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  1. @EstilNo there still are, and I think they're considered threatened maybe? Same pieces of crap also still love to hunt rhino for their horn too. Maybe they're compensating for their own tiny tusks.
  2. @darkchylde28 I did some poking around a bit after that post before coming back here. I did figure out that much about bedrock vs java. I went and just converted my account as I wasn't using it anyway. I only really care as she's complaining about wanting to play and I can't so it's utterly useless. Infuriating they never emailed me though back in 2019-2020, those fools gave a free upgrade away for about a year if you surrendered the java account and did the conversion you got a pass to get bedrock at no charge. That kind of stings, $30 stings. Good to know about Hermit and the books. The thing is, she's just allowed a couple hours a day to play, I could probably extend that here and there given I played with her since it would be still limited. She has issues, and if I didn't have a 2hr kill switch on the switch it would be literally all day with her. So since screens (other than TV) are limited, internet is not really doable either, so the books would be an excellent reference point to learn how to make tools, basic building materials, and so on. So far from what I've seen in her land she found this nice little town with some animals in pens and stuff, but also having to deal with the zombies at night. They kind of kicked her ass at first, didn't get you needed shelter so I told her hand dig out a cliff wall and make a space which to seal yourself in. She then somehow started killing a few of them at some point, got a gold helmet she said off one of the kills which I suppose probably is pretty nice. Back when I played it java was it, it was rough. NO towns, just those creepers some bat things in caves, skeletons and zombies. There was zero help, had to just dig and hope to find stuff, often I'd get crap maps that had little resources and no matter how deep I'd spiral down, never did find a cube of redstone so I got fed up and bailed on it probably a decade ago only checking it out probably 5-7 years back for a day or two before erasing it again. I had bound it to my ancient gmail account so I had no issue ever recovering the game, but it wasn't fun. What she has seems more varied, fluid, overall just less crappy to start from. I'm kind of tempted to pop down the $30 and just see.
  3. So like I found this along with an old metallic looking handheld Connect 4 and this old 80s pvc koolaid man for $3 over the weekend off a random garage sale. I think I did well. Bug for Pocket Arcade/Sega-Tiger handheld seems to be semi-uncommon and strangely seems to be a pretty busy and potentially good LCD game. It needs a manual, can't quite figure it out so far but seems to play well enough. Move and spit/shoot in any direction, can refill your shots, pick up some stuffs, and take out targets that come along. I can't figure out what I need to do/collect to clear a stage though, but seems fine, usual style platformer-ish game with 3 lives and a health bar. Anyone ever own this know how it works?
  4. Hey my kid got a physical copy of Minecraft for Switch yesterday on her birthday and is getting into it, but is a bit confused. I had it way way back in the day, the beta and it was pre-microsoft obviously from mojang, the windows/java version I guess. I still have it, but from my understanding it's so old MS won't honor it, so I can't like update it to the windows version that'll sync with my kid isn't that right? She wanted help but I really don't want to buy the damn game twice. I take it those like decade old scholastic books on how to harvest, how to combat, how to redstone are still at some level valuable as a starting point? Half price sells them for like $3/ea I think it could help. Anyone here up on the game?
  5. Deep down, they were contemplating the practicality of attaching a synthetic tentacle to it so they can act out their dreams.
  6. Yeah and I agree on that, but it's not one game, it's just one memorable example of a lot of stuff. And I don't know if I'd go as far as shitty, maybe out of spite because of it being Immortal Combat (with extra sweat!) but like or hate it, the colors, visuals overall, audio on the SNES were superior across the board on this game. We had both copies of it in the house as my brother got suckered in by Sega before the SNES appeared so it really wasn't hard to side by side compare.
  7. Personally I get that, I really do, but my utter disgust and being tired with it for years now, is that there are just so many dumb people out there who don't get that simple concept. Sadly seems there are far more stupid people than ones who get it which makes it worse. Things he dumps on, even with decent games because he needs to nerd rage over some aspect has condemned quite a few fine games to the dust bin of being crap because he said so, or someone said so because they got it from a source (him) not saying as much. In his case of being a comic genius, I'd say sure, but largely too smart for the room.
