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  1. New video. Didn't include any limited print games on this list.
  2. Just messaged you, I'll be shipping some more discs your way tomorrow or the next day.
  3. Got rid of the list I had and replaced it with excel sheets.
  4. There’s another very inconsistent way to tell — the GH at the end of the disc’s code. You can see it here on my Greatest Hits copy of Spider-Man, but there are so many that don’t follow that rule.
  5. Battleship - 30708 Contra - 90421 John Elway’s Quarterback - 90217 Super C - 00329
  6. Probably the best mail day of my life. All-Star Baseball 2003 will be up for trade.
  7. New video opening up my recent pickups. Good one to play in the background.
  8. Episode 13 of The Unlockable Podcast is live. We're talking about the latest Nintendo Direct and all of the Pokemon News that released this past Friday. The show is available on YouTube and a bunch of podcast platforms. Check it out! https://linktr.ee/TheUnlockablePodcast
  9. I’m beginning to think there are 3 different ways this game was released. I’ve found three separate instances where the box with the full “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” came with a USA-1 cart, which seems bizarre. But if these three instances are not examples of incorrectly married parts, then the three potential releases of this game would be: First print: USA cartridge Box with full “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” Second print: USA-1 cartridge Box with full “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” Third print: USA-1 Cartridge Box wi
  10. I’m told there are multiple outfit variants, too. Yipee.
  11. This was listed a lot cheaper than it should’ve been.
  12. I’ve never used it, but people have recommended VGChartz.com to me to find units sold for a game. Might give that a shot.
  13. Double Dash!! is unbeatable. It’s the most unique in the series and the one I’ve spent the most time with. Two characters per kart was an awesome idea and being able to play cooperatively, even on the story mode, is super cool. As for my mains, I always love using Bowser Jr. and Koopa Paratroopa. Mario Kart 8 would be my next choice. Fantastic entry in the series.
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