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  1. http://snesrankings.com I'll be using this thread for any posts about the rankings going forward. Questions I've been asked multiple times in the last few days: Q: Are you continuing the reviews? A: Yes Q: Will you be "migrating" all of the reviews you already posted over from NA? A. No Q: What, why not? A: Because I already migrated them to their own domain before VGS entered the equation. One that will be ready very shortly. Q: Are you still gonna post them like you were before? A: I'm unsure at the moment. At the very least we'll get a link to the other site and posts notifying everyone when a new batch is up. Q: I'm new, what the hell are you talking about? A: I ranked all 714 US SNES games, and I've been writing reviews of them (if you want to call them that), 50 at a time, starting at the bottom. Q: How many have you done? A: Just over half of the library Q: When are new reviews ready? A: Every 3-4 months Q: That's gonna take forever A: You're telling me Q: Why don't you just post each one as you finish it? A: Not gonna happen. Old format: New format:
  2. Past and future collide in my newest game soundtrack! Please listen and consider a purchase! Many thanks VGS friends. p.s. Always looking for collaborations! https://apebit.bandcamp.com/album/the-time-shift-paradox
  3. Here is a list of stuff I have for sale, for offer, or trade. Let me know if you are interested or need pictures. I am negotiable on prices so don't be afraid to ask. NES LOOSE - FS/FT/FO Lot of 5 NES games - $30 Airwolf Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing Goal! Meter Gear Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES COMPLETE - FS/FT/FO Arkanoid: Doh It Again CIB - $40 Super Tennis CIB - $30 Wii - FS/FT/FO Complete white Wii system with Wiimote+Nunchuck and all cables. - $70 PLAYSTATION - FS/FT/FO Official Playstation Controller (non analog) - $10 PLAYSTATION 2 - FS/FT/FO Playstation 2 System w/ power+AV cables - $60 Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (Sealed) - $20 XBOX 360 - FS/FT/FO Batman: Arkham City (Sealed) - $20 Duke Nukem Forever (Sealed) - $10 Tomb Raider Legend CIB - $10 MAGAZINE & STRATEGY GUIDES - FS/FT/FO Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide - $10 Nintendo Powers: November/December 1988 March/April 1990 May/June 1990 Volume 27 Volume 46 Volume 51 Volume 44 Volume 75 Volume 106 Volume 108 Volume 111 Volume 112 Volume 113 Volume 116 Volume 117 Volume 118 Volume 119 Volume 120 Volume 121 Volume 122 Volume 123 Volume 124 Volume 125 Volume 126 Volume 127 Volume 128 Volume 129 Volume 158
  4. Anyone have the Piko Interactive version of Jim Powers for NES, SNES, and Genesis? Wondering if they are good. I just looked at gameplay for the first time and it looks awesome! I'm especially interested in the NES and Genesis versions.
  5. Here's a bunch of SNES Products I have.
  6. Hey VGA! Getting rid of my doubles. Everything is priced below VGPC. Can send detailed individual pics upon request. I will be updating with WAY MORE STUFF over the next couple of days so please check back when you get the chance. Thanks for checking my stuff out! Archon $12 Astyanax $6 Batman: Return Of The Joker $70 Battle Of Olympus $12 Battletoads $24 Blaster Master $9 Breakthru $6 Castlequest $8 Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest $12 Clash At Demonhead $20 Commando $5 Contra $32 Crystalis 2x $20 Deadly Towers $6 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde $20 Dr. Mario $5 Dragon Warrior II $50 Dragon Warrior III $105 Duck Tales $18 Fester's Quest $6 Freedom Force $12 Game Genie $15 Godzilla 2 $150 Gradius [5 Screw] $12 Gun.Smoke 2x $15 Gyruss $8 Hogan's Alley [5 Screw] $9 Ice Hockey $2 Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom $10 Journey To Silius 2x $40 