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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Megamanfan Megamanfan 08/07/2022 Purchased 4 rare NES games from him. Everything was perfect, communication was great, packing was excellent, Megamanfan is an excellent seller. Would highly recommend! Boodead Boodead
MiamiSlice MiamiSlice 08/05/2022 Fast payment and easy communication, thanks for your purchase! Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper
Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper 08/05/2022 Bought multiple games and a poster, airmail wasn't available so he held the items for me for a while, then proposed seamail which was a great idea. Everything was packed really well, lots of void fill, everything carefully packed together, and it arrived in excellent shape even after being at sea for 10 weeks! Would buy again! MiamiSlice MiamiSlice
SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan 08/04/2022 Great guy to deal with! Thanks man! Johnnyboy113 Johnnyboy113
Johnnyboy113 Johnnyboy113 08/04/2022 Fantastic seller. Very passionate about the hobby. Great packaging! SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan
ProtonX ProtonX 07/30/2022 wow I love buying empty space CIB_Wholesale_no_split CIB_Wholesale_no_split
ProtonX ProtonX 07/30/2022 thanks for buying so much! CIB_Wholesale_no_split CIB_Wholesale_no_split
ProtonX ProtonX 07/30/2022 this guy buys stuff! Great CIB_Wholesale_no_split CIB_Wholesale_no_split
Sivak Sivak 07/28/2022 Excellent experience, good communication, great packaging, fast shipping! diddles_mcbean diddles_mcbean
CodysGameRoom CodysGameRoom 07/27/2022 Great buyer to work with. Great communication! SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan
SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan 07/27/2022 Excellent transaction, great communication, and shipped with care. Thanks again! CodysGameRoom CodysGameRoom
LHCGreg LHCGreg 07/24/2022 Easy to worth with and smooth transaction. Thanks. Sivak Sivak
Sivak Sivak 07/24/2022 Great seller. LHCGreg LHCGreg
Bonanza125 Bonanza125 07/23/2022 Excellent purchase. Nintendo Powers’ we’re packed well and came in excellent condition. Would do business with again. ScaryD ScaryD
Mockingbard Mockingbard 07/22/2022 Fast shipper and easy to work with. Cheers! Kguillemette Kguillemette
Tanooki Tanooki 07/21/2022 Great experience overall, hope to work with again soon Bostonitalian88 Bostonitalian88
Bostonitalian88 Bostonitalian88 07/20/2022 A mix of trade and cash for me, trade for him -- great communication, everything went smoothly, game was packed quite nicely. Thanks. Tanooki Tanooki
SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan 07/20/2022 Easy to work with and process went smoothly. Thanks. Sivak Sivak
Sivak Sivak 07/20/2022 Great seller. Very fair and prompt with responses. SuperMetroidMan SuperMetroidMan
Kimbolemonslice Kimbolemonslice 07/19/2022 Excellent seller. Fast shipment too. RH RH
niner niner 07/18/2022 Great transaction, these are the cleanest SNES games in my collection yet! chair chair
Ranger46 Ranger46 07/15/2022 Great buyer, fast payment and easy to talk to. Highly recommended. Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper
Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper 07/15/2022 Thanks for the deal and for being great and genuine seller Ranger46 Ranger46
niner niner 07/14/2022 Very communicative and helpful. Appreciate the smooth transaction. Thanks again!! Nick-Speed Nick-Speed
Mantis Mantis 07/13/2022 A good experience, great to talk to, payment was quick and easy, thanks. Tanooki Tanooki
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