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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
captmorgandrinker captmorgandrinker 10/21/2021 Fast payment good buyer, thanks for the business Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper
JVOSS JVOSS 10/21/2021 good buyer fast payment, highly recommended Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper
Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper 10/21/2021 fast shipping and easy transaction. will use again JVOSS JVOSS
Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper 10/21/2021 Shipped quickly and perfectly described, thank you! captmorgandrinker captmorgandrinker
jonebone jonebone 10/19/2021 Great communication, fast shipping, game exactly as promised: everything I could want in a smooth transaction! Scrobins Scrobins
VincentPrice VincentPrice 10/18/2021 Great communication and all items arrived timely and in the expected condition. Would definitely buy again. rodericktech rodericktech
Jeevan Jeevan 10/18/2021 Paid fast ...great to deal with...would do business with him again 100% Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy
Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy 10/16/2021 Sold me some of dem games! Jeevan Jeevan
ZeldaFreak ZeldaFreak 10/15/2021 Purchased and held onto a Mega SG in case they went of stock for ZF. Had it for about a month they paid and I shipped it out. No complaints. a3quit4s a3quit4s
a3quit4s a3quit4s 10/15/2021 Held on to an Analogue Mega Sg for over a month whilst I cobbled together the money for it. Super quick shipping, packaged well, good communication, no complaints whatsoever. Great transaction and a great dude! ZeldaFreak ZeldaFreak
Kain Highwind Kain Highwind 10/14/2021 Fast payment and great communication! Thanks again! 3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole
3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole 10/14/2021 Game arrived swiftly and in great condition! Great communications as well. Kain Highwind Kain Highwind
RetroGamerJP RetroGamerJP 10/14/2021 High $$$$ transaction absolutely perfect beginning-to-end. Seller was upfront in providing additional pictures, as well as treating the transaction professionally and above-bar. I'll admit that I was anxious about having this in the mail but the seller went above and beyond keeping me informed. I can only hope to business with him again! barrels barrels
B.A. B.A. 10/10/2021 Very easy to work with, and the whole transaction got done quickly. Thanks dude! DestructoDisk DestructoDisk
Goodvibes Goodvibes 10/10/2021 Fast shipping and good communication. Thanks again! 3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole
rodericktech rodericktech 10/08/2021 Bought two games for a total of $180. Great communication, and payment was prompt. VincentPrice VincentPrice
alpenanews0506 alpenanews0506 10/08/2021 Bought a number of games for a total of $750. Great communication and immediate payment. VincentPrice VincentPrice
spacepup spacepup 10/07/2021 Returning buyer, fast payment as usual, no hassle, easy to deal with, highly recommended - hasta luego muchacho! Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper
Tyree_Cooper Tyree_Cooper 10/07/2021 Repeat customer here - always pleasant to work with and everything works out great. Thanks! spacepup spacepup
Bighab Bighab 10/07/2021 As described and fast shipping Mr. CIB Mr. CIB
DestructoDisk DestructoDisk 10/07/2021 Super fast shipping! Thanks again for the games! B.A. B.A.
barrels barrels 10/06/2021 Quick & easy transaction, wouldn't hesitate to work with again! GharetSaiDe GharetSaiDe
GharetSaiDe GharetSaiDe 10/06/2021 Great to deal with, thanks so much! barrels barrels
Kain Highwind Kain Highwind 10/06/2021 Great communication back and forth, quick payment and hassle-free deal, thanks again! Khromak Khromak
Khromak Khromak 10/06/2021 Ultra fast shipping! Very understanding and great communication when PayPal tried to sandbag our payment because "Mini NT" wasn't a sufficient note. Kain Highwind Kain Highwind
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