Joust $8 Kid Icarus $20 Kings Of The Beach $4 Kung Fu Heroes $4 Legacy of the Wizard $6 Legend of Kage $8 Mega Man 3 $20 Mega Man 6 $50 Metroid $20 Mike Tyson's Punch-out!! $38 Monster Party $18 Ninja Gaiden $15 Operation Wolf $5 Pac-Mania (Tengen) $10 Pirates! $30 Pro Wrestling [5 Screw] $10 R.B.I. Baseball 3 (Tengen) $10 RC Pro-AM $4 Renegade $6 RoadBlasters $6 Super Mario Bros 3 $16 Super Mario Bros 3 (Rough Shape) $10 Super Mario Bros [5 Screw] $18 Swords and Serpents $6 Tecmo Bowl $8 Top Players Tennis $5 Willow $15 007 GoldenEye $25 007 World Is Not Enough $12 Army Men Air Combat $15 Banjo-Kazooie $25 Banjo-Tooie $35 Battletanx $15 Bomberman 64 $20 Castlevania $20 Conker's Bad Fur Day $110 Cruis'n USA $12 Deadly Arts $32 Destruction Derby 64 $20 Diddy Kong Racing $25 Donkey Kong 64 $25 Dr. Mario 64 $32 Elmo's Number Journey $15 Fighting Force 64 $30 Harvest Moon 64 $65 Hybrid Heaven $15 Killer Instinct Gold $32 Mace Dark Age $12 Magical Tetris Challenge $20 Mario Kart 64 $35 Mario Party $30 Mario Party 2 $45 Mario Party 3 $60 Mario Tennis $22 Mega Man 64 $55 Mischief Makers $40 Mortal Kombat 4 $25 Mortal Kombat Trilogy $25 NBA Hang Time $18 NFL Blitz $15 Nightmare Creatures $20 Paper Mario $90 Perfect Dark $18 Pokemon Puzzle League $30 Pokemon Stadium $25 Quest 64 $15 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 $15 Resident Evil 2 $45 Ridge Racer 64 $12 Shadowgate 64 $35 South Park Chef's Luv Shack $20 Star Fox 64 $25 Super Mario 64 $30 Super Smash Bros. $40 Tony Hawk $10 Tony Hawk 2 $15 Wave Race 64 $12 Winback Covert Operations $22 Yoshi's Story $25 Zelda Majora's Mask $65 Zelda Ocarina of Time $35
  7. Game Specific Guides Name Publisher Comments Cover Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder Capcom Ballz 3D Brady Batman Forever Gamepro Beavis & Butthead Brady Blackthorne Prima Brain Lord (World Cover) Infotainment Brain Lord (Guy Cover) Infotainment Breath of Fire Prima Breath of Fire II Prima Bubsy I & II [Brady] Brady Bubsy Bobcat's Totally Unauthorized Answer Book Compute Chrono Trigger Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 1 Brady Donkey Kong Country 1 Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 1 Prima Donkey Kong Country 1 Pocket Size Brady Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy Kong's Quest Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 2 Brady Donkey Kong Country 2 Prima Donkey Kong Country 2 Pocket Guide Brady Donkey Kong Country 3 Brady Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Nintendo Doom Nintendo Double Dragon V Brady Earthbound Nintendo Earthworm Jim 2 Prima Earthworm Jim: Official Game Secrets PSOTG Prima EA Sports Power Play Guide EA Fifa 96 EA Sports / Jamie Poolos Final Fantasy III Infotainment Final Fantasy III Nintendo Final Fantasy III Prima Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Squaresoft Flashback: The Quest for Identity US Gold Inside Madden 94 Brady Inside NHL 94 Brady Inside NBA Showdown Brady Judge Dredd Brady Killer Instinct Nintendo Killer Instinct Brady Killer Instinct: Pocket Codes for SNES Brady Killer Instinct Game Secrets Prima Lagoon Seiko Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Game Secrets Prima Legend of Zelda:LTTP(sword on cover) Prima Legend of Zelda Three, How to Win at GameWiz Lion King Brady Lord of the Rings Prima Lufia and the Fortress of Doom Infotainment Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Brady Mario Mania Nintendo Mario Paint Nintendo Maximum Carnage Prima Mega Man X Prima Mortal Kombat GamePro Mortal Kombat, Action strategies for Publishers Int. Mortal Kombat, Fighter's Kompanion Cyberquest / Brady Mortal Kombat Super Book Brady Mortal Kombat II Arcade secrets Brady Mortal Kombat II Pocket Kodes Brady Mortal Kombat II pt 1 EGM Mortal Kombat II pt 2 EGM Mortal Kombat II Infotainment Mortal Kombat II Official