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RGB Modded Consoles for Sale - Genesis 3


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Hi folks, thank you for perusing my wares. I'm looking to offload some systems that don't see much play. These are all RGB modded with fresh capacitors and new voltage regulators when applicable (the Genesis 3 has the stock voltage regulator still). Prices do not include shipping, shipping within the CONUS only please. Thanks a ton.

SNES Jr./SNS-101 (w/ Borti RGB Mod + s-video restoration, new caps, new VR, region free cart slot, ghosting fix)  SOLD - Spoilered for posterity, WILL HAVE MORE FOR SALE SOON


This is a model 2 SNES that was in need of some TLC when I got it. The previous owner had attempted the "clip the cart slot tabs" region mod with a soldering iron, melting through much of the inner cart slot tray and leaving some sort of Lovecraftian mess of molten plastic spaghetti on the inside. I completely replaced the cart tray with a new region free 3D printed piece, polished and cleaned the system, and reinforced the cracked top cart slot flap with epoxy. I did as much internal touching-up as I could, replaced all caps with brand new Console5 Nichicons, installed a new higher amp voltage regulator, installed the Borti RGB bypass and s-video restoration board and the C11 ghosting fix cap.

This is a beautiful system and I did everything I could to give it new life. Includes one OEM controller and some generic hookups.



Asking $200 or Best Offer for SNS-101 w/ Controller and Generic Hookups

More photos here - Imgur Album



Sega Genesis 3 w/ Triple Bypass Mod and OEM Model 3 Controller

This is a VA1 Genesis 3 that's been recapped and modded with a Triple Bypass mod for significantly improved audio and razor sharp RGB. This system only supports RGB video and will not support composite or RF, etc. This is for the system only with one controller.


Asking $130  $120 or Best Offer for RGB Genesis 3 w/ OEM Controller


TurboGrafx-16 Console w/ PCE2TG Controller Adapter and TurboNanza Mod SOLD - Spoilered for posterity, might be a while before I sell another one



TG-16 console in very good condition with some light surface scuffs and PCE2TG controller adapter (lets you use PC Engine controllers on a TurboGrafx system). This system has been fully recapped with a new voltage regulator, jailbar fix, and the TurboNanza video mod for composite, s-video, and RGB all through a Sega Saturn style AV jack!

Includes OEM power supply (not pictured here) and modified Sega Saturn video cable.

Asking $300 or Best Offer for TG-16 w/ PCE2TG Adapter, TurboNanza Mod, OEM Power Supply and Sega Saturn AV Cable

More photos here - Imgur Album


Please DM me with any questions. Thanks!

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