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  1. By all means, we'll strongly consider this option in case that Richie makes the final and is experiencing harsh symptoms from whatever he has, be it Covid or the flu or something else. Keep us updated on your health status Rich! This wouldn't be a big problem as we have an easy way to skip a week and still get the tournament done by December 20, just before Xmas week.
  2. First week of the tournament is now over! It was a quiet week, but still an important week for our 15 competitors facing each others at the unlicensed, yet classic video game, Alien Syndrome. Here's the result for the NES Weekly Contest 2020 Tournament's first round : 1st @Gaia Gensouki 1,108,500 2nd @Richardhead 981,800 3rd @bertsampson 800,900 4th @Tablew/chairs 793,700 5th @NESfiend 586,000 6th @0xDEAFC0DE545,700 7th @8bitdontquit 500,900 8th @mbd39 441,700 9th @Jeevan 395,600 10th @ninjistar383,800 11th @Ausden 359,100 12th @docile tapeworm 322,100 13th @SuperJ
  3. Thanks for the heads up, @Richardhead! I will indulge myself in this traditional picture drawing.
  4. Final week of the regular season, everyone feels a little emotional, friends were made, rivalry ensued, insults were thrown, tips were shared, Kickle got drawn, and people farmed graveyard in G&G, what a ride! Last game of the season, but a first win for @PII! Congrats for taking the Ghosts & Goblins crown, you're now officially a G&G Great! Also thanks for running these loops test and shared results in the thread, this was very insightful to know that G&G can get as tough as Makaimura, @BeaIank's favorite iteration of the game. @bertsampsonhad the Action Charm in the
  5. By all means, if you're more comfortable with the dagger, you can use it to farm the 1st level and use it for most of the game to be honest. Bea is a torch player and will recommend it every time she can, but it doesn't mean the dagger isn't a G&G good weapon.
  6. Some enemies drop them every once in a while, might be that? Plus the drop pattern is quite consistent, after a while you feel when you're about to get one dropped.
  7. Yes, only the best Canadians got the milk bags!
  8. I'd very much like to, at some point. I'm in a cluster fuck of work to do lately because I have multiple deadlines coming up, but once this is behind me (somewhere in late October), I'll have the opportunity to take some night time to chill out (before another round of deadlines before the holidays, lol), so yes, I'll join in for some game night fun!
  9. Can't write a wrap up this week, but will take time to congrats @bertsampson for taking the win and earning the 2020 Shooter Charm! Also, a quick shout for all the great scores posted this week : @Tablew/chairs @Gaia Gensouki @guitarzombie (also welcome around!)@Bearcat-Doug @docile tapeworm @Richardhead Well done sirs!
  10. Legit offer : Take a pic of a Hooters' tab in the following week with a bourbon on it, and I pay you the whiskey drink.
  11. This was somehow the effect desired, haha! But indeed, read carefully it actually describes you guys as 'no bitches to point pressing' !
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