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  1. I bet that calculation results are 50% higher than on any other console.
  2. I've got one. Sending a PM
  3. It's looking really good. Great to see this site keep evolving.
  4. Ugh! Waiting to see them all over eBay listed as “rare refurbished variants”
  5. Nintendo has refurbished NES Classics in stock for anyone who missed out when they were released and was principled enough to resist paying scalpers prices. In my experience "refurbished" is often just open box, but there's no guarantee they won't have minor cosmetic damage. Not sure if they ship in original packaging or not. Please chime in with what to expect if you have experience buying refurbished products from Nintendo. https://store.nintendo.com/nes-classic-edition-refurbished.html
  6. Originally, they were only made available over the holiday period each year. Look like that changed in 2017.
  7. Were you able to find a box for your switch? You're welcome to mine if you're still looking. It's from the V1 model with neon red/blue joycons.
  8. Hi, I have a lot of these titles but would need to sort through them. Are you looking for loose or CIB? What's your tolerance for condition? I would be looking for around GVN/ PriceCharting prices. Is that what you're thinking or are you specifically looking for quick bargain prices? Sorry for the inquisition, but I don't want to waste either of our time if you're looking for mint CIB items.
  9. As an older collector (approaching 50) this appeals to my sense of nostalgia. I'm actually quite excited for it even though I haven't been actively adding to my collection for months.
  10. Now I can. At the time I thought it was an absolute travesty.
  11. Sounds good. @fox can you add me to the back ups list, please?
  12. Super entertaining until the Town (aka me) got it's ass handed to it by a double crossing Catwoman. I'll try and catch up when I have a chance.
  13. Sorry I missed this. Been offline for a while but looking forward to the next one.
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