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  1. Short answer yes, long answer maybe. The Ezio trilogy and Black Flag being the highlights.
  2. NO! ...because I have no flippin' idea what the first one was. Castle Wolfenstein? Oh no, now someone will "umm, actually" me
  3. Blame people from British Columbia. They have this "incorrect" tendency to do that. Just one of those facts I've noticed, kinda like how water is wet. Okay, I'm done. We all know this will never go anywhere
  4. No, like @DefaultGen said, no one will ever change their mind or introspect on anything, so you keep on generalizing all these "facts" you see.
  5. Ah nice, generalizing Americans and comparing table arrangements to murder! Well done You know what bothers me about all Canadians? They feel like they can rummage through the bags of milk, kinda like how Hitler felt like he could rummage through Europe.
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