  8. Agree to disagree, at least as far as Nintendo reviews go. I saw some true and epic lying fucking whoppers from them that made me cancel the sub, yet those desperate twats you know what they did? Mailed me free ones even after the fact for a year or two, stopped for a year, and then continued for some year/years after which was just strange. A few stand out to me as epic levels of bullshit, but one that really did it was when they claimed that when Mortal Kombat came out that the Nintendo version of the console game looked worse, sounded worse, has less this and that over the Genesis it was equally parts laughable and infuriating (other than the stupid no blood Nintendo rule.) Laughable they'd print it, and infuriating so many stupid kids believed every drop of that lie as fact. EGM acted like a trusted source supposedly leaving the false stories, guesses and opinions with the Q-mans area which hardly was the case. A few years later made an acquiantance with a former Philips employee, the story he told me what EGM did to them over the CDi and review materials was utterly disgusting and I'd have canceled again had they not been mailing the things free. But that is just a simple story of utter blackmail and consequences there. The truth of it was with EGM, they were a so called gold standard, and a gold standard, but which depended on what system they were a fan of. If they preferred you the coverage was utterly amazing, if not, well...you'd find more truth in a story written by The Onion.
  9. @Estil Legitimately most people will swear by the old Nintendo strategy of do nothing most of the first round because it's a 1 hit kill basically. In that you grind him down some, but finish it in round 2 normally. I had to wonder if it went faster, saw some line about killing him off in 20 sec, but it seems that may not be too too far off the mark. You can TKO him in round one, and I found a clip and below it explains exactly what to do every single time Tyson makes a move and which to do it, how much, and which side. Just watch, THEN read below.
  10. As far as GoG goes I've been there since the early days, and despite using Galaxy these days, anything I do buy, I double download the exe files and shove them on a backup device. I will always buy from them first before Steam, even if it takes 6mo to a year plus, if I know it'll go there too -- I wait.
  11. And before that AVGN idiot it was the perpetual largely anti-Nintendo bullshit mill that was Exaggeration Gaming Monthly which taught an entire generation and more not to trust the media before the online stuff got patently bought off and stupid. Lies as rumors, lies about what a game did or didn't do, if they preferred the competitor or hated a specific company (third party, etc.) EGM was like gospel for shitting on stuff back in the 80s and 90s before online took off and people just ran with it, because if it was printed it was true. Same dumb mentality for dinging Friday the 13th, the dim bulbs just switched from printed crap to video crap on youtube.
  12. Tyson or the other guy, best by far of the franchise. SNES game was fine too, but a bit of a let down with the dumb changes they made to the structure which at least the Wii one resolved largely. The game is fantastic, three rounds, set learnable not hard to remember patterns. it's not cheap, but you need to learn the motions and timing, and other than Tyson, they're not hair margins. Tyson alone is why I wouldn't give it a 10 instead of a 9 as it's just that damn good of an arcade boxing game, there is no better. Good response, good variety, solid but not over complicated move set on either side of the ring. A real stand out in the day given the special chip allowing for very big characters and with moveable detail on the big figures themselves which was kind of a new thing then, definitely for a console. The quality there even now stands out among the other things that have ever since been released on the old system, even in these homebrewing days.
  13. If I get that far I might, damn stuff keeps coming up and I'm playing about just a couple hours or so a week over a couple days which sucks (haven't even touched FF5A in over a week...ugh.) I keep reading some bosses are just pure evil, you need to be on another level of ability to do which seems a bit anti-Nintendo given their usual way about stuff, but whatever...product of a game they had others do I guess. Metroid always had a challenge, but it was balanced, this one seems to ok ok ok, pure evil boss...ok ...ok boss, then WTF... it's all over.
  14. The old bootgod space that documents all the NES boards may have a search. I can say though if you do find something that small it should be NROM or UNROM only, none of the MMC games should have that size from the licensed stuff at least.
  15. Naughty...the trance vibrator. Gaming nothing, we know you're going to wire this to a battery and pop it in your bike pants for the more refreshing 10km ride ever. Seriously nice find though.
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