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  1. Can you believe I got this clean CIB copy of Castlevania II: Belmont's revenge off eBay for only $200 (after taxes/shipping!)??? I have been trying to get one for 3 years...but I've been outbid at least a half dozen times for $325-$400 copies...this has to be one of my best pick-ups so far this year...
  2. I am a pretty boring collector...I like buying retail copies of games (although I always prefer CIB) and I'm not real condition sensitive, so that means (at least for now) 5 figures is a far-off dream (nightmare?). Plus, I'd take ten $100 games over one $1,000 game any day of the week - Love the massive selection of great games to play rather than just a few great ones...$10,000+ games are for investors, prototype guys, and art collectors, not really gamers and nostalgia freaks like me. Right now my most expensive game probably cost me about $1,800...and I might have spent over $1,000 on one
  3. I think you may be right...I just can't tell the difference in the carts by the picture...that is great tho - answers my question.
  4. This is for North American NTSC carts. I often see two different retail versions of Majora's Mask - One with a lenticular ("holographic") sticker and one with a normal sticker...My question for N64 experts - What box does each come in? I know the lenticular sticker came in the "Collector's Edition" box originally because I still have my original one I bought from Best Buy in April 2000...I thought the "normal" sticker variant came with the box that didn't have the little grey "Collector's Edition" box on the front, but when I look at them on eBay, like half of the Collector's Edition boxes c
  5. I was digging thru my old "gaming adjacent" stuff and came across a few things...partially wondering the value, partially just sharing. First, I assume I got this from pre-ordering Banjo-Kazooie from Best Buy? I don't remember doing that, but it does seem like something an 18-year-old me would do...I was surprised to find a couple on eBay for $200+(!) and they were just the CD - opened...What would this shirt/CD combo (New) be worth? Should I send it to WATA and put it up on Heritage? The seal is immaculate! (I joke, I joke...crazy times these are...and no offense to my sealed/graded col
  6. Nice! I'm a huge GBA fan and there are so many great games for it - It's a Super Nintendo in your hands! I'm jealous of your "Arctic" original GBA...looks just like my original that I peddled away to Gamestop so many years ago for $3 store credit and a piece of my soul .
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