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  1. Not sure, but if they don’t “like my beautiful 32x!” And you want to get it graded through VGA. They look for signs of taking it out of the box and won’t grade it even at qualified. So each time a non sealed system gets opened you run the risk of it never being able to be graded but if you dont care about grading it then whatever i guess. Also, some say that you cannot call a system new in the box once you start taking pieces out and especially if you “turn it on to test it”. It’s considered CIB at that point to a lot of people like in this posting I personally (just my opinion only
  2. Man... its a bummer you opened that brand new snes:(
  3. Bump, just added my PS vita along with some games for it, a memory card for it, and a case to hold its goodness
  4. @DoctorEncoremight be up your ally bud!
  5. Hey everyone! Looking for this particular title. Wanting to avoid the ebay if possible. Any collector have an extra one on hand? Thanks again,
  6. @Glovesthis one too please:)?
  7. @Glovesi bug you the mos. truly sorry. Would you mind deleting this thread. Ive got a few more ill ask to clean up as well. Thanks again!
  8. Bump, cleaned up some on this thread. Consolidated my other threads that ill ask to have closed
  9. While im not sure if you are an admin or not (not sure how to tell) i do appreciate the heads up. I reread the policies and sure enough i am going against them:(! I’ll consolidate but i may need help deleting some threads by policy you are only allowed one selling and one buying thread. Now I didn’t see anything about FO or OBO but i might have missed that. I do see that if im truly selling (FS) i need to put a price. ill be correcting these
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