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Are you into video game related signage and display items? Let's share!
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  2. I thought people would enjoy this. Its a laserdisc that was used in the M181S. This is an upgrade to the M181 with the SNES retrofit topper on it. This was the Laserdisc interactive that was a precursor to the Nintendo Power Previews interactive. I clearly remember playing with these in stores. Wishing that I could play the games. NES was at its prime and SNES was really on it's way up. With the retrofit topper on it and replacement keyboard:
  3. I know it's been a while, but I just picked up an M19IZ SNES Kiosk. I can get more pictures later for you. I posted it in some Facebook groups as well
  4. Anyone have one to sell/trade or know anyone that can do replacement marquees for the top?
  5. M104 - Display. Comes in 4"x6" plaks mounted on black plexi. Weight: Custom. Cubic ft:Custom Both can be combined with WORLD OF NINTENDO fixtures.
  6. M105 - Nintendo Vidpro Plak and Trak Display. Photographic laminated game pak 5"x7" plaks on multiple facings mounted on black plexi.
  7. M37A - Two Drawer Game Pak Storage Unit. Holds 144 titles. 15"Hx37.5"Wx20"D. Weight: 8.7lbs. Cubic ft: 90.2.
  8. M37 - Three Drawer Locked Game Pak Storage Unit. Heavy gauge metal drawers have wire inserts to hold three cartridges per title for a total of 72 cartridges per drawer for a grand total of 216 pieces. Can be combined with WORLD OF NINTENDO features shown. 21"Hx37.6"Wx20"D. Weight 8.7lbs. Cubic ft: 90.2
  9. I hadn't seen it before either, so I couldn't resist Does the regular Super Mario Bros 2 sign actually have an M number?
  10. N64M02AB - Banner, Banjo Kazooie. Two-sided, full color, vinyl banner hangs from ceiling or window. Actual display weights and dimensions: 36"w x 25"h / 1lbs. Shipping weights and dimensions: 36"l x 3"w x 3"h / 2lbs / .3cf. Part no. 36015. Final graphics may vary.
  11. M99 M/N - NES interactive demonstration and laser disc viewing unit with control deck, Game-Pak, laser disc. 2 color T.V.s (1p only! (110v)
  12. M74W1 - Video wall. New plug, play and roll video system features five pre-set programs. Comes with wheeled merchandising frame to facilitate intra-store use. Any square configuration will work. With IMAGEMAG processor, no onsite programming is needed ever! Available 4 weeks from order. Part no. 30348.
  13. M35EL - Nintendo Edge-Lit Sign. Eye-catching red edge-lit Nintendo racetrack logo sign. 110 volts. UL approved. Approximate display weight and dimensions: 12"w x 14"h x 4"d / 15lbs / .4cf. Approximate shipping weights and dimensions: 14"l x 16"w x 6"h / 17lbs / .7 cf. Part no. 45282
  14. M99 K/O - Game Boy interactive demonstration and laser disc viewing unit with Game Boy Game-Pak, laser disc, 2 B&W T.V.s and Demo Boy (1p only! (110v)
  15. M90FA - Vac-formed "Top 6" game pak display. Exciting graphics top hits display is vac-formed and can be placed on top rail or hung from ceiling. Holds 6 Game Paks (empty boxes) which can be changed by store personnel. 24"h x 18"w x 3"d /8lbs/2.0 cf Specially Priced.
  16. M80J - 32" Wide Super NES infinity motion hang/shelf sign. (110v)
  17. M78C - Decorative yellow 8" hose, pliable to any shape. Comes in a set of 8' length.
  18. M78B - Decorative silver 4" duct work, pliable to any shape. Comes in a set of 8.
  19. M78 - A secure GameBoy tether attaches to any surface. Solid brushed aluminum with plastic coated aircraft cable. Comes complete with Game Boy (110v)
  20. M76N - Neon light stick with mounting base comes in red, blue, yellow, lavender, pink. (110v)
  21. M76A - 3 image tascolight shows NES, Gameboy, and Super NES product lines. (110v)
  22. M76 - Four Player Game Boy Interactive demo floor display with 4 B&W T.V.s 4 GameBoys. 4 player adapter and Demo Boy (110v) 56" W x 98.6" H x 24"D
  23. M75E - Ultra thin 24" x 30" Lightbox 2 1/4" depth only - lightweight (110v)

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