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  1. My first thought would be Postal or something similar (wasn't there a Columbine-based game?) but I've never played it. My second thought might be the 2010 reboot of Splatterhouse. Though I love the originals, the reboot looked pretty sloppy and played about the same. I can't imagine most people expected to see Rick jam his muscular arm up a giant monster's sphincter then rip its guts out through its anus. I mean, that's almost as ugly as playing Genesis Fantasia lol House of the Dead Overkill had a pretty objectionable ending too, though I wouldn't apply that adjective to the rest of the game.
  2. Another vote here for SMB3. I'd certainly be interested to see how the forum would rank the top 100 (or at least 25) NES games. I suspect that if we all voted subjectively, SMB3 wouldn't be #1. Who wants to do the legwork? Not it!
  3. If you keep a list or spreadsheet of your games, I would try to box them up alphabetically. Label your boxes with some kind of code (A1, A2, etc) and keep a separate document on your computer that lists what's in each box. For example, A1 = Abadox - Gyromite A2 = Gyruss - Life Force If you buy boxes that are all identical, you'll soon know how many carts of each type will fit in one box. It will be easier then to account for everything when you unpack. Of course, using the code on the box (A1, A2... or Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2...) is just good practice so movers won't be tempted to open or steal your precious tapes.
  4. Odyssey^2 - I guess my parents thought the keyboard made it more computer-y, and it did teach me the basic qwerty layout. Loved me some K.C. Munchkin. The system was a bit outdated when I got it and it was a year or so later that I finally got the console I wanted (and everyone had), the Atari 2600.
  5. Epic vs Teen Spirit? That's like having to pick a favorite child. I'm a bigger fan of Faith No More but there's just no way I can deny SMTS and it gets my vote. That song changed the world.
  6. Back when Oasis was in heavy rotation (along with other fluff like Alanis Morissette and Hootie & The Blowfish), I remember a radio station playing the first few notes of Champagne Supernova, stopping it, and the DJ joked "hah, you thought were were going to play that again didn't you?" I think everyone was sick of them by then and I'm glad they just kind of went away. Like Hootie.
  7. Rock Band was truly a blast when it was popular and you had 3 other friends playing along with you. Now that the magic has faded, I can't rank it any higher than 6/10 but it sure was fun while it lasted!
  8. Damn this is tough - so many great games! Without trying to rank them, I'll just say that I enjoyed the shit out of all these: Golden Axe Warrior Neutopia I and II - probably my favorite TG games 3D Dot Game Heroes Darksiders Immortals Fenyx Rising - I had read it was like BotW, and I think it might actually be a better game. It certainly fixed some of my frustrations with BotW.
  9. This movie was stupid. It's ok if you like it despite it being stupid - no judgment here - but let's not pretend this movie has any lasting value. Stupidest thing about it? Dennis Hopper's character constantly held his phone across to his other ear because he was missing a thumb. He could, you know, hold it to his other ear.
  10. In middle school, a friend (with ubercool parents) had a Nintendo birthday party sleepover. There were about 8 of us kids, and we each brought our NES, cables, controllers and games. His parents had set up multiple tv's around his living room and to prevent anyone's things from getting mixed up they tagged each kid's stuff with colored dot stickers (each kid had his own color) upon arrival. Damn that was one of the best nights of my life. Haven't thought of it in years.
  11. While it's not usually considered a "bad" game, The Order: 1886 seems to get a lot of grief from my friends who have played it (and critics too). I don't really understand why.. I think it's a solid enough game. One subtle but great feature it instituted: it was the first game (as far as I can tell) to flash your aiming reticle red after getting a kill shot. Before then you were never really sure if that enemy in the distance is actually dead, or just waiting in cover. If you haven't noticed, just about every 1st- and 3rd-person shooter uses that feature now.
  12. It was fun, but wasn't exactly ground-breaking after inFamous 1 and 2 on PS3. I do have fond memories of Second Son from those early PS4 days. Sucker Punch certainly went on to do MUCH better things with Ghost of Tsushima, which is one of the best-looking and highly polished games in the entire PS4 library.
  13. I rated it higher than most of you but completely due to nostalgia. In 1989 I sold my NES and 32 games through a classified ad in the local paper, which I used to buy a Genesis at launch. It was a quantum leap in graphics at the time. Altered Beast is short and easy, but still fun today.
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