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  1. Introduction Hi there, and welcome to my first blog on Video Game Sage. This blog is about Nintendo's moderately successful but criminally underrated (so much so that Nintendo apparently regrets releasing it) sixth-generation console, the GameCube, and the REAL reasons why it is still an amazing console over twenty years after it was released and doesn't deserve all of the criticism it has received over the years. The reason why it is still a great console is not just because of Super Smash Bros. Melee or first-party games. It is not because of its graphics capabilities (many of its games do hold up, though). It is not because of its smaller discs. And it is not because of Super Monkey Ball (though those games certainly contribute). The REAL reasons why the GameCube is awesome: 1.Game Boy Player \ The Game Boy Player allows you to play 99% of the games released for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance on the GameCube. It is also compatible with most Game Boy accessories, such as the Game Boy Advance Link Cable, e-Reader, and Wireless Adapter. You can play Game Boy games on the GameCube with a variety of Controllers, including the Standard, Wavebird, Hori Digital, Mega Man X, and White Standard Controllers. You can also hook up a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP to the GameCube using a GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable, and use them as Controllers. Something that isn't too well-known is that the Game Boy Player is also compatible with Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color Link Cables, as well as other accessories since the shape of the plugs are almost the same as a Game Boy Advance Link Cable. There is a Link Cable adapter (MGB-004) released in Japan that converts the original Game Boy Link Cable and Four-Player Adapter to a Game Boy Pocket plug, allowing either to connect to a Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and yes even the Game Boy Player. Universal Link Cables (MGB-010) or Universal Link Cable Sets (which contains a GBC Link Cable and original Game Boy Link Cable adapter) can also be used to connect the Four Player Adapter to three other Game Boy Player's. It is possible to connect four TV's, four GameCube's, and four Game Boy Player's, either with Link Cables or GBA Wireless Adapters. You only need one Game Boy Player disc. Also if you plan on playing a four player game of the Mario Bros. game in the Super Mario Advance series and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, keep in mind you don't need multiple copies of the same game. You can just use your copies of Super Mario Advance 1-4, or use three Super Mario Advance games and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Also, the Game Boy Player itself is region free. If you have an indigo or platinum GameCube and want to import a Game Boy Player from Japan, it'll work as long as the Start-up disc matches your console's region. It is also technically possible to connect a Game Boy Micro to the Game Boy Player. A Converter Connector Adapter (OXY-009) is required. As mentioned above, the Game Boy Player itself is region free and works on any GameCube. Same goes for the games. Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games of any region work on any Game Boy Player. Despite the fact that the Game Genie doesn't fit easily in most Game Boy systems, it can be inserted into the Game Boy Player easily even if a Game Boy Wireless Adapter is connected. The GameShark, Code Breaker, and Game Boy Advance Action Replay also work with the Game Boy Player, but are harder to fit. The GBA Action Replay can be used to force Game Boy Advance Videos to play on the Game Boy Player. (Manual scan by MegaMan52) There is a picture in the Japanese Game Boy Player manual that shows the original Game Boy Cleaning Kit can be used to clean the Game Boy Player, which is good because that Cleaning Kit is fairly common. The Game Boy Player doesn't work with the Wii (the console lacks the required port, and obviously has a different design) so this is one major reason to keep your GameCube or buy another if you sold it. 2.Nameplate customization On the original DOL-001 model of the GameCube, the nameplate can be swapped. If you open the disc cover and look underneath it, you'll see two clips that can be pressed to remove the nameplate. Various nameplates were released in Japan such as Animal Crossing, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Party 5, and Donkey Konga. 