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  1. My absolute favorite youtube channel. Hands down! I started watching when Happy Console Gamer gave him a shout out last year. My first video was when he did a rant about why the Turbo Mini sucks and he was sitting at 16000 subscribers for MONTHS!
  2. Thank you Mailbag! Was able to cross off quite a few of my low key boxes and now I'm on a great start to the new year. 10 boxes down! C 110 I 153 B 193
  3. Might be interested. Here's my stuff for trade. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1szGBXnOCoM52nRupC9FjCS_XRacimlSZCwiZgRzcsvA/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. I want that set to go with my Nintendo Power Notebook!
  5. Are you serious? I have thousands of sports cards I thought were worthless...
  6. Bump for a sweet sweet cib shipping to me soon. C 116 I 158 B 205
  7. I'm needing around 110 nes carts, 160 manuals, 200 boxes. I don't anticipate getting them all this year, but if I can get the more common stuff and cut those numbers in half, that will be a lofty but achievable goal.
  8. Got a few carts manuals and boxes. Making some progress in the new year. C 117 I 160 B 209
  9. Okay. It might be a little bit. I kind of buried them back there...
  10. I think the wii consoles all turn on but most have been hacked to play roms. I have a couple of Pokemon Gold, 3 Crystal and 1 Diamond, and a red without the label. And an import pokemon. Silver I think. And a few bootleg pokemon. The Gold and crystal have dry batteries I think. And I don't know how to solder. Diamond shows an icon picture on DS home screen, so it recognizes it. But when it boots, it says something like "An error occurred loading this cart." Or something like that. I also have like a dozen original xboxes. I need them gone asap.
  11. I have quite a few broken consoles/non working games and was wondering if there was any source looking for them. I have 2 gamecubes, 4 ps2 phats, 3 ps2 slims, 5 wiis, a dsi, dsi xl, 3 nes phat, 2 super nintendo, and a bunch of pokemon games needing batteries. Anyone know of a store/vgs member giving cash or credit?
  12. Don't even have to think twice. Contra NES. Probably finished it AT LEAST a hundred times.
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