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  1. Ive only played the chinese one. Shout out to the testing team for Baleful sonata @spacepup @JamesRobot Anyone else who made the voyage.
  2. I applaud the attempt at FF7 for the NES but I didnt care for the port (hack?)
  3. Some Repros/Hacks/homebrews I will be listing for sale here and eBay some time in the future. Shoot an offer if you are interested.
  4. Wanted To show some quick love for this Famicom Box game (Golf) that came in the famicom box and famicom station. Original, Black plastic,5-Screw case Wonder if it has an adapter. I will have to pop it open soon. Its surprising how high quality the cart plastic feels compared to modern reproduction cartridges, even normal 3-screws carts. Has a noticeable weight to it too.
  5. Thanks! I am still missing a few. And I am sure I will be after that set at some point. One day when I need something to do I will make a shopping list for the specific PAL-A, and PAL-B carts I still need.
  6. So I Stopped actually buying games (or even thinking about collecting- still played) for a year or so, and focused on other stuff. I actually finished my full NTSC-us set minus SE before I had stopped, too. I Trimmed down a lot of non-cart based stuff to focus my collection. hope @Reed Rothchildand @docile tapeworm enjoy some of those games. (And anyone else who I sold to, thanks) For the near future I am going to Get back into 3-screw/5screw, Revision and label art variants, and after that I will tackle unlicensed. Went on a bit of a spree after my PP account got stacked
  7. I bought a case of jack nicklaus for 40$ once
  8. Wata Cases are designed to be easy to open, to show that they’ve been tampered with. That is part of the design VGA Cases can be easily opened and resealed without anyone but the most discerning Eye will be able to tell. I did it myself and even showed people the results, but I took the post down because of the outrage. VGA case internals can be 100% tampered with.
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