3.LAN Options Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Kirby Air Ride, and 1080° Avalanche are compatible with the GameCube's Broadband Adapter, and have a LAN mode if you don't want to put up with split screen. Double Dash!! also allows up to eight players each with their own TV and console, or sixteen player co-op with two TV's (split screen) and four GameCube's (sixteen Controller ports). The Broadband Adapter isn't compatible with the Wii either because, again, it lacks the required port. 4.Lots of four-player games Like the N64, the GameCube has many four-player games and doesn't require an adapter for this. Some examples are the Mario Party games, Super Smash Bros. Melee, F-Zero GX, Sonic Riders, James Bond games, TimeSplitters games, Rayman Arena, Tetris Worlds, Kirby Air Ride, Star Fox Assault, and Alien Hominid. There are even some multiplatorm games where the GameCube versions allow four players and the PS2 versions don't, such as Rampage: Total Destruction and Pac-Man World Rally. 5.The Wavebird Wireless Controller Let's face it, the Wavebird is one of the greatest Controller's ever made. It runs on two AA Batteries, which last for about a hundred hours. It has a guaranteed range of twenty feet, but is actually capable of operating much farther away from the console than that. Some Wavebird Controller's have a frequency of 900 MHz, while others have a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Though some third-party wireless Controllers were released for the NES and SNES, the Wavebird was one of the earliest first-party Controllers coming out in 2002. The Controller is perfect for multiplayer sessions with games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Mario Party games, and the James Bond games. Wireless Controllers may be standard nowadays, but Nintendo was ahead of the game in the early 2000's. 2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of this incredible Controller. 6.Superior versions of many multiplatform games If someone recommends a multiplatorm game on GameCube, other people may say "so? That game is also on PS2 and/or Xbox" apparently not aware that the GameCube versions of some games have extra features and better performance. It is well-known that Sonic Heroes is best on the GameCube, as it was developed with that console in mind and before Sonic Team was used to developing for the PS2 and Xbox. But there are some lesser-known examples as well. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is known to be a buggy and unfinished game no matter what console it is played on. However, the GameCube version is the more playable of the two versions. The PS2 version has a nasty habit of freezing in some levels (especially Crop Circle Country). It also has a rather annoying glitch that causes some sound effects (such as the portal and "swirly thing" sound effects) to repeat constantly until you exit the level you're in. The GameCube version only seems to freeze when you pause the game while underwater or, in rare cases, go back to the title screen. I haven't seen it freeze during actual gameplay, unlike the PS2 version. In the PS2 versions of the Midway Arcade Treasures trilogy, several games have issues: Smash TV has framerate issues the original Arcade version didn't have, Pit Fighter actually runs faster than the Arcade version, Hard Drivin' runs even slower, and the menu music in Off-Road Thunder is shorter than the Arcade version. For the Xbox version of Midway Arcade Treasures 3, I remember in 2005 people were complaining about a save glitch and possible freezing in San Francisco Rush 2049. The GameCube versions, while not perfect, don't have these issues. The GameCube version of Sonic Adventure is often said to be a bad port, but it is really the definitive version of the game. These screenshots are from a twenty minute video I made comparing the Dreamcast and GameCube versions, both running on their original consoles. The GameCube version has improved visuals with higher polygon counts for the character models, additional shadows, an improved draw distance with less pop-up (very noticeable in the whale section of Emerald Coast), better water effects, and an added ground/floor in the Chaos 4 battle. It also has higher quality audio with clearer music and sound effects (the splashing sounds the fish make at the end of the second part of Emerald Coast, for example, sound muffled on the Dreamcast and clear on the GameCube), and Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Sound has been added. Some sound corrections were made as well: the monitors in the Chao Garden and the doors in the Egg Carrier are silent in the Dreamcast version, but their sound effects play in the GameCube version. A Free Camera option was added. You can skip cutscenes in the GameCube version. Load times are noticeably different, with the Dreamcast version taking about twelve seconds to load a level while the GameCube version takes about five seconds. Cream the Rabbit makes several cameos. You can play as Metal Sonic in Trial mode if you collect every Emblem. The Station Square Chao Garden has some of the added features from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, such as the Black Market. There is a Mission Mode that has sixty extra tasks to complete. Perhaps the best addition in the GameCube version is the Mini-Game Collection mode, which has ALL TWELVE Sonic games released for the Sega Game Gear including the first Sonic Drift and Tails' Skypatrol which were originally only released in Japan. The Game Gear games can