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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Mega Tank Mega Tank 06/19/2021 NIntendo Powers and WCW vs NWO Revenge 64. Great communication. Packaged well and shipped promptly. Highly recommend! Mantis Mantis
Mantis Mantis 06/19/2021 Great transaction, smooth and painless. For a good time, do business with Mantis! GryeDor GryeDor
GryeDor GryeDor 06/19/2021 Majora's Mask N64 and Illusion of Gaia for SNES. Seller answered all questions and provided pictures. Shipped promptly and packaged well. Highly recommend Mantis Mantis
Sargon Sargon 06/17/2021 Great seller, shipped the game very quickly Ronmexico17 Ronmexico17
Nes Freak Nes Freak 06/17/2021 Great dude, hope to deal with again soon Bostonitalian88 Bostonitalian88
OptOut OptOut 06/17/2021 Awesome dude to deal with. Threw in a free soccer game to try and convert me to the sport…I don’t think so! Shmup Shmup
Shmup Shmup 06/17/2021 Dude was cool the whole time, and it was an easy transaction, no worries! :D OptOut OptOut
Bostonitalian88 Bostonitalian88 06/17/2021 thanks again! A+ seller! Nes Freak Nes Freak
avatar! avatar! 06/16/2021 This was my first trade on Video Game Sage. It went smoothly. An A trader. Trifecta Trifecta
OwlLicks OwlLicks 06/16/2021 Perfect Buyer!! Would do business again :) Jeevan Jeevan
Trifecta Trifecta 06/15/2021 Excellent trade, easy and pleasant, thank you! avatar! avatar!
Jeevan Jeevan 06/15/2021 Quick and painless sale, worked with me to get two games on my want list for a fair price. OwlLicks OwlLicks
OwlLicks OwlLicks 06/12/2021 Awesome person to deal with. Thank you for making the community a better place! platformagnostic platformagnostic
drxandy drxandy 06/11/2021 Thank you for the help! :) BouncekDeLemos BouncekDeLemos
BouncekDeLemos BouncekDeLemos 06/11/2021 An all around great dude! Thank you again!! drxandy drxandy
dr_orangejuicer dr_orangejuicer 06/11/2021 Thanks Boss Boss
Kain Highwind Kain Highwind 06/08/2021 Great transaction, thanks again! snes_collector snes_collector
platformagnostic platformagnostic 06/08/2021 Worked out a deal on a game I needed - very easy to work with! OwlLicks OwlLicks
snes_collector snes_collector 06/07/2021 Great buyer! Good communication! Kain Highwind Kain Highwind
hakota hakota 06/06/2021 Great communication and very easy to work with! Freakshow87 Freakshow87
zoiks66 zoiks66 06/06/2021 Great transaction, smooth negotiation, great communication MiamiSlice MiamiSlice
MiamiSlice MiamiSlice 06/06/2021 Great transaction. Game was shipped quickly and packed very well. zoiks66 zoiks66
RetroMichel RetroMichel 06/04/2021 Top notch, super quick payment and really easy to deal with! Thanks dyer dyer
Naked Warrior Naked Warrior 06/04/2021 Great person to deal with. Honest and transparent communication. Robot682 Robot682
dyer dyer 06/04/2021 100% recommended. Fast shipping, item as described. Perfect transaction. RetroMichel RetroMichel
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