Power play guide Prima Mortal Kombat 3 Fighters Kompanion Brady Mortal Kombat 3 Official Power Play Guide Prima Mortal Kombat 3 Komplete Gamefan Mortal Kombat 3 Sandwich Mortal Kombat 3 Pocket Kodes Brady NBA Hang Time Brady NBA Jam GamePro NBA Jam Official Players Guide Brady NBA Jam Official Pocket Codes Brady NBA Jam TE Prima NBA Jam TE Brady NBA Jam TE Official Pocket Codes Brady NBA Jam TE Power Play Book PSOTG Prima NBA Jam TE Super Book Brady Ogre Battle Prima Pitfall Infotainment Primal Rage Brady Primal Rage Gamepro Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Prima Secret of Evermore Prima Secret of Evermore Brady Secret of Mana Prima Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past Brady Street Fighter Alpha 2 VS Street Fighter II GamePro Street Fighter II Turbo Nintendo Street Fighter II Turbo Gamepro Super Empire Strikes Back SG Prima Super Mario All-Stars Nintendo Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Brady Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Nintendo Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Prima Super Mario World PSOTG Prima Super Mario World Prima Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Nintendo Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Sandwich Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island pocket guide Brady Super Metroid Nintendo Super Metroid Prima Super Return of the Jedi Infotainment Super Star Wars Prima Super Street Fighter II Brady Super Street Fighter II Gamepro Infotainment Tecmo Secret of the Stars Hint Book Book Toy Story Brady Troy Aikman Football Brady Ultimate Mortal Kombat III Fighter's Kompanion Brady Ultimate Mortal Kombat III Pocket Kodes Brady Urban Strike EA Virtual Bart Prima Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom Capcom Multi Game Guides Name Publisher Comments Cover Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets 1 Sandwich Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets 2 Sandwich Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets 3 Sandwich Awesome Super Nintendo Secrets 4 Sandwich Battletoads: Battlebook Prima PSOTG Castlevania Hint Book Book Cheats! The ultimate Guide for Genesis & SNES Gamepro Computes Guide to Super Nes games Compute Computes Guide to Super Nintendo Compute EA Sports Official Power Play Guide EA Fighting Games Secrets 2 Brady Fighting Games Secrets Black Belt Edition Brady Brady Gamemaster Conquering Super Nintendo Games Jeff Rovin Gamemaster Complete Video Game Guide 1995 Jeff Rovin How to Win at Super Nitnendo Games Jeff Rovin Mortal Kombat I II III, Video Games presents a look at Video Game Magazine Nintendo Game Atlas Nintendo Official Super NES Game Guide Nintendo PlayAction Strategies: Super Nintendo Consumer Reports Power Player's Guide Gamepro Secret Codes for Super NES Brady Super NES Nintendo Super NES Game Secrets v1 Prima PSOTG Super NES Game Secrets v2 Prima PSOTG Super NES Game Secrets v3 Prima PSOTG Super NES Game Secrets v4 Prima PSOTG Super NES Games Secrets Greatest Tips Gamepro Super NES Unauthorized Tips Book v1 Prima PSOTG Super NES Unauthorized Tips Book v2 Prima PSOTG Totally Unauthorized Sports Games Playbook Brady Top Secret Passwords Nintendo Urban Strike EA Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Super NES Game Strategies '94 edition Sandler Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Super NES Game Strategies 2nd edition Sandler ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Super NES Game Strategies '95 edition Rich Vidiot Boy's Adventurer's Guide Vidiot Vidiot Boy's Guide to Passwords & Codes Vidiot Vidiot Boy's Guide to Zelda Vidiot Import & Other Guides Name Publisher Comments Cover Donkey Kong Country Mega Play Donkey Kong Country Survival Guide (pamphlet) Street Fighter 2 Street Racer Super Action Play Guide Super Mario All Stars Super Mario All Stars Super Metroid Tricky Tipster's Game Guide WrestleMania Arcade Game (VHS Guide) Coliseum Video WWF Raw (VHS Guide) Coliseum Video
