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  1. Fast payer, easy to deal with. Would deal again, thank you
  2. ENTIRE COLLECTION SOLD Hello all. I don't want to bore you but I want you to understand where I'm coming from before I give any detail on the sale. My wife has a 15-year history of bizarre illness and sensitivity which has, on more than one occasion, necessitated us basically spending all our savings and going into debt due to medical bills. She is still not 40 years old but has nearly died more than once. (You wouldn't know that if you met her today.) Thankfully we eventually figured out that pharma / traditional US medicine was not really going to help and found alternatives th
  3. Fast transaction, good buyer, would gladly do business again. Thanks!
  4. Very happy with what I bought from his collection, and with how carefully the items were shipped. A+, would do business again
  5. Try again - for me it took a minute before they loaded (after I had uploaded and saved them).
  6. This lot is SOLD! Hello all! Just getting rid of some duplicates and hoping to find a better home for them. Due to the condition of some of these, I'm pricing quite low. I would like the buyer to take the whole lot and I don't intend to part this out as it isn't large. All games have been cleaned (best I am able) and tested, verified working in my own NES. These came from a couple of different very dirty lots of games and I vigorously cleaned them as well as can be expected, I think. You wouldn't know now how dirty they once were. Labels are all good-to-excellent condition. Edit: S
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