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  1. What if it is someone who bought something for a good deal and then flip it immediately to HA in order to have more money to buy games he wants for his collection? What about someone that bought sealed games for decades as a hobby, and that now decide to sell off his games for life changing money?
  2. Indeed, it does sound over the top too stupid to be true, and I do hope it is, lol. But on the other hand you never know how ridiculous people can be about prices on eBay sometimes.
  3. I love the 'we wish you well' overall tone of this, lol! That's crazy to send a message like that, let alone the fact he's just hoping to pump a game at $270. BTW, no chance that it is rarebucky, not his style at all.
  4. Playing left at hockey is being righty. The real test is playing golf, cause for some reason our fathers were playing hockey lefty and golf righty, which makes no sense to me.
  5. @Gloves, can you please provide our good pal Karl here with all the info you have on this? Jeff and gocollect have certainly been careless about preserving the forum and database in the shape it was. Was it a conscious hit at hiding knowledge about the video game market is something possible, though harder to prove. IMO, if this was the goal, he kind of failed, as there was nothing in the database that could be really useful to know how the sealed market was going and unfolding.
  6. Indeed, the idea that NA was nuked instantly from the moment it was bought by Jeff is nonsensical. It took well over a year for the forum to disappear, and it wasn't because Jeff deleted it, the server tech expired by a precise date (something like that, Gloves could explain further). His plan to preserve the forum was a joke, but still, all the threads are still searchable somehow in the gocollect version of it, though largely chaotic to navigate. The database was a very useful tool, but honestly, it had absolutely no utility regarding gathering any info on the sealed market.
  7. I don't think Karl said that, and personally I thought that the cliff note you're highlighting was referring to the part about the guy explaining how his father (I think it was his father, not sure) used to rebuy some of his collectibles just to have a new higher price sale data point in time (but I might certainly be wrong here).
  8. I did a goofy search on google and found a thread on a pokemon cards collectors' site that is quite interesting for the contrast in discussion VS what we have here. Just thought I'd share for the fun of it, and because it is sometimes a good idea to take a step back from the heat : https://efour.proboards.com/thread/25034/jobst-video-heritage-market-manipulation
  9. Oh man, this brings back memories, this video was so funny, lol!
  10. That's PAL, there's some Netherlands stuff written on it. Plus, canadian first party games were distributed by Mattel.
  11. @NESfiend, I just realized that the titles of the games listed on the back label look VERY different from the 190 in 1 I was thinking about. Would you care to take some screenshots of the game selection menus? This might be a completely different multicart than I thought, with the exact same generic 190 in 1 front label. Also, I'm pretty sure the 190 in 1 I was referring to do not comes in a Gluk case (which I should have realized right away).
  12. This 190 in 1 multicart is one of my favorite from my childhood, along with Golden game 260 in 1 multicart. You get a few Famicom exclusive games in it that are usually not in the common multicarts, like Astro Robo Sasa, Son Son, Ponycat (or whatever its real name), Moai-kun, etc. There's also some licensed games you never see in multicarts at the time, like Gyruss and Spelunker. Plus, some of the 'crazy' version of games feature interesting modification, like shooting bullet super fats and stuff like that. Really cool multicart overall IMO!
  13. My sincere condolences, this is such sad news. I wish you to stay strong and go through those hard times. A part of her will always live in your heart.
  14. Totally love Galaxy 5000, I actually feel quite dumb right for not making a contest out of it in all these years. It could work great with the money + spaceship as a high score. I'll need to give this game a go whenever I finish my Shining Force CD campaign.
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