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  1. Pmed you. Also, just got a Bump n Jump box on a road trip! C 8 I 97 B 104
  2. Oh yeah! Best in the series! My favorite case is probably the last one on the second one, though.
  3. Rudybegga


    My local store, Videogame Headquarters usually gets in AES every so often. I'll let you know when they get anything in.
  4. Rudybegga


    Oh. The only extra AES I have is the Japanese copy of Fire Pro. I got 3 count Bout, so I think I just want to collect American releases.
  5. Rudybegga


    Interested in Baseball Stars and Top Players Golf. What do you want in trade?
  6. Thank you Acid Jaguar!!! Though we're still working on the trade, you got me 17 out of the 25 I still need, and I now only have 8 licensed NES carts left! Real Happy right now! Going to try to hook you up REAL good!
  7. Hybrid knocking out the rent today! a3quit4s eating ramen today!
  8. Got lots of Atari for trade. I'll have to figure out what I have, they're in my storage locker. Usually do trade.
  9. Found a Firehouse Rescue locally! 25 carts left!!!
  10. No. I thought you were tagging someone that might be interested in them. Nice carts! Do you know if any have extra content? Armageddon Potato might be interested?
  11. I wanted several box only. Heres a list: adventures of rad gravity American gladiators Batman returns Battletoads double dragon Blues brothers Casino kid 2
  12. Which would you be interested in?
  13. If anyone is interested, Sean put two new game soundtracks and a solo artist recording on his store. EVO and Waterworld. 2 good ones!
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