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  1. Replaced some heavy hitters I used to have. The PSP stuff is sealed, unfortunately. I'm gonna feel really bad opening stuff up. Thanks @spacepup
  2. Metroid Prime was also a pack in game. I dunno, I feel like looking at attach rates is just torturing statistics. It was two very different times in gaming with two very different landscapes.
  3. Square was also just learning how to make 3D graphics when they created Final Fantasy VII. Rationalization aside, it's still an ugly ass game.
  4. We bought our house a year ago. There is an equivalent house one block behind us that just sold for $300,000 more than we paid. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/12/opinion/bozeman-montana-housing.html
  5. Metroid Prime since I've only played through it once, and not to 100% completion. Not so sure most people are reading the OP
  6. Eastern Promises got a Best Actor nod, Green Book won Best Picture...
  7. I also thought Axiom was merely a 7/10 sorta deal. Hollow Knight though... that kinda recaptured some of the dark, foreboding, mysterious atmosphere of Super Metroid. At least, I thought it did.
  8. Also, @Sumez you should watch Portlandia for MacLachlin. Though most of it may be lost on non-Americans.
  9. He is definitely mostly known for being Westley. And Sam Neill is another respected thespian who just happened to be in a blockbuster. He's been super active for decades.
  10. ...and Eastern Promises, and History of Violence, and The Road. He's a very established actor. But just not much of a blockbuster guy.
  11. Well, you had three big stars. Harrison Ford, who became a AAA leading man. Carrie Fisher, Postcards from the Edge chronicles pretty good how that train went off the tracks. Mark Hamill - ...? Did the reconstructive surgery ruin his chance to be a leading man? Was he not interested in doing character roles? Did he semi retire? In the years after RotJ he did literally nothing.
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