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  1. Bump. Thanks to Dr. Morbis, and I updated my list.
  2. I have a JAL-SNS-US-2 registration card. Hopefully you have some of the inserts I’m looking for. Otherwise, I’ll mail it to you free, as I just received it and a bunch of other SNES inserts from another forum member. I’ll send you a PM tonight.
  3. Thanks. I figured that was the case. I’ll likely use eBay listings to make a best guess for each GameCube game I own.
  4. I also buy from Retro Protection. The owner is a great guy and has always quickly answered my zillion inquiries about oddly sized items. He even refunds shipping charges if he finds postage cost him less than the website estimated.
  5. Does anyone know of a list of the insert contents for GameCube games? I’ve been using the great NES, SNES, and N64 lists to go through and make a list of inserts my CIB games are missing, and a similar list for GameCube would sure be convenient.
  6. It’s version 9 in Wata’s guide. Manufactured in 1989-1990. The auction listing is just crappy, insinuating it was manufactured in 1985.
  7. I’m looking to buy these SNES and N64 game inserts and posters to complete games in my collection. SNES Registration Cards: C-SNS-F6-USA SQU-SNS-MO-US U/C-SNS-AEOE-USA KON-SNS-US-1 SNES Advertisements: GP-SNS-USA-2 (x2) PMG-USA SNS-ARWE-USA SNS-RI-USA SNES Posters: KON-SNS-US GP-SNS-USA-1 GP-SNS-USA-2 (x2) P-GP-SNS-USA-4 (x4) U/P-GP-SNS-USA-4 (x2) SNES Info Booklets: SNS-USA-2 SNS-USA/CAN-3 (x2)
  8. I have 2 copies of Legend of Zelda for the NES. Both carts are early prints of the game that are 5-screw with TM on the label. The boards are slightly different for each cart. I’ve attached photos. Can anyone tell me anything about the board that has what seems to be a circled 1 printed on the PCB below where it says Nintendo in the corner? I can’t find any pictures of a similar board online and am wondering if it’s possible to tell which board was made earlier.
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