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Scrobins WTB Thread (chiptune and homebrew)


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Hi everyone! Thanks for looking at my current wishlist, let me know if you have and are willing to part with anything on this list, or have any leads.

Boxes WTB:
- 16-bit Xmas 2011

- 16-bit Xmas 2012

Games WTB:

- Garage Cart (a boy can dream!)


- Space Foxes (Ricky Henry)

- Halloween Scare Cart 2018

- CTWC 2018: Archives

- Gemventure

- Twin Dragons: Dinky Special Edition (Green)

- Waldos Forever


- Windows 93

Chiptune WTB:


- Anamanaguchi's Kickstarter Cart

- Kreese: Project PAL

- _node: d3ad_form4t

- Retro Coders: Years Behind

- Teletime


Nonfinite: Plus/Minus

- Tronimal: Hello_World!

Sega Genesis:
- Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation

- Freezedream’s Today

- Tanglewood soundtrack

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