  8. Hi all, This community (and the previous one from the site which shall not be named) has been instrumental in helping me achieve my 20+ year goal of completing a North American SNES cartridge set. I’m now on the cusp of completion, with only 29 games left to go, and I’m hoping to elicit the help of this community once more to help me cross the finish line. I’m in Calgary, Canada, and happy to help figure out shipping logistics for any international friends looking to send this way. I’ll consider loose, CIB and anything in between. Happy to consider all condition levels as well. Here’s what I’m looking for: Breath of Fire II Chester Cheetah’s Wild Wild Quest College Football ‘97: Road to New Orleans (EA College Football) Donkey Kong Country Competition Dragon View Final Fight 3 Firestriker First Samurai Imperium Inspector Gadget International Superstar Soccer Itchy and Scratchy Kawasaki Super Bike Challenge Kirby Superstar Legend of the Mystical Ninja Liberty or Death Metal Morph Micro Machines Operation Thunderbolt Rise of the Phoenix Run Saber SOS Sink or Swim Shein’s Revenge Sid Meier’s Civilization Sim City 2000 Sonic Blastman 2 Spider-Man The Animated Series Spanky’s Quest Spindizzy Worlds Uncharted Waters: New Horizons Would also be interested in any unique boxed SNES sets and items anyone might have, specifically the Killer Instinct and Super Game Boy pack-ins, and Mario Paint in-box (they’ve been a dream of mine to have). Very appreciative of any help this community is able to provide. You’ve all been wonderful to me and my collection over the years, and I can’t thank you all enough.
  9. Hey Sages, You saw round 1, now comin' atcha with round 2!!!! Up for grabs is a CIB Oscar for the SNES! Please note, once again, condition is not perfect, but we aren't asking perfect prices either! I would personally have this in my collection as yes, the box is a little less than stellar, but it still looks crisp and pretty. Pictures are provided and I will be more than happy to take a picture of anything you want, corner, board, label, instruction page 4, you name it and I will do it. @spacepup has graciously provided the game, and is covering all shipping costs, insurance as well for safety for us all, and wants you to donate directly to @Gloves charity link here. **click on here above for the link** You didn't think he was done trying to get you to the goal did you @Gloves? Have you met spacepup? He is a very generous person. To those of you wondering, why don't you list something I can afford. Well hold on to your butts because Spacepup has said that we should do this as much as possible until the end of the year. Even lower priced items will be up for auction in the coming days! Keep on the lookout!!!! Anyway, without further ado, https://imgur.com/a/FiqAvfl I will keep this updated as much as possible so you all know who is in the lead. Also, the processing fees don't have to be covered, but it would be very gracious of you if you cover them. Auction will end at 10:00 pm VGS Time, aka EST, November 30, 2021 Auction will start at $250 USD. Current High Bidder:
  10. I'm looking for the following, along with the max price I would pay: Mega Man 7 Box ($250) or Mega Man 7 CIB ($650) Mega Man X3 Manual ($250) and Mega Man X3 Box ($350) or Mega Man X3 CIB ($1000) EVO Search for Eden Cart ($300) and EVO Search for Eden Box ($200) or EVO Search for Eden CIB ($600) Please let me know if you're interested.
  11. Looking for the following: The SNES Zombies Ate My Neighbors variant CIB. Offering $1,500 for a good condition copy. An NTSC SNES proto/sample of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Offering $2,000. A Ghoul Patrol manual.
