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  1. I have to admit you got me thinking, and I like a combined idea given they lack a G&W LCD style game. A combined silver box handheld so it would be some base plastic and silver plate and do just Metroid+Kid Icarus on one, and if the CPU can handle the emulation the GB versions too rounding out just 4 games.
  2. I'd agree 2 hours is too much, at least in one sitting, as most of those brawler types are really meant to be as they get repetitive and cheaper as they go along too. I'd believe it easily SoR4 is a couple hours long given the first and nearly only run I've put on it. I get the fan service, but it really isn't quite sucking me in either. I think I got 2/3 of the way or 3/4 into it but hit a wall. I read that you're supposed to like a rogue like keep dying to level up so the bosses aren't so overpowered and horrible in the later parts of the game. As long as it was getting to where I did o
  3. I'd agree with that. I think basically most of any game has a diminishing return over 60fps, some more perceived, yet others due to just an unfair balancing between competing players typically localized to shooting (FPS, etc) style games. Someone will crank up into like 120+fps and they can maybe not see or obviously notice, but sensory level perceive the added frames of fluidity and can just paste the crap out of someone of equal skill rolling at a hard locked 60. It's not like either runs more or less at a base level better, but the other may just inch that response time all the more fast
  4. Sweet box. I caved on that game earlier this year when I found it for like $20-25. No way in hell I'd pay $60 on that given I had it once already for that rotten failed console that spawned it. By far the best of the New SMB series, then again they admitted as much to copying the physics style of Mario World instead of the floaty odd mess the earlier ones are.
  5. Wow pretty, shame I don't fund or keep funds around for fluff packages, but they are nice to see. I hope they'll have standard releases as I know they get dopey at times (which is why I never got samurai shodown 5 perfect for switch.)
  6. Well then I think the solution to the problem due to those fools would be to setup would be the Aspiration Summit Account that got/gets pitched through The Penny Hoarder. The link is bloated so I'll put it at the bottom if anyone wants to read the details. You set that up to keep their mitts out of your real life real job funds from a physical bank. Let them play their dumbass games, and just have the money funneled there, then link that back to PayPal as a circular work around. Pay your mail postage still through PP for their added protection against ebay scammer scum, guard against ebay
  7. Oh you could do far better than that if you want to dig into NES franchise games worthy of a handheld. Castlevania II, Mega Man II and III, Karnov, Gauntlet, Ninja Gaiden 1-3, Double Dragon 1-3, list kind of goes on. A number of them are fairly solid games for segmented LCD weirdness. I still keep a few around. AVGN is a hack, attention seeker dumping on the things. You seriously could do far worse with LCD games than some of them that Tiger put out.
  8. Same here. When I was speaking of 'best' the OEM one, BLW exclusive to that since it's radically redesigned, it is best compared to now over a decade or so of cheap chinese crap with brittle metals, weak metals, overly tight death grip, they're garbage that wear out and aren't optimal. Given the choice, personally I'd take the original. I've had to clean and use kits or whatever since the late 80s early 90s, so I really don't care. I'd rather use what works, than use some kickstarter hatchet job that bypasses the entire mechanism. I get some people prefer it and why, but that's a choice.
  9. Wish I could help, but those are impressive. Be amazing to have that set of 4 Virtual Boy slides. Pop them on a tiny light box of sorts and it would be fun.
  10. Personally I'm not a fan, but just don't see the point as I boil pins if I ever have a problem as I feel the OEM stuff is still best to use, when it is cleaned after properly being re-lifted/aligned. Seems the boiling gets all the funk out while the heat seems to restore the tension on the things to factory if not better. I've had cases where boiling allowed the games to pop on fine without locking it down.
  11. I'd like more, but only in a limited scope I know they'd actually bother with. And that would be Zelda. They'd want to copy but not expand on what they did with Mario. Zelda+Zelda 2+G&W Zelda (though I'd wish/prefer the Nelsonic one as it's more fun/accurate.) Put that with a traditional G&W green shell with the gold metallic face plate again and it would be sweet.
  12. Yes it's nothing crazy, it's just a bypass to the same result. Like if you wanted it, BennVenn sells the JOEY (a GB GBC GBA kit) for under $30. It reads/writes both any form of save chip, but also can re-write flash kits or even break into after market bootleg carts and nuke them for your own flashing purposes too. It even recently added the official Nintendo Nintendo Power GB Memory flash kits they sold in Japan. As long as you have the proper tool to suck the file off, and then pop it back on there, you're golden. It's why I suggested having or borrowing a retron 5. I
  13. I get that. I've explained my feelings on marketing negative ads and how it has affected my purchases for decades. Sonys antics in the mid later 90s put me off them so I just blew off the PS1 up until the PS2 was launched, and it was like a back to back pick up nearly when working at Midway in 2001 when I finally got in on that. I had also then scored a Saturn too, personally I preferred the Saturn for the stuff you're talking about other than RPGs as Sony nailed it there. Uhh James, that right there is blasphemy. Fix that controller right now, that's an image of nightma
  14. I totally get that, personally for me 30 to 60fps isn't a big difference where it causes me to go 'wow that sucks' or what's wrong with my game, so I just never cared. I guess without not even knowing what I was looking for, it's what I feel for, until I got the technical name off DF/DF Retro is frame time. I'd rather be consistent than blazing and sputtering.
  15. Thanks and thanks. That's pretty much the realization I had when I saw them sitting on the bed of a pick up maybe 5 years ago at the flea. He had a few of them, that one was in the best shape for the size and i still remember being shocked he only wanted $20 so I snapped it up, cleaned and polished it and it has held GB games ever since. It's a simple elegant design style that is durable, keeps the dust off, doesn't look cheap and lame like sterilite either. I know I could maybe run out of room at some point, but there are nearly 70 games in the left drawer and room still probably to t
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