be played with up to two players, even those that don't have a Versus mode. As an added bonus, you can play the Japanese versions of some of the Game Gear games if you change SADX's text language to Japanese. I should note that I compared a later revision of the Dreamcast version (a Sega All-Stars copy containing NA version 1.1 of the game) that features some improvements over earlier Dreamcast copies. Also, as mentioned above, both versions were played using their original consoles (not Emulators or newer consoles). So, this comparison isn't biased. The GameCube version has a lot of additions and even more improvements. it is often debated whether the PS2 or GameCube versions of Mega Man Anniversary Collection is the best (with the PS2 version usually being favored even though it has several flaws of its own), but in the case of Mega Man X: Command Mission the GameCube version is definitely superior. The GameCube version runs at 60 frames per second, while the PS2 version runs at 30 frames per second. Load times, as expected, are faster in the GameCube version, sometimes slightly and other times by a noticeable amount. The two versions have some exclusive extras, with the PS2 version getting a Mega Man X8 demo and the GameCube version getting a Treasure Radar (activated with a Game Boy Advance) that allows you to find Treasure Tokens that can be used to collect over thirty exclusive Figures. The Game Boy Advance beeps when you're near a Treasure Token. In the GameCube version, there is a vending machine you first come across in Chapter 2 located in the Central Tower (Air City 3rd Street) that is not in the PS2 version. You can spend the Treasures Tokens at this machine, then view the exclusive figures in the Sky Room (where the game's bonus materials are). Fun fact: In 2004, before Mega Man X: Command Mission was released, a Mega Man X Controller was announced by NubyTech for PS2 and GameCube. It was delayed and only the GameCube version of the Controller was released in late 2005/early 2006, alongside Mega Man X Collection. The Controller was licensed by Capcom and got Nintendo's seal of approval, making it very official. a In the PS2 and Xbox versions of Intellivision Lives!, there were some unreleased games that were divided between the two: the PS2 version got Hard Hat, Brickout, and Deep Pockets: Pool & Billiards, while the Xbox version got Takeover, Space Cadet, and Number Jumble. The GameCube version has all six of these games, possibly to make up for being released a year later. Goro and Shao Kahn were added as playable characters in the GameCube version of Mortal Kombat: Deception. And while it didn't receive a Kollector's Edition release, it does (or at least some copies do) include a character card like the Kollector's Edition releases. My copy came with a Sub-Zero card. The GameCube version of Fight Night: Round 2 includes Little Mac, the protagonist from the Punch-Out!! series. It also includes the full game of Super Punch-Out!!. The game also has Progressive Scan and Widescreen support, so you don't have to worry about Super Punch-Out!! looking blurry or stretched. As mentioned above, the GameCube versions of Pac-Man World Rally and Rampage: Total Destruction allow up to four players unlike the PS2 versions. It is often said that a console being more advanced doesn't mean it or its games are better. But, a console being more advanced can sometimes mean more fun games. The TimeSplitters games are another example of this, where the GameCube versions allow more bots in the multiplayer modes than the PS2 versions. 7.Sonic the Hedgehog games In addition to two Sega games being released on the console's launch (Super Monkey Ball and Crazy Taxi), Sonic's appearances on the GameCube were a huge deal in the sixth-generation console era. With both Sonic Adventure games, the superior versions of Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Gems Collection being a GameCube-exclusive in America, Sonic was one of the major reasons to own a GameCube during that era. Even now, most of these games hold up quite well and are must-have's. Sonic Origins, a compilation containing remastered versions of the first three Sonic games and Sonic CD, was recently released for the Switch (and the other current platforms). Unfortunately, as with other modern compilations like the Mega Man Legacy Collections and Pac-Man Museum +, some unwanted changes had to be made. The music tracks for Carnival Night Zone, Ice Cap Zone, and Launch Base Zone were changed to be based on a prototype version of Sonic 3, similar to Sonic & Knuckles Collection for PC. However, the music tracks are not identical to the prototype and are actually inferior. Hopefully this and the compilation's other issues are fixed someday. I'm not saying people shouldn't buy Sonic Origins (I actually like that compilation despite the fact that it has some obvious flaws). I'm just saying, If you still have Sonic Mega Collection for GameCube and recently downloaded Sonic Origins, I recommend keeping it because it has all of Sonic 3's original music, more games (such as Sonic Spinball and Ristar), and the nostalgic menus. If you don't have Sonic Mega Collection, it is still cheap at around $20. 