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  1. Got 3 boxes that helped me delete 3 names off the list. So satisfying! C 97 I 153 B 190
  2. Picked up a series of great carts! Hopefully more to come... C 97 I 153 B 193
  3. I have a bunch of wants above and beyond my NES goals. What do you have? Really more into trading.
  4. Picked up a Journey to Silius cart!!! C 107 I 153 B 193
  5. 2 more carts. One super uncommon, 1 pretty common. Feeling great about this! C 108 I 153 B 193
  6. If you go with the flea market CIB and its legit, I'll want to work out something for the IB...
  7. My absolute favorite youtube channel. Hands down! I started watching when Happy Console Gamer gave him a shout out last year. My first video was when he did a rant about why the Turbo Mini sucks and he was sitting at 16000 subscribers for MONTHS!
  8. Thank you Mailbag! Was able to cross off quite a few of my low key boxes and now I'm on a great start to the new year. 10 boxes down! C 110 I 153 B 193
  9. Might be interested. Here's my stuff for trade. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1szGBXnOCoM52nRupC9FjCS_XRacimlSZCwiZgRzcsvA/edit?usp=drivesdk
  10. I want that set to go with my Nintendo Power Notebook!
  11. Are you serious? I have thousands of sports cards I thought were worthless...
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