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  1. i was cleaning out a backup drive and found this. i made this nearly 10 years ago and forgot i had it. if you can cross your eyes you can see the 3d part. (theres guilde on youtube if you dont know how) its was just me screwing around when i learned how to cross my eyes and focus on stereoscopic images. i know its a basic title screen back then i wasnt all that great with photoshop lol.
  2. bump. anyone? theres still quite a few games in this list
  3. i have no regrets either. and you are very welcome. you got your money and more and i got the sign and test station. im happy you should be too. its done lets move on.
  4. i just thanked him and just thought id let him know how it was handled (being recapped) and that it when to a new loving home. as you can see above. i wasn't bragging. all though i wanted to and could have. but i just wanted to end it on a good note despite what happened. Apparently he cant handle a thank you either.
  5. and just a quick update. i did get my money back in full from that crappy seller. im not sure what they were thinking. the only thing i can figure out is they needed a quick buck and when the money was sent the probably closed their bank account and walked with it cause later another bad feedback came in for some one that bought flintstones surprise on dinosaur peak for 800. their feedback left was the same issue as mine. you can read the feedback here if you want. https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/fordtr_56?filter=feedback_page:All&_trksid=p2545226.m2531.l4585
  6. yeah well panic is nothing compared to the cheetah men 2 i got recently lol. not as bad as little samson but still 2k its a lot to spend.
  7. Spelling and writing was my weakest subject in school. i just make sure its readable when posting on the internet. (for the most part)
  8. i agree not shovel ware, which is nice because a lot of them are.
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