  12. I am working on documenting all the different Super Nintendo Era Store Display Banners. What I have is a good start but I am sure I am missing a few. If you know of some that I am missing or have better pictures of these banners please let me know and I will add them. Store Display Banners College Slam Basketball - Vinyl Donkey Kong Country – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country (Donkey Kong Set) – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country (Banana Bucks) - Vinyl Donkey Kong Banner (Huge) Displayed at Toy's R Us Donkey Kong Country 2 – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country 2 / Yoshi’s Island Combo – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country 3 - Vinyl Doom – Vinyl Judge Dredd - Vinyl Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – Nylon Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run - Vinyl Killer Instinct – Vinyl Kirby's Dream Course / Kirby’s Avalanche Combo - Vinyl Mario Mania! - Nylon Maximum Carnage – Vinyl Mortal Kombat - Nylon Mortal Kombat II – Vinyl Mortal Kombat 3 – Vinyl NBA Hang Time (Triangle Shaped) – Vinyl *I do not have a picture of this banner but I have seen it. NBA Jam - Vinyl NBA Jam T.E. – Vinyl NCAA Basketball - Nylon NHLPA – Nylon Primal Rage - Vinyl Sears Super Mario All Stars Bundle Stanley Cup – Nylon StarFox (Competition Weekend) – Nylon StarFox (Competition Weekend) – Nylon (With removable "Competition Here" Ribbon Banner Attached) Stunt Race FX - Nylon Super Mario All-Stars Free Game Offer– Nylon Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars – Vinyl Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars (English / Spanish) - Vinyl Super Metroid - Vinyl Super Nintendo Entertainment System 6 Foot - Nylon Super Punch Out!! - Vinyl Tetris Attack - Vinyl WWF Raw - Vinyl Yoshi’s Island – Vinyl Yoshi’s Island (Very Large, Seen at Toys R Us) - Vinyl *I have never seen this banner but have been told by a few people that it exists. Zelda A Link to the Past – Nylon
  13. Hi all, Over the weekend I picked up this TeeV Golf for the SNES. I didn’t know much about it but saw it was sealed and decided to take a chance on it. Once I got home I tried to do a little research online about it but only found a few YT vids and a current eBay listing for an open boxed copy. I learned that it takes different little cartridge modules for the few golf games it works with but I couldn’t find any other information on those. Any idea why so little information on this is posted online?
  14. I'm interested in getting into collecting Super Nintendo games, but a lot of the titles I want are ungodly expensive, like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and so on. I've noticed the Super Famicom versions are much cheaper, complete versions often cheaper than an American cartridge. Is there a way to apply English translation patches easily without modifying the cartridge while playing on original hardware? I saw that there was the UFO Pro 8 converter adapter and the Hyperkin system, but I'm curious if there is anything else out there.
  15. tl;dr If you are fan of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen then check out the Ogre Battle Army Tool. It's a utility for importing and exporting characters. Last month, I released a project that I've had in the works for a while. The Ogre Battle Army Tool; It's sort of a saved game editor for Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen which works by allowing the full set of player characters to be imported to and exported from the saved games in a spreadsheet-friendly format (CSV). My blog post has more details. I'm feeling kind of down since I know I'm not the only person out there that loves this game but I've found it really difficult to connect with the folks who might actually care about this. I posted it to Twitter but I imagine you know how difficult it can be to get any attention there if you don't already have a really large following. There's the Ogre Battle Sage Wiki which would seem like the ideal community but turns out there isn't any forum community built around it. Another forum I found seems to have been inactive for many years. I occasionally visit Video Game Sage and it seemed like a place where people gather to discuss games in general would make sense. But, this post doesn't really seem to fit any of the major categories on this site either. Since I don't want to abuse any of the other forums I'm dropping it here in the everything-else category but it feels less than ideal. Anyway, if you are a fellow fan then check it; you might find it useful. If you know of better communities I could try then I would appreciate the tips. Cheers!