8.Not as "kiddie" as people thought/think Despite popular opinion (that's right, opinion), the GameCube isn't and never was a "kiddle" console. There are over forty M rated games on the console, such as SIX Resident Evil games, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, the True Crime games, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and Mortal Kombat: Deception. Even Nintendo released two adult games for GameCube: Eternal Darkness and Geist, and they also collaborated with Konami and Silicon Knights on Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Ubisoft gave the GameCube version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (also an M rated game) a Collector's Edition release like the other versions. The GameCube version of BMX XXX also happens to be the least censored of the three versions, and taking the cover out of the case and looking at the other side of it reveals a hidden picture (as seen in the video above). But an even bigger surprise is the fact that the GameCube version of Resident Evil 3 is the only version of the original Resident Evil 3 that is completely uncensored (in the U.S. and Canada anyway; I haven't played the Japanese and European releases yet). Don't even bother using the indigo color as an argument for the console being for "kids only." The Jet black color was also available right on the console's launch, and Japan also got the Spice orange color. Platinum followed only a year later. 9.Lots of great imports Some people criticize the console's library for having less games than PS2 and Xbox. Well, there's more than meets the eye. A lot more. There are several games released only in Japan and/or Europe that are worth importing. Here are some of the notable ones: There are Dr. Mario games for just about every Nintendo system, but the GameCube seems to have been left out. Not so. Dr. Mario 64 was released in Japan for the GameCube as part of Nintendo Puzzle Collection. Also included are an updated version of Yoshi's Cookie, and (believe it or not) the unreleased N64 version of Panel de Pon. These games allow up to four players to play and can be played with any of the GameCube's Controllers (Standard, Wavebird, Hori Digital), or a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP connected to the GameCube. Some copies of Nintendo Puzzle Collection include a GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable. Like it or not, the GameCube has a trilogy of Donkey Kong games like the SNES and original Game Boy do. Donkey Konga 3 includes DK, Diddy, and Dixie as playable characters like Donkey Konga 2, and also adds Funky Kong. This also means the Kongs are shown on the screen when four players play, unlike the previous Donkey Konga games. The soundtrack is better than the previous Donkey Konga games, not only having the most songs but also having music from NES and Famicom games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mappy (the Donkey Konga trilogy was developed by Namco, after all). If you like the other Donkey Konga games, this is worth importing because it is the best of the trilogy. Hudson Soft, the company behind Bomberman and Adventure Island, released several remakes of their NES games in an era dominated by 3D games and new ideas. Though some Bomberman games were released for the console outside of Japan, Hudson Soft released remakes of Lode Runner, Star Soldier, Bonk's Adventure, and Adventure Island in Japan. Each game includes some unlockable features, such as commercials (including the American commercial for Adventure Island II) and the Hudson Shooting Watch. A sequel to Bomberman Land for PS1 was released in Japan for GameCube. It features a 2D, RPG-style story mode where you talk to people and play mini-games. One of the more notable mini-games (which is in 3D) is Bomberman Kart, which was originally released as a standalone game for PS2. Bomberman Kart in Bomberman Land 2 allows up to four players, has three modes (including Grand Prix and Time Trials), includes more than ten tracks (many of which need to be unlocked), has multiple character and Kart selections, and shows replays after each race. It has almost enough content to be a full-fledged kart racing game like the standalone version. Bomberman Land 2 also has additional mini-games that can be downloaded to a Game Boy Advance with a GameCube-Game Boy Advance Cable. Maybe you've heard of/played the Kururin games on Game Boy Advance (Kuru Kuru Kururin and Kururin Paradise). Well here's Kururin Squash!, the (so far) only console entry in the series, released in Japan. Though the visuals are in 3D, as expected, the game plays mostly the same as the GBA games, in that you ride a helicopter and must move through narrow paths while doing your best not to touch the walls. The levels also become more challenging the more you progress. There are boss battles at the end of each world. The