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  1. Donald Trump tweets are not a news source Don't worry though. The orange man cannot lie to you anymore.
  2. ...and before I answer, I need to know which choice leads to the best gratuitous sex scenes.
  3. Well that's 45:00 of my life I won't get back. Just kidding. I didn't watch it.
  4. I would agree that a 1990 genre flick starring Arnie definitely hits the sweet spot for this demographic
  5. Grabbed Castlevania, Doom, Doom II, and Okami, for a total of like $11.
  6. Reminder that Matt Barlow (his brother-in-law) is a cop
  7. You're kind of a strange dude I mean that in a good way
  8. Eternal Sonata was on both systems (in the US at least) PS3 had a ton of JRPGs (Ateliers, Tales, Neptunias) but I don't know if any of them are something to write home about. And I guess some Personas 360 also had the Fables
  9. Jeff Rovin needs to stick to his day job... whatever that is.
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