  16. -NES (Cartridge Only)- M.C. Kids (Excellent) $20 shipped Guerrilla (Good) $12 shipped The Krion Conquest (Very Good) $120 shipped -SNES (Cartridge Only)- Natsume Championship Wrestling (Fair) $40 shipped Donkey Kong Country (Fair) $16 Shipped -PS1 (CIB Unless Noted)- NBA Live 96 Double Case Variant (Case: Good, Disc: Very Good, Manual: Missing) Offer? -PS2 (CIB Unless Noted)- 50 Cent Bulletproof (Case: Fair, Disc: Very Good, Manual: Good) $15 shipped -PS3 (CIB Unless Noted)- Time Crisis: Razing Storm (Case: Good, Disc: Like New, Manual: Like New) $45 shipped Vampire Rain: Altered Species (Disc Only: Excellent) $20 shipped Sports Champions 2 (Case: Very Good, Disc: Like New, Manual: Excellent) $15 shipped Monster Jam: Path of Destruction (Case: Good, Disc: Very Good, Manual: Very Good) $20 shipped -360 (CIB Unless Noted)- Naughty Bear Gold Edition (Case: Good, Disc: Good, Manual: Excellent) $15 shipped -Gamecube (CIB Unless Noted)- Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (Case: Good, Disc: Very Good, Manual: Like New) $15 shipped -Other- Sony EV-C100 Hi-8 Player w/ Cables $350 shipped -Wanted (Only Want Excellent+ Condition Items and Black Label / Non-Player's Choice)- Super Mario RPG (SNES, Cart or CIB) Final Fantasy 3 (SNES, Cart or CIB) Pilotwings (SNES, Cart or CIB) Xevious 3D/G (PS1, CIB) Downhill Domination (PS2, CIB) War of the Monsters (PS2, CIB) Devil May Cry (PS2, CIB) Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2, CIB) Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (PS2, CIB)
  17. Here is my on going list of the different Super Nintendo Era Buttons and Pins. This is some of my personal collection and I have also been collecting images off of eBay and other websites for awhile now, but have lost a bunch I use to have. This is everything that remains. If anyone knows of, or has pictures of anything I'm missing please share them with me and I will add them to the list. Thanks, Brian. Buttons, Pins, and Patches Buttons Bubsy Button Domino's $25 Million Nintendo Instant Win Game Button - SNES Era - Nintendo Power #54 - 2.25" Donkey Kong Country The Beast is Back Button – 2.25” Donkey Kong Country Banana Bucks Button - 3" Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Button Hook 'em Together Button - 3" Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run Button - 3.5" Killer Instinct Flashing Eyes Button – 2.5” Mario Mania! Button – 2.25” Mario Paint Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Mortal Kombat Button - 1" NCAA Basketball – 2.25” New Nintendo Flashing Light Button Samus – Free Double Your Product Repair Warranty Button – 2.25” Star Fox Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Stunt Race FX Button – 2.5” Super Game Boy Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Mario All Stars Free Game Offer Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Mario RPG Button - 3" Super Metroid Button – 2.5” Super NES Super Scope 6 Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Nintendo Entertainment System Lenticular Button - Ask Me About! - 2.25” Super Punch Out!! Button – 3” Tetris Attack Button - 3" Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games Button Toy Story Button Pins Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Pin Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong DK Nintendo Pin Donkey Kong Country Gold Employee Pin Fast Forward Nintendo Gold Pin Fast Forward Nintendo White Pin Fatal Fury 2 Pin Final Fantasy III Pin Flintstones 1994 Ocean Pin Killer Instinct Pin King of Monsters 2 Takara Pin Mario is Missing! Pin Mario Paint Pin Mega Man 7 Pin Mega Man X Pin Mortal Kombat Gold Midway 1992 Pin Nintendo Globe Pin Return of The Jedi Video Game Launch Pin Star Fox Pin Street Fighter II Turbo Gold Pin Street Fighter Ryu Pin Super Bomber Man 2 Pin Super FX Nintendo Pin Super Mario All Stars Gold Pin Super Mario Kart Pin Super Mario World Gold Pin Super Mario World Around the Globe Nintendo Employee Pin Super Mario World Pin Super Nintendo Entertainment System Pin Super Street Fighter II Pin The Best Play Here Nintendo Pin Patches Mario Mania! Nintendo Patch Merchandising Mission 95 Nintendo Patch Nintendo Power World 9 Challenge Patch The World Standard in Video Games Nintendo Patch - 3.5" Contributors: @8-bit_boice
  18. This is an on going list. Always looking for better pictures or other variations of the different Super Nintendo Kiosk. Kiosk Variations NES M80C – Counter Demonstration Display 13” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M80L – Counter Demonstration Display Base NES M81C – Counter Demonstration Display 20” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M81L – Counter Demonstration Display Base M82C - Mobile Demonstration Display 20” Monitor (Super Nintendo Kiosk) Lighted Game Boy / SNES Interactive Demonstration Module Lighted Interactive Demonstration Floor Display (SNES Kiosk) 20” (Almost 300 lbs) Nintendo 3 System Interactive Demonstration Tower Grey Nintendo Lock Box SNES Kiosk - I Had more information on this but it got lost. Proven by old Nintendo Merchandising Catalogs to be a Kiosk.
