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  1. My copies of Raw Force and Christmas Evil don't have slips. Must be some sort of reissue they did? I also had some of the early OOP VinSyn stuff, but sold it for profit. Otherwise I would offer it up.
  2. Brain Damage, Frankenhooker, Blood Diner... Very nice
  3. Mostly just because they're action RPGs, which I assume most people don't realize
  4. As someone who collects and revels in 80s movies, I would say TKK has aged much better than most, and a million times better than something like TLS
  5. Here's another positive... Just like after 9/11, we'll take this shit seriously afterwards. Potential pandemic with a much higher mortality rate, or affects children? We'll be on top of it instantly. Did I already post that on here at some point? Maybe.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't give a shit about partisan bickering and conspiracy theories at a time like this. Too busy thinking about every doctor, nurse, and New Yorker I know. Or thinking about what pneumonia or being on a ventilator, or being intubated must feel like.
  7. Not really, but I love the LCG for Lord of the Rings. It's a solitaire/cooperative game where you're trying to beat scenarios.
  8. I'd recommend not checking news sites any later than the afternoon
  9. Nice. Our bed faces a huge Cinque Terre print. We were supposed to go there for our honeymoon, but pregnancy derailed that.
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