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  1. I’d feel better about it if the internet connection for multiplayer online games was better. It’s so poor compared to the competition. I mean, my PS+ collection for my PS5 has a more consistent quality lineup than the Switch service at a similar price point.
  2. I heard the possibility of trading him too, but he was horrible for them and horrible the two years before for the Cubs. Who would give up anything decent for a $16MM closer who could be a huge bust? I think they’re better off not exercising the club option and just accepting that the trade didn’t work out.
  3. I’m a big Kris Bryant fan, even though he’s gone from the Cubs. He plays the game very modestly and seems like a good dude. I’m pulling for him and the Giants until they’re eliminated. If the Dodgers win game 5, then I too root for the Braves by default.
  4. Yep, these are exactly the type of bins I was talking about.
  5. Chickens, my wife and kids eat local, 100% grass beef almost exclusively due to dietary restrictions.
  6. 8/10 Great, fun horror movie I’ve watched it a few times.
  7. I personally recommend the large heavy duty bins for packing. You can keep them quite safe in there. A u haul is good, but make sure you have some blankets in between the packages so that they have some cushion. Make sure to have everything secure so it doesn’t shift in transport. I packed mine pretty snug to prevent movement of items.
  8. I watched the Courier on Amazon Prime starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I really enjoyed this Cold War historic drama.
  9. https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/nintendo-switch/products/metroid-dread-special-edition----nintendo-switch/299404.html?bt=true&utm_source=rakutenls&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Wario64&utm_campaign=2&utm_kxconfid=tebx5rmj3&cid=afl_10000087&affID=77777&sourceID=0wLgH49VWzI-s0fICzhUoAXaa75X5u2PSA Up at GameStop
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