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  1. This is insane. Its the exact same game from the cart perspective (even the back says made in UK on both versions). They both play on the us game gear just fine. The only difference is the stinking label at this point i did some more digging myself. Question for @Gloveswhen i finish my game gear collection will it be ok to have this pal version? Ultimately it may bother me enough to buy the other anyhow. Just very annoying that they are pretty much the same game just a diff Label
  2. So i got a copy of pete sampras cart and are there two versions out there? According to pricewatching its just the one but i see two different labels out in the wild. The one i have is missing the purple game gear part on the side of the label. If there are two versions are they worth the same? As i said when i check PW for a pal version i only see a price for ntsc thoughts?
  3. Thanks guys! i was coming back here to ask about the other variants (like Grey vs Gold on the Zelda games and player choice games) I think i have my answer. Just one of each game is considered good! Which makes sense to me.
  4. Bump. Added fantastic dizzy. Forgot that from earlier
  5. This is very helpful. So essentially if its a retail game i can count on that making up my US list. That's easier to go from. Thanks again!
  6. Forgive me guys if my searching skills are poor, but I couldn't find this anywhere. I know that i can see a full list on pricecharting.com but that includes the N64 Test carts and items like that. What is truly considered the full US N64 list here. For example is Pokeman Snap [not for resale] considered part of the US list or not? So, when i get my collection together will @Glovessay "hmmm you are missing Pokeman snap [not for resal] varient" Thanks again everyone, I'm a long ways off before this is even done; but would be nice to have an official list if one exists!
  7. Everyone @benjam138has decided to join us! Both @DoctorEncoreand i can testify that working with Ben has been fantastic! He helped us tremendously find our harder to find items. I look forward to other items he has to sell when he gets them ready!
  8. Hello everyone! So getting ready to start my searching for game gear games to complete this collection. Im about 20% there so i need quite a few more. Id throw up a list but it would be rather long. So id see what you guys might have. Here are some of the top hitters im still looking for 1) pete sampras 2) CJ Elephant 3) Tails 4) fantastic dizzy thanks again!
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