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  1. I tried the first Sword of Hope as it had a NP style guide for it and it still bugged the crap out of me trying to play it as it's just too creaky. Watching what I have of Knights Quest though, it seems still modern age enough passable to be some good potential fun there.
  2. I think we're all in agreement here there are various reseals here, and I don't suspect Piko but either JJ in some cases but likely wherever JJ got them resealed them in various shoddy ways, perhaps that Italian connection just spoke of. Whatever the case is, Piko just needs to take a look at the stuff and just flag the entire batch as resealed used or resealed unused(if provable) games and leave it at that.
  3. Forwarding those links, they most definitely are not.
  4. Ok Piko can't seem to log in and was talking to me about that non-sense about resealing used games. They're not, or at least they shouldn't be. The games in question came from a distributor in Europe. He's fairly certain they are new, but if not he wouldn't be sure, or they could be a sloppily sealed last run of stuff towards the end of the system life/run of the games. (I'm asking) Is there anything concrete here you can eyeball beyond all doubt to call the stuff a reseal? I'm really curious. He says he also got a lot of new but not sealed up Genesis games, basically open box new like product due to no seal, but they've not been played before. They'll get sold as a complete in box product since the seal is lost after all. Piko is not aware though clearly what a proper GC seal is, he knows about the Y seal and they all are just that. He linked me a guy opening a legit sealed Batman GC game up on youtube and says his seals looked like that one. So going back to my own question in the middle there, is there a real certainty those GC games aren't new?
  5. Seriously whoever, did it, get off his LAWN...NOW! Before it's too late.
  6. You mean yellow PIkachu right? And Noobow I'll back you on that one as I used to own it and it's quite creative, not your normal GB game by any means.
  7. That's crazy even I would have popped for that color at that price. It's not like I couldn't just use that whole cloud setup to port a save game over anyway, no biggie.
  8. I've been curious about Knight Quest. Somehow all these years I never heard about it, or forgot about it, up until months ago. It looks like it either is a lot of fun, or just presents well on youtube.
  9. I could put a twist into the never made box, Blockbuster years ago made their own mario tennis boxes for Virtual Boy to rent it out. They're in the wild now, not the same materials as the other 13 boxes the US had. I've got one, thankfully my system came with it which was awesome dumb luck. It had the quality of the high tier knockoffs you get now print quality/ink style wise and allt hat yet it's not cardboard but one of those white style boxes the repops and even I guess GBA used too in time.
  10. You got it. At the end of this post I'll condense a list of what I own to back up my reasoning there pasted from my inventory. I used to love fighting games a lot, but time they've mostly gotten a bit boring to me. When I started on the SNK arcade, fighting did nothing for me outside of a random game of Art of Fighting until the arrival of Samurai Shodown (I seem to like the ODD numbers of those.) What got me were the early 90s platformers, run n' gun, puzzles and sports games, eventually shooters too as they developed. I could drone on about stuff, but that last post there, you'll see the title overlap so it's easier to much agree with the reasoning there. I never did get into the top down racing or horsey stuff on there though, but the odd sports like NTM and BS2 are awesome as is League Bowling. - Andro Dunos (US), Baseball Stars 2 (US), Blazing Star (US), Blue's Journey (US), Burning Fight (US), Bust-A-Move (US), Bust-A-Move Again (US), Captain Tomaday (US), Cyber-Lip (US), Eightman (US), Garou: Mark of the Wolves (US), Ghost Pilots (US), League Bowling, Magician Lord (US), Metal Slug (US), Metal Slug 2, Mutation Nation (US), NAM-1975 (US), Neo Turf Masters (US), Ninja Combat (US), Samurai Shodown III (US), Sengoku (US), Shock Troopers (US), Sonic Wings 2 (JP), Sonic Wings 3 (JP), Spin Master (US), Strikers 1945 Plus (US), Super Dodge Ball (US), The Last Blade (JP), Top Hunter (US), World Heroes (US) ---and the infamous 161in1 cart (anyone got any spare caps to fix this I can't source them)
  11. Hate is a strong word, but I thought compared to its prequel it was a let down, semi-garbage even in some respects. I didn't think the flatness mechanic worked out the best, and the truly painful 3D gimmicky stupid puzzles to get certain items/heart containers was aggravating at best. Overall the game felt fairly bland and boring as far as I put time into it before I lost any interest to even keep it in my possession. I did not feel an ounce of remorse selling it.
  12. Yes you're good for another +1 that transaction went quite smooth and easy, good communication and fast payment.
  13. Yeah and that kind of makes you a bad person you are aware right? Telling other people what to do with their time, money, and interests because they don't align with yours isn't right. Make your business yours, not everyone elses yours too.
  14. In principle I entirely agree, but it's not really him to blame for not wanting to eat probably $10 or more in shipping on some piddly order to keep internationals happy. It's a business after all, not a give away and I can imagine choking those costs down has to hurt. I entirely agree I wanted to buy that back in the GBC days. Tyrannosaurus Tex looked awesome.
  15. Hey thanks for buying and/or trading with me, I hope it was a good for all. Thanks for dropping in here to take time to leave feedback. I've had an extensive history outside of VGS for years elsewhere for added confidence. Extra Feedback: - NintendoAge: +185/-0 - Ebay: +1668/-0 If you'd like feedback in return link me to yours as well. Thanks again.
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