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  1. Added a few Nintendo pins. Still have the sealed PS1 games.
  2. Any chance any of these have picked up steam in the last 8 months? Lol
  3. I think I threw this away a few years ago.. thought you might like the pic for nostalgia purposes. I found the box with a handful of plushes in a Goodwill maybe 10 years ago. They wanted $1.99/plush and let me have the box when I bought all they had. It might still be at my parents' house, but I'm pretty sure it was dumped when I moved out in 2014.
  4. You mean to tell me that people don't want a sealed copy of Time Commando, a game one critic described as "repetitive, [...] twitchy, and [...] never quite takes off"?
  5. Anyone interested? Willing to listen to offers.
  6. Click on any pic to see larger version on Flickr. Some prices may not be firm, don't be afraid to throw out a fair offer. Bundle deals = better price! I am sorry but I do not ship internationally. Shipping is free in the United States and the games will be well protected. I have plenty of feedback on NA (deku) and eBay and can send you links and then respond to confirmation messages on those platforms to put your mind at ease. Will give slight discounts if you buy more than 1 so I don't have to ship in separate packages. Nintendo ONE YEAR Employee Pin + Mario Pin (somewhat rare - I
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