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FS/FT/FO CIB Pokemon FireRed GBA Like New, Super Mario Bros Deluxe GBC, Resident Evil 2 N64 and Lots of Game Manuals/Inserts (NES,SNES,N64,Gameboy,& More)


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Hi everybody.


I have some complete in box games and a lot of manuals/inserts for sale. For the manuals and inserts I’m taking just offers/trades, games are for sale and have prices listed. All game prices include shipping and tracking. I’m willing to do trades as well and have provided a trade list under the game prices. Will consider shipping discounts if multiple items are purchased.


Will ship anywhere in the United States from Chalfont, Pa, 18914. International is possible too, but will need to talk about additional shipping costs.


I was on Nintendoage for the last year but only had about 8 feedback, all of them were from buying unfortunately I missed my chance to sell on the site. I usually use eBay and I’ll leave my store link below too if anybody is interested in the other stuff I sell. I post lots of games and toys there too and have at least 3350+ positive feedback right now.




Thank you for looking and have a great day.


For Sale:


Pokemon FireRed GBA - $850 Okay this one has a back story. Got this game at an estate clean out with a bunch of other pokemon stuff years ago and used this copy as a display until now. This game has a dented box on the back but to my knowledge the game and adapter has never been used. The game had some sealing left when I got it but it eventual peeled off. I've never tested the game or adaptor but always assumed it would work still since it was partically new when I bought it with the other simliar items at the clean out. It's not new/sealed now but everything inside is near mint or mint.


If you need to see more pictures before buying including testing the game and adaptor I'll do that before shipping. I'll consider offers and will answer/help with any questions.


Super Mario Bros. Deluxe GBC - $75 ( Game and inserts have barely been used, box has some scratches on the side, but overall in great condition)


Resident Evil 2 N64 - $160 ( Used and slight damage to box and manual, but overall in good condition)


Manuals and Inserts for NES,SNES,N64,Gamcube,GB,GBC, GBA, Virtual Boy, and Genesis

All manuals and inserts are For Offer/For Trade. They are all used but some are in far better condition then others including some in near mint condition and some with noticeable damage. If anybody needs photos message me and I'll send them asap.

Each of them will differ in price due to condition and rarity, and I'll accept offers if you buy multiple items.


The following manuals/inserts have sold:

Jordan Bird NES manual

Super Smah Bros 64 Manual

Final Fantasy Legends 2 Map

Sword of Vermillion Manual/Hint Book



Trade List (I’m looking for):


NES (All cart only)

Adventures of Lolo 3

Arkista's Ring

Bubble Bobble Part 2

Cowboy Kid


Dragon Fighter

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Gun Nac

Isolated Warrior

Krazy Kreatures

Robin Hood

Super Spy Hunter


SNES (All cart only)

King of Dragons

Metal Warriors

Pocky and Rocky 2

SOS (Not think or swim)


bomer man: Second Attack


N64 (Cart Only)

Bomberman 64

Bomerman: Second Attack

Rocket Robot on Wheels

Tom & Jerry Fists of Furry


N64 (CIB)

Paper Mario


Gamecube (CIB)


Viewtful Joe Hot Rumble



Wii (CIB)

Ivy the Kiwi?

Pikmin 2 Motion Controls 




Retro Game Challenge 1 

Retro Game Challenge 2 


Sega Genesis (Cart only unless listed)

Alisia Dragoon

Shinobi 3

Splatterhouse 3 (CIB or with Box)

Strider Returns


Sega CD (CIB)

Mansion of Hidden Souls


Sega Saturn (CIB)

Guardian Heroes


Dreamcast (CIB)


Gunbird 2

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Also looking for the Playstation Version)

Rayman 2

Sonic Adventure 2

Stupid Invaders


Playstation 1 (CIB)

LSD Dream Sim

Devil Dice

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Also looking for Dreamcast Version)

Jumping Flash 2

Klonoa Door to Phantomile

Power Shovel

Strider 2

Tomb Raider Last Revelation

Tron Bonne


Playstation 2

Ape Escape 3 (CIB)

Gitroo Man (CIB)

Mister Mosquito (CIB)

Parappa the Rappa 2 (CIB)



Sega JVC eye Official Power Adapter






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Games and Manuals Sold. Added new items.
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Hi, everybody Major Bump! Sorry it took so long.


First off, I'll like to thank everybody who contacted me. You have all been super nice especially when we are still in a confusing time right now.

Some things have sold including the two zelda cibs I had up. I updated the listing with two other games now, Pokemon Fire Red and Super Mario Bros Deluxe.

Some manuals have sold too and I started a list to reflect that. So far its only been a few so as of right now mostly everything is still up for sale.

Still unloading stuff on my ebay store too if anybody's interested in more vintage games and toys.

I will consider offers on everything listed above and if anybody's looking for anything else message me anytime.

Have a great day everybody and stay safe!!

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3 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Hey how are you on pricing/trading on those Gameboy, perhaps some NES/SNES/N64 manuals?  I try and get in groups, individual stings too much.

Hey man.

I’m very open on grouping and combine shipping. Just depends on the right price and where it’s shipping to. If you got a list pm me it and I can send you pics.

Thanks for asking.

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