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  1. Anyone have any ideas for how you "defeat" the "radical left", as Trump put it? Let's say that's anyone who doesn't approve of Trump, so anywhere between 50-60% of the country. What's the game plan there? Do such an amazing job running the country that you win them over? Hammer blue states through any means possible until they...what, become red? Anyone have any real strategy for the future of this country? Any idea on the direction things need to go? Any way to come together? Any leadership whatsoever? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. Divide growing, growing, growing... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53293542 It's fine. I'm sure he'll commit to healing the country if re-elected. It will be fine. Totally fine...
  3. What a clever schtick. Wonder where he got the idea?
  4. Nailed a pretty long pizza toss putt today. Probably a personal long
  5. Just moved to a new neighborhood which has a course just outside my backdoor
  6. Not sure what's going on in here, but this is how I now picture the lot of you
  7. I played it enough that I got 97 hidden packages, without any outside help. Never could find the last few.
  8. Made my annual trip into Wal Mart, and found these on clearance
  9. Left a row for future cases, temp filled it with Switch games. On to the next one
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