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  1. Mine have opened too, but they're pretty desolate since nothing new has been brought in or shipped in either. They won't even take stuff in for another couple of weeks either.
  2. I try and avoid rumors as they suck, but there was one albeit a long shot, that almost made sense due to the continued failures of market penetration in the home market. Xbox is XX eyed dead as far as sales go in Japan for every generation. Sega with the DC were bed buddies with them as far as some controller designs and Windows CE variant in play too for games. The story goes perhaps MS will have Sega sell their system and rebrand it under their name to hide the fact it's american stuff to stealth sell there. Atari did it in the day as have others to better success than going at it alone. It's that, or a Dreamcast Mini given the cheap price of parts needed (included storage) to house the size of those games and power needed to drive them. This all assuming this isn't just some big pile of bs to get people talking so someone can feel like they got attention by causing a dust up.
  3. Hot off the good luck this month with Gameboy, I'm happy about this to say the least. Things worked out well though later than I would have liked yesterday at the flea market. I was alone and was able to go and with the state more or less semi-limited open again I decided to go around 11 (usually like to be there 8 or before for deals last year) and hadn't been since last fall. Outside had variety but nothing I'd want, oddly inside was a weird win so I can't complain and I got off easy too ($5 each item for $15 total -- Chibi Robo was a $20 shipped pick online and near perfect.) The Gobot was from a vendor I know of, it's Major Mo and clean very tight joints. The PC game almost passed on it, the big manual was missing, but the dude had a few trek boxes, found it put accidentally in an trek encyclopedia box so I grabbed it and the disc is excellent. I had TNG back when it was new, been wanting to buy it again but avoided ebay so yay! And then EBA was at another vendor I've known for a long time and it's excellent too. Times like this is why I'm glad I quit doing modern other than one system (and my PC here and there) as I prefer going back to stuff now or just finding something new on that format with my limited time as it is. Also got a pre-pandemic and then a bit price on a dead minty Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow that came the other day in the mail too not pictured I'm working on now.
  4. I saw a couple ad pieces before I dropped cable a year ago and it was just sad and infuriating listening to the dialog and how they twisted years of this series into some bastard dumpster fire of a mess.
  5. Archon I think I've said something like this before elsewhere, but what you do with this stuff is so the right thing to do for the community at large but also for historical archiving and appreciation of the art that is gaming. A saint within this community which is few and far between. You share, you don't lord it over others so people can enjoy the experience as well. ...now get cracking on finding Dragon Hopper for Virtual Boy, we know it's done, and presumably lost.
  6. You'll be sickened if you care about the franchise. I won't paste images of it. Google this: teenage mutant ninja turtles 2018 cartoon If this doesn't bother anyone who was first brought into the series before the last two years watching a few clips, reading up on it, or seeing some captured images of what they did to the franchise it would be safe to say someone didn't care enough in the first place.
  7. I think that's the era when the nannying of stuff started to hit a more early unique peak level of stupidity. Someone called CPS on Splinter because it seemed creepy that an old man would have four young boys who are entirely unrelated in his care while having them minimally dressed and often performing activities under his supervision as he sat and leered at them doing it. They got taken away from the city and put into custody until they hit legal age to no longer be wards of the state.
  8. UGH that explains a lot. I never had a manual or a faq for it back in the later 90s when I last bothered with the game to be fair. If you jump in with a loose cart it's a disaster and very confusing to the point of frustration and just not wanting to play. I'm not sure I ever left the opening area much as I know I've not seen most the game. I guess it's one of those games of the day where they assumed people would refer to the book and know.
  9. I put the heart, but that's to the 2nd sentence, it's a stunning well made game. Not sure I agree about being better than SMB2, but it has so much unique variety it only had it's hard to argue either. Crying shame they lied about SML3, it's Wario Land. I wanted a real sequel.
  10. Fair enough what's the steps exactly to partly open the door I guess I should be asking. I'm there now too, the game has less 'bait' to keep me aggressively slamming hours into it, even with terraforming for basically free, than the GC game. I put well more than a month into it of daily play partly because I wanted to make a video game room out of my basement so I pursued every single furniture piece from the Mario/Nintendo set and then went into getting every single US possible based NES deck. I basically made a Mario themed playchoice 10 style basement with rows of games. Switch one is like my second favorite as the DS/3DS ones got tiring fairly quick and the Wii one kind of blew. I'll touch the game like 2-3x a week now so I lose my nook kiosk bonus but it's just not worth it to me. I suppose if I wanted to time travel and cheat I could go nuts and make a really decked out island as seen on youtube but it looks like more effort than it is worth so I went with a rural town setup and left the upper half of the island as more like walking trails/bridges (all stone) and I isolated my home with a big yard on a NE peak.
  11. $50 shipping?! Yes Gamestop has carried it all along, but they also don't care about how markets change on that one as they still want $100+ for it, and you can regularly buy it on amazon (and also a few others like new egg, even ebay) for $50 or maybe less new and used. Don't be dumb and feed Gamestop, the price they ask you could buy TWO, or buy the unit plus a pair of controllers they made along with the mini hdmi to HDMI cable needed to use it as a TV based mini console that it actually is. Also depending on tastes, get the International one if you love Metal Slug and a few other gems. The Japanese one the roster has every single KOF and Fatal Fury game so the line up is like 2/3 or more fighters losing some quality games in the mix. But if that's your thing, go Japanese then but expect less variety.
  12. I dabbled slightly through emulation with Rygar and that was my impression, no clue at all where to go. I'd run around and kill stuff fine and all that but felt like I'd just end up going in circles and shut it off.
  13. Shame you can't just use the mail to ship stuff without visitors being able to ravage your island. I don't play it regularly anymore as I don't have the interest in terraforming into some huge complex you see plenty do on youtube. I'm liking the basic stuff that's been there since the early days but don't need to hit the place daily to do it. Last turn on was 2 nights ago, paid off another bridge, could have done the house probably for a right wing onto it but didn't yet.
  14. Ugh that's harsh. Does this affect whatever would hit retail then too? I can wait, but if this were to end up in a store months earlier I'd cancel and want my money back as that's asinine to make sales front shipment windows and just ignore them. I won't go into it, sure there's a lot of bitching about their practices if this is normal already.
  15. He was a democrat as far back as anyone can remember except for a couple years he was in the reform party and a couple more before switching to republican in 2012 as an independent. If you track his speech, beliefs, antics and the rest the dude was anything but a republican and seemed to use his nickel show huckster podium act of knowing what to say to the right people at the right time to close a business deal, the deal being the nomination, then the election. That's it. He basically stated the obvious about Hillary and the democrats at that period while fairly well keeping his shittier elements in check to just squeak by and make the victory in 2016 for himself. That's why there was before and after getting in a fairly numerous amount of right leaning independents and republicans (or conservatives) who were doing that whole NeverTrump thing and still enough cling to it. The GOP didn't want that ass clinton in office, and didn't want to see anyone continuing the Obama era tactics either, so they took whatever worked to win and basically sold out. Had Trump never entered I would have loved to see Rubio or Cruz go up against Hillary as she was wholly an awful unelectable person outside of the core democratic base that would rather not vote, than vote something else. I would have voted for either of them, ended up voting no one an stayed home.
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