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  1. If we're accepting clears on Easy difficulty -- and I believe we are? -- then Knockout Kings 2000 is done: I beat Career mode as Arschbad (loose German for "ass bath"), the balding heavyweight with the pink hair and green mustache. Once you win the heavyweight title, you get an unexpected fight against Ali. It seems like beating Ali should be the win condition -- you get credits afterward -- but maybe there are other conditions for other weight classes. Dunno what happens if you lose to Ali, as I beat him on my first try.
  2. Well, the thing about beating Rat Attack on Expert is that it makes Normal pretty easy: Beaten with one of the default characters, so this should count. I 1CC'd the game, which isn't hard once you've...well, you know that part already.
  3. What's the trick to landing successfully? I played Last Starfighter a bit but couldn't get the hang of that part.
  4. I actually put something about pressing Select to get to the difficulty in my original draft of my post, but deleted it since I wasn't sure. Glad to see memory serves! I have some scattered notes about Chessmaster vs. New Chessmaster, e.g.: "FWIW the original release of Chessmaster on the Game Boy was super-glitchy -- a recurring problem with the portable editions of the franchise, I guess. The New Chessmaster was better, but neither version had a victory splash screen. " "Chessmaster: The engine is fairly strong, but too deterministic, which means it can easily be led into the same lines (and traps) over and over again. Also, maybe it's just my copy, but the game seems buggy as hell -- I saw multiple crashes, and at least two illegal moves (!) from the CPU." "New Chessmaster: Very similar to the "old" Chessmaster, but without the crash problems, and the algorithm has clearly been tweaked a little. Always playing the Black pieces, I beat every fourth difficulty level, i.e. Levels 1, 5, 9, and 13 (the game's highest). But I wouldn't have pulled off the last victory if the CPU hadn't mysteriously committed suicide, breaking a deadlocked drawn position wide open to my advantage. [...] An actual congratulatory ending screen would be nice; even the NES version has that." I can't imagine you need to beat it on a higher level -- we don't generally require that with Chessmaster games. There's a hint of an issue there since some ports tell you "Congratulations - now try a higher difficulty level!" or the equivalent, but the NES port keeps giving you the same screen even if you beat Infinite difficulty!
  5. There are definitely higher difficulty settings -- 13 of them, according to my notes -- but they're based on thinking time so their nature might not be obvious. I don't remember how to access them, but IIRC the menu is split between two screens, so that might be the issue. Chessmaster puts up a pretty tough fight on anything but the defaults. It's a good thing most "library challenge" players play on defaults, as it'd take quite a lot of practice to beat the highest difficulty. I've done it, but I'm a former tournament chess player (and constant blitz player online), so... Oh, and also, the game likes to crash on higher difficulty levels. When I beat Level 13, it crashed twice (and made an illegal move once!) and I had to reload from a save, or set the position up again, or something like that. I have an animated GIF of the game, actually:
  6. @Gaia GensoukiDoes anything in this thread help? Seems like it's a known issue, or complex of issues: http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-1261.html
  7. It's more of a global thing, where even if you start a new game/new playthrough, the Controller Pak save is apparently used to determine what characters have been unlocked on previous playthroughs. In other words, you'd have to delete all your old save files to avoid it -- or use a different Controller Pak, I suppose -- or simply not use those unlockable characters: I didn't realize, sadly, until it was too late! No worries, though, as I need to beat it for my own list. There aren't multiple saveslots, just the one, so I guess the game must track your playthrough by difficulty, as no level beyond the first was available when I started my game on Expert. By the way, I loathe the game. Having a hard time getting the motivation to keep hurling myself at Level 7; I made it to the boss twice but the janky framerate and camera screwed me even though I knew exactly what to do.
  8. I've been working on Rat Attack, but it's very frustrating as I'm playing on Expert mode. I'm up to Level 7 of 8. Also, I'm not sure that my clear should count, as I've been using characters that I unlocked on my earlier playthrough of the game -- the unlockables persist from playthrough from playthrough even if you start a new game. I started doing so without realizing it, and by the time I did (realize) I'd already made it through several levels. Again, not a big deal if it doesn't count -- I need to clear the game for my list anyway -- but the unlockable characters don't confer a huge advantage, though I can't claim it doesn't make a difference.
  9. Took care of Centre Court Tennis on Normal difficulty: The game doesn't seem to have a proper ending, so I always just win every Cup once and become world #1. (If there is an actual ending, with credits 'n such, I'd love to know about it.)
  10. Blaster Master and Destination Earthstar are two big ones for me.
  11. Well, after all there are very few of those around, and the number of Atari collectors is still pretty sizable, including a few with very deep pockets. I wouldn't say "no one" cares about it, simply because it's the pre-eminent system of its generation and many people really do like that era. Plenty of people between 30-40 have some affection for Atari, and younger folks who like video games tend to know what it is (but not any of its competitors). Few in the US care about the Master System, but that hasn't stopped James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing from reaching four figures. The rarest Intellivision and Vectrex items hit similar numbers, though Bounty Bob 5200 and Tank Command 7800 don't seem to reap as much as I'd expect, given their extreme rarity. Anyway I think Air Raid is an outlier because of the hype and its unique appearance. Most second-tier systems (in terms of collectors' interest) seem to congregate between $1-3k for their rarest items.
  12. Don't forget my Vapor Trail clear! Maybe you overlooked that one because I initially beat it on Easy before editing my post to note that I did the other difficulty levels.
  13. I'm not sure if we're counting Japanese-exclusive games as a "bonus", but I did a 1CC clear of Eliminate Down on Hard with 3 starting lives:
  14. For what it's worth, Ultima III has at least one crucial line of dialogue that doesn't show up in-game because of a bug. Someone did a patch at ROMHacking.net to fix this and other issues.
  15. Vapor Trail has Easy and Hard difficulty only, and I just beat it on Easy: Dunno if it counts -- I assume so -- but in any event I'll probably take on Hard soon anyway. EDIT: I've now beaten the game on Easy/5 credits, Easy/3 credits (the default), and Hard/5 credits, with the same ending in all cases. EDIT #2: And now I've beaten Hard/3 Credits, the game's hardest setting.
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