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  1. Yes, it was a very good price considering how much sealed NES games go for and even if the contents were ruined, at least we would know beyond a shadow of a doubt what this game contains. Besides a little bit of discoloration on the cart, a piece of the cart baggie torn off, and a rusted manual staple, the contents are in excellent shape.
  2. I have the following items below for sale. There's NES, SNES stuff, and items for other systems as well. Most of the items are in very good condition. I can show more pics by request. If you're genuinely interested in anything you see, PM me and we can try to work out a deal. I might also do trades because I am looking for very specific inserts, posters, and registration cards for NES and SNES. Thanks.
  3. Batman The Video Game (Oval Seal) Box: NES-B4 USA Cart: NES-B4-USA Manual: ☆NES-B4-USA-1 Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-AA-USA Registration Card: SUN-NES-US Smooth Black Dust Cover Looks like a small animal bit a chunk of the box off, but everything was intact inside.
  4. Code Name: Viper (Oval Seal) Box: NES-VP USA Cart: NES-VP-USA Manual: NES-VP-USA Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-CC-USA Poster: CAP-NES-US-2 Captain Commando Refund Certificate: CAP-NES-US-1 Registration Card: CAP-NES-US-1 Smooth Black Dust Cover
  5. Thank you. I plan to do some more soon. Is the M.C. Kids unboxing still on target for April?
  6. Gremlins 2 The New Batch (Oval Seal) Box: NES-2Z USA Cart: NES-2Z-USA Manual: NES-2Z-USA ☆ Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-USA Warning Leaflet: NES-RPTV-USA Registration Card: SUN-NES-US Smooth Black Dust Cover There was some damage to the plastic, but the top of the box had its plastic completely intact.
  7. It looks textured to me. What does it look like to you?
  8. You're very welcome. I have at least one more to contribute very soon.
  9. P.O.W. Prisoners of War (Oval Seal) Box: NES-EW USA Cart: NES-EW-USA Manual: NES-EW-USA Nintendo Power Advert: PMG-VR-USA Smooth Black Dust Cover
  10. Try Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day. It has a PAL release. On one side of the disc, there are 4 anime shorts, the other side has an actually pretty good game. Short review below: https://youtu.be/Z5CycsojA7Q
  11. Do you need help with any pictures of the front covers?
  12. Does anyone know what would make M.C. Kids 100% complete?
  13. Okay, I found this post that lists the majority, if not all SNES game contents: https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/841-snes-master-list-for-cib-by-shortstop444/#comment-12392
  14. Nintendoage used to have pictures of probably every Super NES game in its 100% complete state. That resource is gone now unless someone kept a list or downloaded all the pictures before NA went down. I created this thread so members could exchange information on what made a certain Super NES game 100% complete. I could even make a list I would update every week if enough people were interested in that.
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