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  1. Agreed -- could this get moved back to the forum for active projects?
  2. Completed Un Indien dans la Ville: Played on the Super Game Boy 2 (with SNES), hence the colorful border. Not a bad little platformer, though it's one of those "easy-hard" Euro platformers where the game throws a ton of extra lives at you to make up for obscure level design and occasional cheap hits. But, you can look around by holding Select, which is a huge boon and minimizes leaps of faith.
  3. I also took out Monster Truck, a Japan-only release (product code DMG-MTA). Key gameplay tactics: slow down to 40kph when you approach an obstacle, and when an opponent gets in your lane, tuck your nose underneath them to flip them off (so to speak) to parts unknown.
  4. And now I get another basketball-related game with "Victory" on the win screen, as Double Dribble: 5 on 5 is done: Beaten on Level 2 as the Dallas Mustangs, 62-60 over the Boston Frogs, with 5 minute quarters. I've started working on Level 3 for my own benefit. EDIT: Beat Level 3 by a wide margin, something like 83-61. Victory screen is the same. Dunking everything, passing a lot, and stealing as much as possible was the key.
  5. Beat Shaq-Fu: First I beat Normal, losing 1-2 rounds (but no matches) along the way. Then I beat Hard, without losing a single round. But I don't think I've ever played this portable version before today: ergo, the Game Boy release is pathetic. Unlike the Genesis and SNES versions -- which will tear you apart on Expert if you try it -- you really can beat this one with just crouching punches and kicks.
  6. I've started working on Sky Kid again. No promises -- that game makes me hate humanity, Namco, Sunsoft, and aerodynamics -- but I want to beat it.
  7. I've always just won every match -- never tried to press forward after losing one -- and yeah, once you get the rhythm down it's pretty easy since it's basically 16 matches of the same thing (if you play 1-set matches, anyway). The trick is to take the ball early and rush the net a lot of the time, and focus on hitting volley winners, sometimes down the line. There's a position on serve that gives you aces from the deuce court pretty reliably -- tap a little bit right, then hold left -- which helps. I use the B button pretty much exclusively, holding Up+B to get volleys that "die" qu
  8. I got tired of seeing Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour on the list, so I took care of it -- -- and from my player name you can see how I felt about the process (though it only takes about 75-85 minutes, really). Beaten on Advanced difficulty.
  9. It might be informative to remind ourselves of how the unlicensed list went down in 2016, since the stats are still available at GoCollect aka NintendoAge. Here's a breakdown of who did what: Bea Iank 2016 unlicensed points: 166 Single-game carts beaten: 28 Compilation cart games beaten: Action 52 (5 games), Quattro Adventure (1 game) nerdynebraskan 2016 unlicensed points: 102.33 Single-game carts beaten: 21 Compilation cart games beaten: Caltron (2 games) bronzeshield 2016 unlicensed points: 65.92 Single-game carts beaten: 8 Compilation cart games beaten: Acti
  10. Star Voyager won't take you more than 4-6 hours, and Robowarrior can be beaten on your first try with enough patience. Are your playthroughs spoiler-free?
  11. Ooh, I hope not, because I just beat it: You can't really see it, but I won 6-4 6-0 against the CPU (on Level 5 difficulty, Speed 3). Beat this one a couple years ago, so I just had to remember how to play. Aww, thanks. I try!
  12. Very kind of you! We shall see -- Sky Kid keeps taunting me in my dreams (not really) (but it sort of does). But I have that real cart of Laser Invasion and it's supposed to be a good one (never really played it). Sort of. At least for me, knowing what to do was the first 25% of the game, and actually executing was the latter 75%. The big choke points are that one sadistic jump in the last level, and the final boss fight (which is the only difficult boss fight), but the next-to-last level is also quite demanding. It's a miserable experience with a vague whiff of a good game somewh
  13. Ah, let me give you an annotated version: "Time to take care of Star Voyager, as I've been doing for many years now [I've beaten the game for NA/VGS for a bunch of consecutive years], because I am just a marvelous warrior [humorous quote from the ridiculous end-of-game credit crawl, see below for my screenshot from 2018]: Last night I started this on a lark [I was riding a small bird at the time], got excellent RNG as I only had to search 3 planets to get the two super items, but then my emulator crashed [this is a quote from the Bhagavad Gita, also said by J. Robert Oppenheimer
  14. Time to take care of Star Voyager, as I've been doing for many years now, because I am just a marvelous warrior: Last night I started this on a lark, got excellent RNG as I only had to search 3 planets to get the two super items, but then my emulator crashed. Today I had essentially perfect RNG, as the two super items were on the first two 2 planets I checked, but then I only beat the game by the skin of my teeth and had to fight like a cornered rat to make it. I'm guessing the thing that saved my run was (if I'm correct) that your base treats each attack separately, so that the
  15. You've got it! This and Golden Axe use background tiles for most (all?) characters and enemies. The results aren't a feast for the eyes in motion, but since they look quite plausible in screenshots, maybe it was a calculated decision for exactly that reason. I beat a pile of SMS games last year and Altered Beast was one of them. I think it only took a day or two to go from getting my ass handed to me to 1CC'ing the game, so you're probably close!
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