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  1. Finally had my first good pickup at a local thrift shop so I finally have something exciting enough to start my thread A month or so ago though I did snag a great deal on an N64 bundle for 670 shipped. Funtastic green console (with exp cover) and 3 controllers in great shape, as well as over 70 games. Added a ton to my collection and selling/trading rhe dupes or low condition ones got me a huge boost in my collection at a low cost. PC value of what I kept plus gross sales came out well over double what I spent! Yesterday's local thrift pickup got me 7 ps3 games and a Wii gam
  2. While not my favorite Mario game, my wife ended up really enjoying playing it together and so I'm finally getting through this game. She generally doesn't like platformers but the simultaneous gameplay and different powerups make it a lot of fun for her. She does play games regularly (mostly on XBOX) so this was the first Nintendo console game I managed to get her excited about so its always going to be a winner for me
  3. GharetSaiDe


  4. Thanks a ton! I knew I was asking the right group I got burned on an Earthbound reproduction so I think I'm extra sensitive to anything that looks different than normal
  5. Thank you I thought it would look nice flanked by loose carts, and it just so happened that 2 columns from each shelving unit was enough for a full NES NTSC licensed set so it would look at lot more even than having 1.5 shelves filled with carts and all the boxes at the end. Luckily (I guess?) I don't have a lot of boxes yet in order to run out of space Thanks! It's going to be hard to keep it clean going forward though because now I have too many things that don't fit in here so I either need to expand to the closet in this room or start cramming stuff together. Means I have
  6. Wow - good eye! I got that copy of Majora's Mask so long ago, as well as the Gold N64, that I can't even remember how I got them at this point. Must have been over 10 years ago. I love the holographic label on the cart. I've never used the Gold N64 I just have it on display. Way too worried about wearing the paint!
  7. Update on collection growth, mostly NES carts towards my full set but picked up some other fun things and a really well priced (by today standards) N64 lot. Looking a lot better with the shelves filling out! Starting putting boxes, plastic, etc around a lot of stuff for extra protection too I had to take my genesis games off the shelves because I'm running out of space already, so I'm going to have to build something to expand into
  8. I got a reproduction SNES cart in a lot, and while all reproduction labels are different, there were some key tipoffs for me once I had the cart in my hands: 1. The lable way noticably thicker than others. Looking at the edge of the label on top of the cart it looked maybe double the thickness 2. Because of a sloppy label job, mine had a string of adhesive/plastic coating/something that came off when the label was cut. I've never seen anything like that on a real one 3. For an NES cart, corners not perfectly rounded was a giveaway (that one was cut with scissors i think)
  9. Man thats probably what would happen if I tried to resolder something (my hands are so shaky) and exactly why I bought a replcaement board for an arcade cabinet instead of recapping it myself, leaving hte old board for a someday project. Have a lot of respect for people who are able to work with electronics this way. If you take on the project of trying to fix this I'd definitely be interested in seeing your progress!
  10. I'm looking at a very high priced complete copy of ChronoTrigger, and while I'm not ready to buy it I keep looking at the listing since its in such nice shape. I was going through photos of the cart though and spotted this: Specifically, the M/SNS-ACTE-USA MADE IN MEXICO print. Its pushed right up against the left edge and I haven't seen that before. I have noticed the Made in Mexico labels sometimes look different than others though so I was wondering if somebody more seasoned in SNES collecting has seen this before in a valid label, or if this is a good indicator of a reproduction
  11. bump! removed some stuff i found and added some more wants
  12. Bump with updated wants. Open to trades and purchases
  13. Hey all! I hope this isn't an annoying question but I only own one sealed game (my favorite as a kid - Crystalis) and I'm ci sidelong having it graded for preservation. I've looked at their examples for sealed games but am not quite sure about specifics (like bunching around around edges.) I am wondering if those with experience with sealed games and getting them graded if this would be likely to be an 8+? Ofc I don't expect anybody here to give me an actual grade estimate but wondering if some of the issues here are ones that could have a big impact in your opinion. Or is it really worth it
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