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  1. As an older collector (approaching 50) this appeals to my sense of nostalgia. I'm actually quite excited for it even though I haven't been actively adding to my collection for months.
  2. Now I can. At the time I thought it was an absolute travesty.
  3. Sounds good. @fox can you add me to the back ups list, please?
  4. Super entertaining until the Town (aka me) got it's ass handed to it by a double crossing Catwoman. I'll try and catch up when I have a chance.
  5. Sorry I missed this. Been offline for a while but looking forward to the next one.
  6. @FantomTesla you can subscribe here if you haven't already done so.... https://www.videogamesage.com/subscriptions/
  7. I couldn't resist. $7.99 with GCU and free shipping.
  8. Welcome aboard! What was the strangest item you remember from your time at the game store?
  9. Sucks man, but at least you didn't make the trip only to find some items already sold (which happened to me a few weeks ago).
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