music ranges from intense to calm and relaxing, and some of it is quite memorable. Up to four players can play. One of my favorite imports. This game was released in America under the title Bust a Move 3000. Some people think it is a port of Super Bust a Move 2 for PS2, probably because it has the same cover art. However, it is actually a port of the first Super Bust a Move but with different backgrounds. The reason why the Japanese and European releases are worth mentioning is because they have two additional modes that the American release doesn't have: a four player mode, and a kind of Space Invaders-style Shoot Bubble mode. If you liked the Bust a Move games for the N64, it is worth importing Super Bust a Move All-Stars or Super Puzzle Bobble All-Stars. Micro Machines is another franchise that has appeared on most Nintendo systems, but the GameCube was seemingly left out. Actually, an entry was released for GameCube in Europe but by Atari instead of Codemasters. Honestly, it's not as good as previous Micro Machine games though it isn't bad either. The characters are different. Instead of characters like Mike, Emilio, and Spider like in previous Micro Machines games, this game has Grizzly Beard and Aunt Betty. The gameplay, however, is basically the same, with an overhead view and tiny vehicles cruising through several tracks indoor and outdoor. Like Micro Machines 64, up to four players can play this game. Some of the music is catchy, while others are forgettable. I'd say it's worth importing, but only if you're a fan of this series. 10.Action Replay Even though the Action Replay is a cheat device, it isn't just for using cheat codes. It can also be used to access hidden features in many games, such as beta content in Luigi's Mansion (remember the Game Boy Horror clock in early screens of the game?), a debug mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, a test level in Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda in Animal Crossing, etc. The earlier versions of Action Replay are the best because they have an option to add codes, which was removed from the newer version released in 2007. One of the best codes allows you to play F-Zero AX in F-Zero GX, complete with menus, checkpoints, and Arcade controls with the Logitech Speed Force Steering Wheel. The newer version of Action Replay is still worth buying, though, because it has SD Card support for homebrew material. Both the earlier and newer versions of Action Replay also have a Freeloader option to play imported games, without modifying the console, just by swapping discs. The Freeloader included in the earlier Action Replay discs (as well as earlier Freeloader discs) can also convert PAL games to 60Hz, so they'll work on American GameCube's and American TV's even if the game doesn't have a 60hz option. The earlier versions of the Action Replay don't work with the Wii due to updates, so this is yet another reason to keep the GameCube or buy one. 11.SD Card support If you read issues of Nintendo Power in 2001 before the GameCube was released, you might've seen pictures of an SD Card accessory. The SD Card Adapter was released in Japan in 2003. It is meant to be used in Dōbutsu no Mori e+ (Animal Crossing) and Pokémon Colosseum. You can take pictures, save them onto an SD Card. and do whatever you want with them. You can print them, use them as desktop wallpaper, post them on a website, e-mail them to someone, etc. The SD Card accessory, both official and unofficial versions, can be used with the 2007 version of Action Replay for Homebrew material, without modifying the console. Yes, the GameCube has a Homebrew scene. It's just not as big as NES, SNES, or N64. You can download NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and even PS1 Emulators. Of course, these Emulators do not replace the original systems but can be useful. You can play hacks of various games (such as Mario Adventure and Mega Man 3 Improvement) on a console, without having to spend $50 or more on a cartridge (assuming a hack was even put on a cartridge). You can play the unreleased Game Boy Advance version of Rainbow Islands on a GameCube with the Visual Boy Advance GX Emulator. It is also possible to play it on the Game Boy Player by using a GBA Flash Cartridge. Like FCE Ultra for PC, FCE Ultra GX for GameCube has a built-in NSF (NES Sound Format) Player and can play pretty much any NES soundtrack (including Famicom and Famicom Disk System). You can even listen to Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Shovel Knight's soundtracks, since they were converted to NSF, as well as unused music tracks from games such as Battletoads and Kirby's Adventure. With the CubeSX PS1 Emulator, you can play the beta/prototype versions of Mega Man 8 on a GameCube. The SD Card Adapter works with regular SD Cards of up to 2 GB, though Datel released an Adapter that allows SD Cards of up to 4 GB. 12.Looks reasonably good on HDTV's With HDTV's having removed S-Video ports and having Composite video shared with Component video ports, it's gotten