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  1. One of the most classic action puzzle game was in the center of attention this week as players tackled NES Tetris! Host @BeaIank showed that she had a soft side as she decided to have players start at level 15, which made it easier for the non-expert players to reach the participation requirement, thus making @Gloves fulfill his 'secret wish' to celebrate his birthday by playing Tetris! Also in the celebration department, we have anonymous sources saying that skinnygrinny (aka @docile tapeworm) was planning to host a home Tetris contest for his upcoming Housewarming Party, and we are all invited! Now for the serious business, newcomer @Sumez made a great first impression by winning it all this week with an impressive score of 577,235! Congratulations for this win, it is always a pleasure to have new blood coming in the competition and having success! Sumez win is solid as rock, but it wasn't a walk in the park either, as home general scoreboard leader @bertsampson had a great early Monday start with a score of 570,840. Not only he proved last week that he can draw flawless Tetris picture in Videomation, now he proved that he can actually play Tetris like a beast! Coming next is VGS known Tetris-lover @mbd39 who almost cracked the 500k bar with a score of 499,079. Michael was definitely considered a strong contender to grab one of the highest spot this week, and he delivered the goods. Well done sir! This week also saw the entrance of VGS Graphics Team staffer @BortLicensePlate into the competition, and he demonstrated that he has shiny Tetris skills by submitting a solid score of 446,569, which is a personal best of his! Way to go man, hope to see you around again! Also sitting in the higher mountains of the general scoreboard, @Bearcat-Doug decided once again to postpone his long awaited mid-season break by breaking the Tetris 400k bar with an excellent score of 407,470! Nicely done Doug! Contest veteran @arnpoly also dropped in to say 'hi' and by the occasion posting a nice score of 301,063. Then comes the 200k score club, with @Splain leading with his 250,603 score, @Tablew/chairs with 212,959 and current VGS NES Puzzle leader @0xDEAFC0DE, despite having to take the infamous 9th place, still showed determination in being a strong contender for the 2020 Puzzle icon with a score of 210,240. Let's also note that this week we had 6 new players competing in the VGS NES Contest as @ChickenTendas, @fsped09, @CMR and @Makar joined the fun. Always a pleasure to see new members jumping in the competition, we hope to see you getting back at it anytime soon. To finish, we'd like to give special thanks to old timer contest player and Tetris enthusiast @arch_8ngel for coming in and sharing great knowledge of the game and its newest developments in world competition. As usual, thanks to everyone making the contest a joy machine and see you all in the Kiwi Kraze competition. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming results of the Videomation contest as the deliberation process, which ironically enough took longer than the contest itself, is almost over!
  2. She apparently got 'femceled'.
  3. At 1:11, from Rare Ltd. twitter account, 'Sorry, it isn't releasing on the Wii'. Imagine how they don't intend to release this on the Switch to say that.
  4. I think you'll need to be more specific here as the way you wrote this it almost sounds like you took some pills written 'Chinese medicine' on them and it somehow improved your health or something.
  5. This looks fantastic and fun! I totally dig the pencil v. eraser theme! Great work!
  6. Indeed, usually if we meant it to be the minimum starting level it would be clearly expressed so in the rules. So I'd say, yes, it must be the only level to start on, but I'll leave the suspense of the final answer to Bea, since these rules are the product of her personal draconian plan for this week.
  7. By all means, anyone that still has something to show, feel free to go for it right here! I'm sure it will be appreciated even if the official contest is over!
  8. Big thanks to everyone participating this week, this was extremely funny and went awesomely well, way over Bea and I expectations! You guys rock, thanks for making this so enjoyable! Now, @CasualCart, @BortLicensePlate, @BeaIank and myself will enclose ourselves in our Caesar's Palace Royal Suite for deliberation, and we'll get back to you with the results.
  9. Like I said, it was announced as such all along, and we had reasons to do so. This was a totally new idea for the NES Weekly contest, so we handled it as an experiment. First, while ranking drawings could have been possible with a set of principles based on a judging process, we didn't feel to go for it as it would have been drastically different to how we usually deal with video game contest. Giving a flat number of points for participation would have come with problems too, as @Richardhead pointed out. We didn't want to prompt a bunch of low effort submissions just to get the points. We wanted it to be a 'special' contest, but we couldn't predetermined the overall response. Now, given how well this turned out, we're open to think of a special way to award the best submission(s), something different than some generic contest points so to say.
  10. Without diminishing the talent and work of those that posted great drawings, we announced it as a special contest with no point toward leaderboard during a break week, so we'll have to stick to that by principle. This said, I'm still entertaining the idea to give some kind of 'extra' reward tied to this contest, so we'll see.
  11. I agree, and I'll even dare to say that there's something about the flashing palette that express, in an unexpected way, the psychological affect of the original painting. You really pushed the limits of the game with that one man, that's crazy good!
  12. That didn't turn out too well indeed. Interesting, the last post in that thread was from a guy named Kickle that got banned : http://archive.nes.science/nintendoage-forums/nintendoage.com/forum/messageview8d3d.html?StartRow=26&catid=31&threadid=34921
  13. Have you practiced 'less empty spots at Game Over'? If not, you should now!
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