  19. I've been keeping track of the different Danglers/Shelf Talkers that come up on eBay and a few other sites. There has got to be a bunch of them and I am wondering if the community could help me with pictures of ones missing from my list. Thanks for the help. Here is what I have so far. Nintendo Entertainment System Kirby’s Adventure The Classic Series Roger Clemens MVP Baseball Super Nintendo Entertainment System Battle Clash Donkey Kong Country Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball Mario Paint NCAA Basketball Star Fox Star Fox (IS COMING! BE PREPARED TO COMPETE!) Super Nintendo IS HERE! Vegas Stakes Game Boy Buy Basic Set Kirby’s Pinball Land Super Mario Land 2 NES/SNES/Game Boy Mario Mania Yoshi’s Cookie Nintendo Power Nester – As Featured In Miscellaneous Nintendo Summertime FUN! Contributors: @LaC - Star Fox (IS COMING!, BE PREPARED TO COMPETE!)
  20. I believe this list is close to being complete but I am sure there are a few that are missing. If you spot something missing let me know and I will add it. Console Box Variations Super Nintendo - Launch Console Super NES – Donkey Kong Set Super NES - Donkey Kong Set with Special Offer Inside (Donkey Kong Country Game Guide Included) Need Picture Super NES – Mario Set Super NES – Super Game Boy Set Super NES – Killer Instinct Set Super NES - Killer Instinct Set - Exclusive Offer From Walmart Sticker Super NES Control Deck Super NES Control Deck – Kirby Super Star Super NES Control Deck – Legend of Zelda a Link to The Past (Target Exclusive) Super NES Control Deck – Tetris Attack (TOYS'R'US Exclusive) Super NES Control Deck – Yoshi’s Island Super NES Control Set Super NES Control Set – Big Score Bundle (Stunt Race FX, NCAA Basketball, and NHL Stanley Cup) Super NES Control Set - Competition Set Super NES Control Set – F-Zero (Target) Super NES Control Set – Home Run Bundle Super NES Control Set - Home Run Bundle from K-Mart Super NES Control Set – Killer Instinct Bundle Super NES Control Set – Super Game Boy (Walmart Exclusive) Super NES Control Set – Super Mario World Bundle Super NES Control Set - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Bundle Need Picture Super NES Control Set – Super Metroid Bundle Super NES Control Set - Zelda Bundle (Free!) Super NES Control Set – Zelda Bundle (Special Offer!) Super NES Super Set Super NES Super Set – Mario Paint Super NES Super Set - Star Fox Super NES Super Set - Super Mario All-Stars Free Game Offer (Certificate) Super NES Super Set – Super Mario All-Stars Super NES Super Set - Super Mario All-Stars Bundle from K-Mart Super NES Super Set - Super Mario All-Stars Bundle from Sears Super NES Super Set – Super Mario Kart Bundle Contributors: @Marvin22 @TheBiRD @0xDEAFC0DE @rondy @acidjaguar @Hybrid @DefaultGen @123shadow7 @Renmauzo
  21. Looking for a CIB copy of DKC 3, player’s choice version. Looking for at least very good condition.
  22. Does anyone have any idea where this came from? I purchased this from someone a few years back that had no story for it either. I’m going through my stuff and am looking to sell a lot of my collection off. Any idea what it may be worth? someone from Reddit translated: 浜江スペシャル写真撮り用 R ポーズ - L コマ送り 4F以外で見つけた場合は御一報下さい。 "Hamae Special for shooting photos." "R pause - L frame advance" "Please let us know if you find it on other than the 4th floor. "
  23. I thought I would share the different Super Mario World Cartridge Variants that I know about. If anyone knows of any others or has better pictures of the reverse seal variant please let me know. SNS-MW-USA “Super Mario World” – One line Lock Notch Cartridge SNS-MW-USA-1 “Super” First line “Mario World” Second line Lock Notch Cartridge SNS-MW-USA-1 Reverse Seal Misprint Lock Notch Cartridge SNS-MW-USA-1 Ramp Cartridge SNS-MW-USA-2 Player’s Choice Ramp Cartridge E Rating *Difference between Lock Notch Cartridges and Ramp Cartridges.
  24. Free shipping (USA only) for all items. PayPal only please. Pictures below. GameCube Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time + Master Quest (with case and manual) - $50 Game Boy Player disc (case and manual only) - $20
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