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  1. Right? It’s pretty annoying to be so challenging to find a not so rare game on a modern console. I really don’t understand the slow drip though. I’m just interested in trying out a game.
  2. I was finally able to get a copy of Atelier Ryza this morning from Amazon. It was up for a few minutes.
  3. I do not have egg or any other food allergies allergies. I do have environmental allergies. You are right though, it is egg based and I don’t give it to my kids who have egg allergies although they say it is safe if you have egg allergies. Even my allergist said he’d be cautious with the toddlers.
  4. I’ll take the J&J vaccine if required. I’m not interested in the mRNA vaccines. I am a bit nervous to take it though. I stopped taking the flu shot after an allergic reaction two years ago. I was experiencing phlegm, coughing, and throat swelling within a few hours of the shot. I had to take Benadryl to calm it down. I had a reaction many years ago too, so I normally didn’t take it.
  5. I apologize for the confusion. I checked PC for a few games and I’m still seeing sales data from this week.
  6. Sorry, I know that the API is free. I was wondering if the marketplace API was special as it requires business approval. I would be shocked if eBay doesn’t provide this deprecated information in the future for a cost.
  7. It’s beautiful. I hope it goes to a nice home. Best of luck!
  8. I just got a notification that my Panzer Dragoon and Jedi Outcast/Academy games will be shipping.
  9. I’m a noob. Is the marketplace API a way for eBay to charge for this data?
  10. I understand what you are saying and it makes sense. Once you alter these items, you can never fully restore them to their original state. There is definitely a real value to that. However, it’s hard for me to appreciate that as I come from a religious culture where history is preserved, even if modified with technology to protect it from destruction, to be shared with generations in its fullest glory. Even sometimes, an artifact has been distributed in pieces to allow for encountering some part of it throughout the world. Painstaking restoration will happen from time to time to preserve
  11. @RH I get the preservation aspect and am totally on board with CIB collecting. I guess I just can’t appreciate keeping it in its original retail state because you don’t even get to see the goods inside. When you go to a museum to learn about things they usually try to show you as much as possible about the period or pieces they are displaying. That’s an educational way to preserve history. To me, keeping a sealed game for preservation would be like owning a Michelangelo sculpture that is still completely covered by tarps had it been delivered that way. Yeah, it’s preserved, but you m
  12. River City Girls on the Switch Is it worth doing the NG+?
  13. Is it wrong that this makes me sad? I don’t personally understand having sealed copies of games other than for hoping they will climb in value or if it was a favorite game or something. I am more sad at the idea that the collecting hobby is taking something that was intended to be used for play and making it into a display piece. I like the idea of displaying your collection, but I also hope that collectors actually enjoy the games as intended. For me, displaying my collection is more for the nostalgia of walking into a store and buying a game to play. Now, I basically have a store a
  14. I’m not going to lie, in most cases I will buy the Switch version even if it is inferior to support Nintendo and hope to keep up third party support. I’m okay with the sacrifice.
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