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  1. I blame Korckle, that little bastard!
  2. It is a total shame that the dumb code make it crashes, these special 1800ish lbs marlins were clearly made to be the heaviest fishes to catch in the whole game, heavier than any shark. It might just cost @0xDEAFC0DE a code smart win, which are the most gratifying wins to get in these contests.
  3. Well, if you prefer fishing blue marlin, do like 0xDEAF, crack the code and catch the 1800 lbs beast!
  4. Lordly Lord, that's a good one here. I wish you could try it on a cartridge to see if it does the same thing. If it counts, it means that anyone who can catch a blue marlin under the conditions you find out would be tied for 1st place at 1800 lbs, right?
  5. You raise a very good point, but we decided to go with the heaviest fish for this week. This said, in 10 years (kidding!) from now when we'll play this game again in the contest, we'll go with heaviest marlin for sure.
  6. Oh yeah, I get it, and from the last time I played this game with two regular controllers, this sounds like a very good idea!
  7. Playing with NES Max controller(s) is okay as long as the turbo option is off at all time.
  8. My deepest condolences, this must be so hard on you. Stay strong, and for what it is worth, we're all here for you!
  9. At this point I'd be more sad than anything to see Michael change his ID paper.
  10. But if everybody does it, it is no longer scummy, no? How in hell could you have a SMB3 contest without hurting your wrists hopping on turtles' shell for minutes straight? This is the world we live in my good man!
  11. Kick these ladies asses Bea, kick them as hard as if they're dudes!
  12. Welcome to the 2021 VideoGameSage NES Weekly Contests! Weekly Contest Moderators Bea_Iank guillavoie GENERAL CONTEST RULES Please read these rules carefully before you submit a score. Failure to comply with the rules may result in your score being disqualified. If you're new to the contests, please take a few minutes to read over the rules to make sure you submit your scores correctly. Posting Scores - In order to submit a score for the contest, take a picture of your score with your VGS user name written or typed on a piece of paper, which must be present in th
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