. Most used games still were pretty low/flat up until it closed in on 2010 when inflation started to obviously kick in, but it was that mix of mid 2011 into 2012 when the shit hit the fan and things got started down a very ugly road. So what's next? Should we dwell on the fact that when you paid $10 or $5 or $20 for a game, you didn't care and neither did the retailer if it was loose or complete? Or at best you maybe paid like $5-10 higher for the full deal. Oh the days when paper, trays, dust sleeves, even little foam blocks and non-descript baggies didn't cost you a premium per piece.
  15. Oh I don't know about that. I think Lucasarts and Midway did a very good job at pumping out some quality releases. The whole small run of Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff was top notch. And then Midway, it was a sliding scale but they did excellent arcade conversions and some sequels and knowing what I do having worked there and seen the last Blitz being tested on N64, they seemingly cared to try harder on N64 than PS1 for games both systems got. Look up the display, and general frame rate and performance of the N64 vs PS1 games, the PS1 versions were atrocities in some cases. Mind y
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