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New site and Volume IX are both ready!

Reed Rothchild


Many years ago I had this horrendously stupid brilliant idea: Why not "rank" ALL of the games?  The Super Nintendo games.

After all, I was rapidly accumulating piles upon piles of carts, and my compulsion to finish things meant I was seeing more of their content than most people.  I've also long considered myself to be a pretty fair and even-handed critic.  One who had enough of a frame of reference for all of "video gaming" that I knew what made up a good platformer, or a good RPG, and whatnot.

I also love lists.  All lists.  It doesn't matter if it's the "Top 100 Games," the "Top 100 Saturn Games," the "100 Worst PC" games, or the "25 Best Japan-Only Games."  If it's a list I probably read it.  And probably went looking for more right afterwards.

So eventually I said fuck it.  I started breaking down my collection, and ordering from most to least favorite.  I started stacking up the games I hadn't played yet so that I could figure out in what general range they would fall in.  I started ordering games I didn't have, partially so I could find out how good they were.  Eventually, I had played them all.

Now I just had to write about them.  714 of them.  Thoroughly.  It was the sort of ginormous task that no-one else (as far as I know) had ever been stupid enough to attempt.  Sure, there's SNES-a-Day and Questicle and the like.  But those are all quick impressions of short play sessions.  That wouldn't suffice for actually ranking everything.  I couldn't rank The 7th Saga after playing it for 30 minutes.  No one would listen to me explain why Ogre Battle is a top 100 game if I never finished it.  So I wrote, and played.  And played and wrote.  For years.

FINALLY, in 2017, I was ready.  I busted out reviews for the worst 14 games, and threw it out to the public, unannounced, in an unassuming NintendoageAge thread.  It probably got 300 views over sixth months, with reviews that were short and filled with barely coherent ranting.

But I kept at it.  For two more years.  Slowly the list got chopped away, 50 games at a time.  The writing went from incoherent to merely subpar.  And I forced myself to start to obey the laws of grammar.  A little.

Then NintendoAge died.  We all know that story.  Luckily I had already set forth a plan to detach myself from the site, in case such a thing had ever happened.  I had taken all of the raw xhtml from those posts, and saved them to my machine.  Then, I spent painstaking months converting it over to html5, dressing it up with some css, and getting a new domain ready.

So here it is.  A new site.  One that will remind you of your freshman year web design project.  Or perhaps a geocities site from 1998.  In any case, it will only get better as I have time to improve it.  Thanks for reading.




Constructive criticism is appreciated.  Hell, mean-spirited criticism is appreciated.

...and yes, turns out AWS is case sensitive with rendering images.  So anticipate lots of broken links.  And this will be the first time I've seen it on mobile, so assume that is super rough looking.

edit: I somehow forgot to mention @Splain @spacepup @JamesRobot who pointed out my 10,000 mistakes.  And in record time too: this was the quickest turnaround between batches, despite the two different migrations

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Sweet, glad you got a website now, hate for you to have lost all your hard work.

Looking forward to the next batch.

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