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  1. About a dozen pieces taken away from the list. Thank you all so much for your help.
  2. Hopefully these pending trades can help with boxes and manuals. Little by little...
  3. Bump. Will add consoles I have for trade soon. I've got a few dozen.
  4. Bump! Almost got my whomp em complete! Working out another trade to get some items. This momentum is exciting me. Slow but steady!
  5. Added a bunch more! Sorry I haven't gotten back to everyone. Busy working and getting some fruitful local trades in...
  6. A little more momentum here. I'm liking it!
  7. Found some great carts and boxes. Thank you! Let's keep this momentum going!
  8. Rudybegga


    Hurry up and find that scorecard! You are racking up a legendary amount of tradebait!!!
  9. Thank you! Hope it looks better. Some pending trade info and whatnot that I forgot to delete. Bump for a few new things...
  10. I've got quite the mountain to climb ahead of me so I need your help! I'm going for, at the very least, a cart, manual, box collection of the North American licensed NES releases minus Stadium Events. Thankfully, I've got most of the games needed! But I need quite a few still, ranging from common to rare. I would prefer to trade for these but I would consider offering cash. Condition doesn't necessarily have to be good. Just show me what you've got! C is cart, I is manual, B is box. Inserts not necessary. If you have any piece needed, let me know. Here's what I still need: 8 ey
  11. Its buried under my vinyl records in my tmnt chest. Maybe in the next few days.
  12. I think the first thing that comes to mind is an ebay lot I bought. I haven't bought many ebay lots. I mostly go to flea markets and thrift stores and garage sales to find excellent deals, but I just wanted a Vectrex real bad. The price ended up being around 420 bucks (easy number to remember) and it came with the system and 16 CIB games if I remember correctly.
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