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Are you into video game related signage and display items? Let's share!
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  2. Hey all! I've been trying to track down this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon store standee for a few years now. Does anyone by chance have one or know someone who may have one? From what I've learned, I think these were on display in Toys R Us and possibly Target stores back in 2006 when the games came out.
  3. Amazing thread, thanks for sharing! Do you have photos of the M73 F, thanks.
  4. Yes, it did come from Ebay and I have a suspicion that it is a reproduction. The seller has a perfect review history there -- but many, many other similar signs that also look to be reproductions. Thats a big reason I started this thread -- to determine if this is in fact not authentic and to warn others.
  5. Did this come from eBay? Pretty sure this is a reproduction.
  6. Does anyone recognize this sign? There are no markings on the back and it doesn't feel like any other Nintendo sign I'm familiar with. It's metal with some sort of porcelain like enamel. Not flat, the letters are slightly embedded
  7. Posting some images of my M37XB neon sign as the ones from the virtual library seem to not be online any longer. Mine has a manufacture date of September 2002 -- so these must have been "in production" for some time
  8. I thought people would enjoy this. Its a laserdisc that was used in the M181S. This is an upgrade to the M181 with the SNES retrofit topper on it. This was the Laserdisc interactive that was a precursor to the Nintendo Power Previews interactive. I clearly remember playing with these in stores. Wishing that I could play the games. NES was at its prime and SNES was really on it's way up. With the retrofit topper on it and replacement keyboard:
  9. I know it's been a while, but I just picked up an M19IZ SNES Kiosk. I can get more pictures later for you. I posted it in some Facebook groups as well
  10. Anyone have one to sell/trade or know anyone that can do replacement marquees for the top?
  11. M104 - Display. Comes in 4"x6" plaks mounted on black plexi. Weight: Custom. Cubic ft:Custom Both can be combined with WORLD OF NINTENDO fixtures.
  12. M105 - Nintendo Vidpro Plak and Trak Display. Photographic laminated game pak 5"x7" plaks on multiple facings mounted on black plexi.
  13. M37A - Two Drawer Game Pak Storage Unit. Holds 144 titles. 15"Hx37.5"Wx20"D. Weight: 8.7lbs. Cubic ft: 90.2.
  14. M37 - Three Drawer Locked Game Pak Storage Unit. Heavy gauge metal drawers have wire inserts to hold three cartridges per title for a total of 72 cartridges per drawer for a grand total of 216 pieces. Can be combined with WORLD OF NINTENDO features shown. 21"Hx37.6"Wx20"D. Weight 8.7lbs. Cubic ft: 90.2
  15. I hadn't seen it before either, so I couldn't resist Does the regular Super Mario Bros 2 sign actually have an M number?
  16. N64M02AB - Banner, Banjo Kazooie. Two-sided, full color, vinyl banner hangs from ceiling or window. Actual display weights and dimensions: 36"w x 25"h / 1lbs. Shipping weights and dimensions: 36"l x 3"w x 3"h / 2lbs / .3cf. Part no. 36015. Final graphics may vary.
  17. M99 M/N - NES interactive demonstration and laser disc viewing unit with control deck, Game-Pak, laser disc. 2 color T.V.s (1p only! (110v)
  18. M74W1 - Video wall. New plug, play and roll video system features five pre-set programs. Comes with wheeled merchandising frame to facilitate intra-store use. Any square configuration will work. With IMAGEMAG processor, no onsite programming is needed ever! Available 4 weeks from order. Part no. 30348.
  19. M35EL - Nintendo Edge-Lit Sign. Eye-catching red edge-lit Nintendo racetrack logo sign. 110 volts. UL approved. Approximate display weight and dimensions: 12"w x 14"h x 4"d / 15lbs / .4cf. Approximate shipping weights and dimensions: 14"l x 16"w x 6"h / 17lbs / .7 cf. Part no. 45282
  20. M99 K/O - Game Boy interactive demonstration and laser disc viewing unit with Game Boy Game-Pak, laser disc, 2 B&W T.V.s and Demo Boy (1p only! (110v)
  21. M90FA - Vac-formed "Top 6" game pak display. Exciting graphics top hits display is vac-formed and can be placed on top rail or hung from ceiling. Holds 6 Game Paks (empty boxes) which can be changed by store personnel. 24"h x 18"w x 3"d /8lbs/2.0 cf Specially Priced.
  22. M80J - 32" Wide Super NES infinity motion hang/shelf sign. (110v)
  23. M78C - Decorative yellow 8" hose, pliable to any shape. Comes in a set of 8' length.

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