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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
KillScreenGames KillScreenGames 04/11/2021 Very friendly...sent the game out to me the next morning after I paid...got exactly what was promised...honest dude...I would do business with him again for sure!!! Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy
ap123 ap123 04/11/2021 Very responsive...very friendly...easy to work with...I paid for the games he had that I needed and he shipped them out asap...no hassel at all...a pleasure to do business with...I will vouch for him anytime!!! Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy
Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy 04/10/2021 Straight forward, fast transaction for high value games. Excellent buyer and a pleasure to work with. Many thanks! ap123 ap123
dipstiq dipstiq 04/09/2021 Bought a CIB Genesis game. Condition is as described, no problems, good transaction. LHCGreg LHCGreg
16BitBricks 16BitBricks 04/08/2021 Assorted NES for $$$ mail_bag mail_bag
RH RH 04/07/2021 Wow. Spectacular. This box is like 30+ years of Christmases at once. Thank you! Boneheadimus Boneheadimus
Boneheadimus Boneheadimus 04/07/2021 Excellent buyer and enjoy the lot! RH RH
dipstiq dipstiq 04/06/2021 Quick & easy communication, shipped fast and packed safely GharetSaiDe GharetSaiDe
jeffg jeffg 04/05/2021 Shining force III ... Excellent A+ transaction, Thank you so much jxmx3 jxmx3
Trifecta Trifecta 04/03/2021 Amazing buyer, super quick payment and easy to deal with! 10/0 dyer dyer
Deadeye Deadeye 04/02/2021 Awesome buyer! Ez deal Gex Gex
Gex Gex 04/01/2021 Gex answered the call for my WTB and with a great quality one too. Deadeye Deadeye
dyer dyer 04/01/2021 The seller was easy to talk with, packaged the item very very well and had great communication. I recommend him. Trifecta Trifecta
sdamike sdamike 03/31/2021 Smooth trade, great communication, would trade again! MiamiSlice MiamiSlice
MiamiSlice MiamiSlice 03/31/2021 Great guy to deal with, trade was nice and smooth, hope to deal with again! sdamike sdamike
dipstiq dipstiq 03/30/2021 Bought two NES gamed. Easy transaction. Recommended. a3quit4s a3quit4s
Renmauzo Renmauzo 03/30/2021 Thanks for the trade! I'm sure we'll do more in the future as the guilt of holding onto games you know I want slowly eats away at your conscience! Gloves Gloves
Gloves Gloves 03/30/2021 Thanks for working with me, this was my first time - ever- doing a trade and it was a pleasure! Renmauzo Renmauzo
asmikace asmikace 03/29/2021 Great guy! Perfect transaction! Thanks! Craigv888 Craigv888
Strange Strange 03/27/2021 Awesome! a3quit4s a3quit4s
MrMark0673 MrMark0673 03/27/2021 Packaged safely, shipped quickly. Thanks man! Funky_brewsta Funky_brewsta
austin532 austin532 03/25/2021 Had an excellent experience buying from austin532! He quickly answered my request for pictures, provided great photos, shipped promptly, and packed beautifully. Jicsan Jicsan
Trifecta Trifecta 03/23/2021 Easy to work with, fast payment. Thanks! xtremegamer xtremegamer
Boneheadimus Boneheadimus 03/22/2021 Bought the Ninja Boy 2 prototype #7 that he had bought from this same site. Smooth transaction, would buy again! MiamiSlice MiamiSlice
B.A. B.A. 03/22/2021 Bought two lots of strategy guides, art books and related paper bits. Great prices, fast shipping, packed well, would buy again! MiamiSlice MiamiSlice
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