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  1. Yeah sometimes its a mixed bag really. It depends on the system really. If you would be disappointed seeing that as a consumer I would resurface it unless It is like Saturn or sega cd and even gamecube to an extent.
  2. bump still going strong doing discs.
  3. In my opinion it looks like it was resurfaced and at too high of a setting. Wii games with the gold back disc (smash bros, zumba world party, hip hop dance experience, and I think a few others) all get the same types of issues. As always if it doesn't work at all it is worth a shot. Maybe not mailing to me but if someplace local to you has a machine.
  4. I just did about 300 discs this weekend for 3 different folks. Love to do more!
  5. Yes sir I deleted a crap ton of messages 20,000 plus and crashed the site.
  6. Not one cent. Took a lot of time to moderate that site. Thats why I laugh at all these posts here stating we are a bunch of vigilante elitist ban hammer dropping jerks. Certainly was not the case and you can never make everyone happy.
  7. I would be interested in playing. What site are you using for the league?
  8. Bump still offering this service!
  9. @Dain @B.A. @captmorgandrinker I mean I think I bowed out of the mod scene maybe 1 or 2 years before the site went away. I think the majority of us worked our asses off on that site. Especially when BA VGD and I were admins. I do not think that we were that ban happy There was a whole time period that we had to handle things for you in the best interest of the site, when you were not as accessible. Some stuff just hit us out of left field including letting a banned member back to keep an eye on them, or suggesting someone a mod that hit us all out of left field (who was a big basher of the site). Being a mod and dealing with the problems on the site were not a picnic, and overall I think we did a damn good job. Maybe we didn't always get it right, but never was any ill intent at least. Also we dealt with absentee mods that only showed up when something happened but never dealt with any of the day to day issues. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for you Dain and was very disappointed when NA went away like it did without any real closure.
  10. On gamecube you won’t notice the disc comes out pretty minty
  11. For the most part you will not notice that it has been resurfaced.
  12. Sorry for the delay in response did not see the update. I think usually the discs come out really nice, but some of the tricky things are when they are extremely scratched it is hard to tell what it is going to come out like. 99% of the discs comet very nice with maybe a minimal visual scratching. Sometimes they come out pretty mint like. Every disc is different. I suggest sending a small amount of each you describe and let me run them and send them back. I think you will be surprised at the quality you can get. I always caution about over resurfacing because if a game works and you are keeping it for now why sand a layer off it. That is up to the individual
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