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  1. ive been wanting one of these for years. i have a few grey test carts for the nes. so i got me a yellow one i now have a grey and yellow variant of this test cart so i will likely sell off my other one. fun fact. the yellow test carts use anti static plastic.
  2. this item is on hold. i have a potential buyer if you are interested please pm me if the sell falls though then who ever pm's me first with get a chance to purchase. Fully refurbished and IRQ modded on all 12 slots so all mmc3 mapper based games will work (super mario 3 mega man 2 and up etc) with new high quality power supply. region free. RBG Leds too with controller! and capacitor hot fix for slot 9 through 12 to fix graphical issues (not all m82s have this fix) please note: if you notice any screws missing that cause i had just gotten it back together when i took the
  3. i thought i clicked on some russian variant of the site but the i realized its upside down lol. i turn my monitor upside down to write this topic lol.
  4. lol alright well whatever flouts your boat actually if you get enough you could probably make a boat out of them lol. good luck!
  5. Dang why do you want them? i have like 5 copies however i have 11 nes console so i have to have these to pair with my consoles.
  6. btw i further check the tv the volume down button wasnt working even after using contact cleaner on it so i ordered a new button and replaced it and its working like new again :P a new triple shielded coaxel cable is included thats the right size for the unit and i clean the tv of the 30 years of dust and oiled the pots on the back. just thought id let any one thats possibly interested in this interested know.
  7. seriously the way this sounds doesn't sound like it belongs in the 70s at all lol. this is something id expect from today tbh. if you dont like slow start ups go to the 5 minute mark.
  8. thank you i hope so too. it was alot of work and sweating bullet in hope i dont break it lol.
  9. tell me about it. if this tv had a model number id track down another one with out burn in. strangely enough there is no model number on this tv
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