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  1. I don’t get it. The English version is just subtitles. Just slap them in there and be done. It’s not like you’re adding voice acting.
  2. Does anyone know if the US will have a physical release of the Famicom Detective Club games? I saw today that the JPN version doesn’t support English.
  3. Do you mind pointing them out? I would like to go back and double check out mine too. It would be helpful to know what to look for. I have a pic in the pickup thread from October 2019, but I didn’t take a pick of the top of the label. I know my board is legit. Pick up thread post
  4. Are your loose NES carts just pushed toward the front of the shelves?
  5. Chrysler has been known for poor quality for at least three decades. My family bought a Town & Country back in 1998 and the Chrysler mechanic told us back then that they were built to last only about 100K miles. Meanwhile, our 93 Mercury Villager made it to 270K miles. I refuse to buy Chrysler.
  6. How do I go about getting started on something like that? I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of doing that. I’m not the most handy, but I’ve learned since owning a house for a few years. I’m decent at things, but I definitely am cautious and take a long time to make things perfect.
  7. I’m really at a loss on picking out shelving. I used to have some Billy bookcases but they were taken over by the family. Ideally, I’d like something that isn’t quite as deep as a Billy but doesn’t cause my games to hang over the ledge. I’ve debated trying to get an old entertainment center with bookcases. I’m just not sure. I’ve also thought about bookcases with glass as most of my carts are loose. I just don’t know what to do.
  8. Hey, I’m pretty sure that my 2021 Odyssey turns on all of the lights when you open a door when set to door settings. As far as the Sienna goes, 2021 is a brand new generation. The last generation started in 2010 and finished in 2020. My wife was very particular on safety and the Siennas didn’t do so well on the small overlap passenger side crash test until the 2021 revision. This would be if the passenger side clipped an object near the headlight. I think it was acceptable or marginal in performance and was good in 2021. The Honda has been good since this current generation started i
  9. This is so true. We had minivans growing up and I was disappointed the few times that I rented a 3rd row SUV. They just can’t haul as much. The Odyssey also either the most or close to the most storage space out of all the minivans.
  10. I think that they’re pretty easy to remove and put back in. I have a pretty high threshold though when it comes to moving things.
  11. For what it’s worth, my parents had a 2005 Odyssey that had 374K miles on it, so their reliability is really great. The drive on the Odyssey is much smoother and more comfortable than the Sienna. I also like the extra cargo space as new Sienna seats can’t come out because of airbags in them. I also like the V6 engine and 10 speed transmission. It feels a lot easier to accelerate in it. After driving 4 cylinders for the past 13 plus years, I forgot how nice a V6 is to drive. I’m not a car guy at all, but I feel much more comfortable driving and enjoy having an easy and smooth acceleration. The
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