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  1. Congress does not get Secret Service details... Go watch videos of Romney and McConnell being accosted in public. Hell, your boy Rand Paul was tackled by his neighbor.
  2. I've been working on Castlevania III on-and-off since January, and it is now looking plausible that I can't beat it in time. At least not if I want to play other things too
  3. I mean, Mortal Kombat on SNES is a pretty shitty game... Can't speak for the Genesis version. And I can't see indicting an entire magazine over one difference of opinion either. Not everyone will agree on every game.
  4. wut EGM was gold in the late 90s. By far the most reliable reviews.
  5. Dude, did you play every Final Fantasy before you played VI? Just let the early LoH games go. Prioritize the stuff that is worth your time. And to answer your question about not being overwhelmed, just craft a realistic and varied list that prioritizes games that are worth playing. For some people that may mean 5 games (and no RPGs) for 2022. For some it might be 50+ games. My own backlog of JRPGs includes multiple Dragon Quests, Final Fantasys, Megatens, Trails, Personas, Tales, Manas, Bravelys, Suikidens, Etrians, Grandias and on and on. I accept I can only do a few a year, and that some may never happen
  6. I think he's asking what is "universally" considered the worst game. So, what do the masses perceive.
  7. You tell me: https://www.metacritic.com/search/all/Legend of heroes/results
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