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  1. Lots of progress since March towards my complete licensed NES set, and a bunch of cool items along the way (I really like the NES rental case!) I ended up taking off the doors and clearing out the closet in this room and installing new shelves - now I can store more of my collection (but not quite all) - and put in a rolling workbench and a CRT so I can do all of my cleaning/testing/repairs righty by my collection ... and next to my desk for work when I have downtime Need a slighltly newer CRT with s-video/rgb but this one was pretty cheap and fits perfect! (also, if you have lots of NES games lmk because I still need about 100 to go!)
  2. Do you have a list somewhere of what you still need? I'd be happy to help fellow collectors towards their full set if I come across doubles I have that they still need Im at about 575 with some 3&5 screw variants and the number of crappy $$$ games is really adding up. I recently took everything in my spreadsheet of games that I have left and dumped it in PriceCharting, put the values back into the sheet, and just sorted by value so I could start grabbing some of the cheaper ones to make me feel better filling my shelves Fortunately there are still a bunch of relatively cheap ones I've somehow missed. Maybe it will be the same for you
  3. I had seen the same recently, I didn't have it for a while and then I suddenly earned it last Monday. My last subscription payment was July 22nd so it didn't correspond with that and so I figured they did a one-time migration or something.
  4. I still need nearly 200 NES games for my complete NTSC licensed set so I'm open to trades for ones I'm missing as well. The Fortnite switch bundle includes priority mail shipping and the code is included and unscratched/unused. PayPal Goods & Services only for payment, please. Fortnite Switch Wildcat bundle (New in box) $420 shipped Priority Mail . Wii games Wii Fit Plus (game only/no board) - CIB with inserts $7 Wii Fit (game only/no board) - CIB with inserts $3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - CIB with inserts $20 SOLD Mario Kart Wii (game only/no wheel) - CIB with inserts $20 SOLD PS3 games Diablo III - CIB with Infernal Helm insert $6 Madden NFL 12 - CIB with EA pass insert $3 Madden NFL 25 - CIB with manual (no inserts) $4 Madden NFL 11 - CIB with manual (no inserts), manual pages bent on right side $3 Extra NES games (loose cart only) Lots of filler games in here, good condition overall but major damage/flaws are noted but will gladly send pictures of games you're intersted in so lmk what you'd like to see. Prices exclude shipping, which will be based on number of games purchased and method (First Class vs Priority mail). 10% off total price when buying multiple games. I have 3rd party/reproduction sleeves, add $0.50 per game you'd like one for - just let me know how many. Rollerball $5 Spy Hunter $4 Eggsplode! / Short Order $7 Galaga $12 Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $5 Commando [5 screw] $6 2x Gyromite [5 screw, no famicom adapter] $4/ea Hogan's Alley [5 screw] $7 Hogan's Alley [3 screw] $7 Rambo $6 Super Mario Bros 3 $12 (top label corner peeling) Super Mario Bros 3 $14 NES Play Action Football $1 Legendary Wings $7 Slalom [5 screw] $4 Blades of Steel $3 Ice Hockey $3 Monopoly $5 Baseball Stars (peeling/damage to bottom left corner front label) $10 Metal Gear $10 Legacy of the Wizard $6 Top Gun 2nd Mission $3 Bases Loaded $2 Super Mario Bros 2 $15 (light corner dmg front right label. Back cart has marker & staining) 2x Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt $3/ea Gauntlet [licensed] $10 Defender II $6 Golf [3 screw] $4 Golgo 13 $4 Jaws [3 screw] $6 Paperboy $10 (front and top label tears) Star Wars $20 (knick on top label, back label tear) Marble Madness $5 Pac-Man [tengen licensed] $13 Tecmo Super Bowl (light lifting bottom left front label corner) $17
  5. My gawd I want this but doubt I can convince my wife on an expense this large 2 how exciting to see one pop up here though
  6. Bump! Have a good chunk of cash budgeted to fill out some gaps in my collection (esp for loose NES). If you have a bunch of games in the $50-200 range let me know what you have and maybe we can make a deal (also adding some stuff)
  7. Bump, crossed a few off my list - send me your NES lots!
  8. You're right, for some reason I thought I had played all 3 on GameCube but clearly that wasn't the case thanks for pointing it out, should be a lot easier for me to find
  9. I need all games on the list, but on a few i need a specific 3 vs 5 screw version (the only variants I collect) and those will are noted in a column to the right of the game
  10. Bump with a few updates (finally got Flintstones 2!) including link to list of remaining NES carts for my full NTSC set
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