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  1. Sega Saturns don't have downtime, shame on you Hamburger Helper.
  2. For auction a medium flat rate box containing misc game items and games from different platforms. Starting bid is at $100 and Buy It Now! is at $150, both prices have shipping included as long as it's within NA (Excluding Canada). Expect just a bit of filler but I will try my best to balance by putting the more high quality games in there. BIN price is valid even if there are bids in place, mystery box can be bought at any time withing auction time. Questions? Feel free to post here or DM me, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
  3. Tokimeki Memorial Puzzle-Dama, Pinball Graffiti, Magical Drop III (Ultra 2000 Series) and Melty Blood (Demo+) Disc are sealed.
  4. Awesome stuff ya got there. My Super Famicom is neglected and yellowed
  5. Nice imports, those look mighty familiar... Battle Sabers is a neat game and Soukyu Gurentai as well.
  6. Auctioning off a medium sized flat rate box with an assortment of games from different platforms. It includes limited editions, soundtracks and a couple of rare items as well. The starting auction price will be $125 and the "Buy it now" is priced at $170. Both prices have shipping included to NA (Minus Canada), conditions on the items included will vary. Auction Ends Sept 9th at 10PM NA Time. Any questions or doubts please DM me.
  7. Very nice selection of Saturn games there, I'm still missing Cotton 2.
  8. @DeadeyeMany thanks for the charm.
  9. I have more Saturn games stacked behind the big boxes but I think this should suffice.
  10. I should get pics going to get the 100 imports charm. BRB
  11. Still see you rockin the imports, naisu.
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