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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Vectrex28 Vectrex28 06/12/2020 I asked him to buy some N64 games for me and he went out of his way to help! Great guy! :) OptOut OptOut
spacepup spacepup 06/12/2020 Bought a couple of rarities in Tawian to send to this guy, awesome transactions, would deal again! :) OptOut OptOut
ALTQQ ALTQQ 06/12/2020 Bought some SFC stuff, PAL Samson and Majora's Mask! Made it all the way from Canada, excellent dude! :) OptOut OptOut
fcgamer fcgamer 06/12/2020 Bought and sold a bunch with this dude, excellent guy! :) OptOut OptOut
Jeevan Jeevan 06/12/2020 Bought some N64 games - December 2019 - Great guy! :) OptOut OptOut
Bearcat-Doug Bearcat-Doug 06/11/2020 Fantastic seller and great VGSer. Nicely packaged and quickly shipped. Completed my NES set! DoctorEncore DoctorEncore
DoctorEncore DoctorEncore 06/11/2020 Instant payment, great buyer! Perfect transaction! Bearcat-Doug Bearcat-Doug
Jeevan Jeevan 06/11/2020 Sold Jeevan a silver Gamecube. Paid fast and great buyer! A good dude. Happy to send it his way :) ninjistar ninjistar
Tanooki Tanooki 06/11/2020 Sold Games for $$ Jeevan Jeevan
Mega Tank Mega Tank 06/11/2020 Sold me a sealed gba game for $$. Good seller, and great packaging. Jeevan Jeevan
ninjistar ninjistar 06/11/2020 Sold me one of them silver gamecubes for money!! Very good seller and a good friend :) Jeevan Jeevan
OptOut OptOut 06/11/2020 Sold him some N64 games. Very trustworthy and paid promptly, actually after I shipped because I sent them out before I got payment. Hence the trustworthy part :) Jeevan Jeevan
ap123 ap123 06/11/2020 Very well packaged and sent pictures, plenty of them, before I made a decision. Very pleasant to work with. A+ Seller!!!! Jeevan Jeevan
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