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  1. pretty self explanatory preferably with inserts but can do with out the outer and inner box must be in nice shape. pm me if you got em :P
  2. weird arse video i found made in 2002 in japan.
  3. i'll check it out but for now topaz video ai has yielded amazing results imo. most the upscaling is finished ive only got a few other to do and its done.
  4. thank you thats the first version. i did a second version using a different program that turn out even better. but that was using the dvd source. i have the digi beta master tape for that film so once i have it ripped the third version will probably look as good as if it were natively in HD due to no video compression.
  5. yeah here the video i sent john. and heres the cel art i was sent with a signature this is from his dirty birdy short. as for info on the blu ray i can show you a prototype blu ray menu consept that i came up with but its not final. the new menu is going to be multi layer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afp9waO5y7E
  6. id post this in the show off section but its not video game related. anyways. i got a master tape for one of the courage the cowardly dog episodes. and not just any episode. one of the best episodes of season 2! oh btw its not a vhs its a beta max SP tape which is much better than vhs lol. that was the industry standard then. i think this was the last epsiode put to SPbefore it was switch to digi beta. digi beta is equiflant to dvd resolution but the file size is 10X larger and much higher in quality. im sure you are wondering how the heck i got this and is it even legit? yes its 100% real i didnt get it off ebay. i got this directly from John r dillworth. and you are probably wondering why he sent me this tape. well for that i will have to talk about parallel universes... im just kidding lol. ok it started back a few years ago. i was teasing john on youtube that if you dont remaster your short film i will. out of curiosity i was wonder what his film would look like remastered. so i bought his dvd off his site to get a higher quality rip and ran it through videox2 then i did some further tweaks in premier pro and posted it to youtube. then sent the link to john. he was very impressed and thanked me for the remastering gift. a few days later i get an email from john saying i liked your remaster so much i want to offer you to remaster my entire film collection (around 16 films from 1985 to 2007) so i said sure! its been a big learning curve on how to get old analogue video to look good in HD especially finding a way to de interlace with out losing video information! this is all going to be authored to a blu ray. a challenge in its self since there not alot of options out there that isnt dated. john paid me with some of his original cel art he had which to my knowledge has never been released to the public before me. so how i got the tapes he didn't have a tape desk to rip these and asked if i wanted to do the job. i said sure so i got a raw of two of his short films life in transition and garlic boy on digi beta and beta sp. i had also requested the tower of dr zalost since the dvd release is horrid quality and improperly de interlaced. mainly for personal reasons. i plan to remaster the courage epsiode to HD in raw quality so it will look better than any crappy dvd or digital released version. so technically its barrowed but still i never thought id get to hold a master tape for a cartoon show i grew up with anyways the blu ray project is all done on my spare time and is nearly complete its going to be epic and done with a labor of love because i just love animation. and john dillworth is top natch in his profession! im hoping once this is complete that maybe i can get the attention of CN to get them to let me do a remaster for ed edd n eddy on blu ray most likely not but i can dream cant i? XD
  7. i had two of them but sold one i just recapped mine and the other one too also here a small update to the icon. so the TV doesnt look flat looking. chose which ever one you prefer to use though
  8. oh i just noticed the smb3 mcdonalds toy display nice! i saw none of those on ebay bid 400 dollars just recently
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