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  1. Tell them to that you are available if they have any concerns/issues/feedback and you greatly appreciate word of mouth referrals. perhaps even offer a small discount, if its in the budget.
  2. You think vga is more trustworthy? How so? Aside from all the recent stuff
  3. Correct Im calling it, nose candy is the new hot ticket. Buy as much as you can, kids!
  4. You don’t think the way they originally intended it to be hung isn’t secure enough? That doesn’t make much sense to me. It sounds like it hangs just like almost any other thing that is designed to be hung on a wall. Most standard picture brackets can handle pretty heavy picture frames, that doesn’t look like it’s that heavy and a shadowbox sounds like it would be a huge pain in the ass. What is the distance between the slots mold in to the back, and is the wall you’re hanging it on sheet rock, lathe and plaster, wood or cement?
  5. Tucker is a racist, gutless bitch with an Oedipus complex.
  6. I would think most signs have something built-in to allow them to be hung but I may be wrong
  7. What come and say ”I didnt do it” or “please be patient, the truth will come out” people are allowed to defend themselves to some extent lol
  8. Since Deniz and Ken were longtime, well known NA members, they must know what happened to NA and also know that we ended up here. Curious if they feel any sort of feeling inside their gut that they “should” come and at least tell their own side or something. Definitely dont owe us anything. I understand that when a lot of money is on the line, keeping quiet is better however. Especially being so “community and hobby focused” I would feel it would be in my best interest. Then again, I never would probably be in this situation because having shitloads of money isnt a main driver in my life. But I also believe that if you are honest you really have nothing to hide.
  9. Will internet apologists stand up in federal court?
  10. Can someone just give me like 100 K for my two shitty slabbed games Before this whole house of cards collapses? K thanks
  11. I hope pimp wars was as rad as it sounds. Fur, feathers and jeweled canes everywhere
  12. Move to California everybody! According to fox news, its a mass exodus because of terrible liberal cancel culture, yet there are no houses for sale anywhere and the ones that do sell go for 300k over asking of a 1.2 mil 1200 sq ft tear down. But seriously, everybody (most?) here takes masks and vaccines serious. I am so grateful for that. San mateo county (where i live) is 83% and santa clara county (silicon valley where i work)is 85% vaccinated We would love to have you so you escape the covid hell that is a southern state right now
  13. Cant do electrical work from home. Been “back” since july 2020. I wouldnt want to work from home. Maybe for a few weeks a year. My wife does, and she doesnt care for it all that much.
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