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behemos behemos 07/02/2020 UFC Pink Lady Frog: Seller was great to work with, communicative, and shipped it out fast. Would buy from again. :) Deadeye Deadeye
Psychobear85 Psychobear85 06/26/2020 Excellent NA Member! Easy to deal with & promptly responds! Clutchcards Clutchcards
Clutchcards Clutchcards 06/25/2020 2 nes games, fast shipping good to deal with Psychobear85 Psychobear85
Br81zad Br81zad 06/25/2020 Fast Shipping, Great to Work with, Thank you Bonanza125 Bonanza125
epiczail epiczail 06/25/2020 Bought a bunch of PS1 games, good prices, well packed. Thanks. DefaultGen DefaultGen
DefaultGen DefaultGen 06/25/2020 Excellent sell! Fast payment once the deal was struck! Of course, we've been around since NintendoAge so the deal was super smooth. Go with DG if you want a super-smooth deal too! RH RH
CaptKeith79 CaptKeith79 06/24/2020 Great guy to deal with! Welcome to VGS! Johnnyboy113 Johnnyboy113
dockvalentine dockvalentine 06/24/2020 Excellent buyer, smooth transaction! Boosted52405 Boosted52405
Boosted52405 Boosted52405 06/24/2020 for Khan 4-in-1. Super efficient and quick shipping! dockvalentine dockvalentine
austin532 austin532 06/22/2020 Great seller! Thanks again :) ThePhleo ThePhleo
dquiros dquiros 06/22/2020 NWC 1990 25th Anniversary Edition: Seller was easy to work with, good communication, and shipped the package super fast. Would trade again! Deadeye Deadeye
DoctorEncore DoctorEncore 06/19/2020 Awesome sager! Thanks again :) ThePhleo ThePhleo
Reed Rothchild Reed Rothchild 06/19/2020 perfect buyer. you git what you git and dont pitch a fit! 42 foot tapeworm 42 foot tapeworm
42 foot tapeworm 42 foot tapeworm 06/19/2020 Games were mint. No joke. Reed Rothchild Reed Rothchild
Silent Hill Silent Hill 06/19/2020 Games looked great Reed Rothchild Reed Rothchild
SONIKtheHEDGEHOG SONIKtheHEDGEHOG 06/18/2020 Great first transaction. Thanks Sonik for taking a chance on a new guy. Good communication, fair prices, and fast shipping. Thanks for helping me get started on the site! SmoothGB SmoothGB
Omerta Omerta 06/18/2020 Awesome transaction. Super cool guy. Thanks! WalterWhiteJr. WalterWhiteJr.
WalterWhiteJr. WalterWhiteJr. 06/17/2020 Walt bought an N64 from me. Excellent dude to deal with. Thanks! Omerta Omerta
Scrobins Scrobins 06/17/2020 Easy to work with, instant payment! doner24 doner24
Scrobins Scrobins 06/17/2020 Paid quickly and great communication. Was great to deal with and would definitely do another transaction if the opportunity presents itself. Jonny_Blades Jonny_Blades
ap123 ap123 06/17/2020 REKT: Seller was very communicative, shipped quickly, and game plays great! Scrobins Scrobins
johnvanderhoe johnvanderhoe 06/17/2020 Wampus: Seller was very communicative, shipped quickly, game plays great! Excited to play his latest game! Scrobins Scrobins
rockyyaknow rockyyaknow 06/17/2020 Darkwing Duck, Monster in my Pocket, and Rockin Kats: Seller was very communicative, made me a good deal, shipped quickly, and the games all played great! Scrobins Scrobins
mail_bag mail_bag 06/17/2020 Kevin Power in Too Many Games: Seller was great with making a good deal and shipping quickly, game plays great! Scrobins Scrobins
krankcolc krankcolc 06/17/2020 Retro Championship 2015: Seller was great with communication, shipped quickly, and game plays great! Scrobins Scrobins
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