more difficult to connect older consoles to newer TV's. Of course, retro consoles like the NES and Sega Genesis are best played on CRT TV's anyway. The thing about GameCube, however, is that many of its games still look modern(ish). Of course, being released in 2001, it is a standard definition console, and depending on your setup it may or may not look good on an HDTV. The GameCube has its own Component cable, and the original DOL-001 model of the GameCube has a Digital A/V out port where this cable can be connected. Of course, if you've looked for Component cables on eBay, then you've likely noticed that they are not cheap due to the fact that they were only sold online (except in Japan, where they were also available at retailers and came inside a nice box). However, nowadays there are HDMI Adapter's available for GameCube if you'd prefer a cheaper alternative. Though both the Component cable and HDMI Adapters provide a much sharper picture than Composite, quite a few of the GameCube's games also have Progressive Scan support for an even sharper image. Some games also have a Deflicker setting and a surprising amount of games have Widescreen support as well (more info below). Since the Game Boy Player doesn't work with Wii, one advantage that the GameCube's Component cable has over the Wii's Component cable is that the former can be used to run the Game Boy Player in Progressive Scan. So this is yet another to keep/buy the GameCube if you want to play Game Boy games with a clearer image. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic Heroes, and Pikmin 2 have a Deflicker setting. For Melee and Pikmin 2, I recommend turning this setting off for the clearest picture possible. While useful on a CRT TV, turning the Deflicker option on while using a Component cable and an HDTV just makes the image look blurry. For Sonic Heroes, I recommend leaving the option on since the image honestly doesn't look all that different when it's off (and the difference is even less noticeable on an HDTV) other than making the menu graphics look a little more jagged and pixellated. Tired of the image looking stretched on your HDTV? Many games have Widescreen support. Some games even have both Progressive Scan and Widescreen support, such as Star Fox Adventures, Super Monkey Ball 2, James Bond 007: Nightfire and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, the Burnout games, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero GX, Soul Calibur II, R: Racing Evolution, most of the Tony Hawk games (even Pro Skater 4), Need For Speed Underground 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Need For Speed Most Wanted, the True Crime games, Fight Night Round 2, Geist, Super Mario Strikers, Pac-Man World Rally, and Need For Speed Carbon. Even Madden NFL 08 has both Progressive Scan and Widescreen support, despite being a very late release for the console. Here's another use for the earlier versions of Action Replay. Some games that don't have Widescreen support can be forced to run in Widescreen on a real GameCube. Animal Crossing looks VERY clean when played in both Progressive Scan and Widescreen (it also runs at a smooth 60 frames per second). And now the GameCube version of Zelda: Twilight Princess is playable in Widescreen like the Wii and Wii U versions. 13.Skins Several skins were released for the GameCube, both licensed and unlicensed. I remember seeing some of these in 2006/2007. I've seen Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, Pokémon XD, and various Zelda: Twilight Princess skins. These are licensed. I've also seen an unlicensed Resident Evil 4 skin. A year or two ago, I saw a Sonic Riders skin on eBay which looked to have been licensed by Sega. 14.Game Boy Advance Connectivity The Game Boy Advance Connectivity feature is well-known, but only got a moderate amount of attention during the GameCube era. Which is unfortunate, because there are actually quite a few neat features available when linking the two systems. The most notable games with Connectivity are Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime, Pac-Man Vs., Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle When Sonic Adventure 2: Battle came out, Sega and Sonic Team made history by not only releasing the first Sonic game for a Nintendo console but also by being the first companies to make use of the GBA Connectivity feature. You can send your Chao to a garden called Tiny Chao Garden on your GBA, and build-up its stats on the go. You can save your stats if you have Sonic Advance or any other Sonic GBA game that has the Tiny Chao Garden. When you're ready, you can send the Chao and its stats back to the GameCube. Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut expanded this GBA Connectivity feature by also including a few mini-games. Animal Crossing Animal Crossing is the only GameCube game released in America that is compatible with the GBA e-Reader (other e-Reader compatible games were released in Japan). Many e-Reader cards were released that can be used at the Town Tune board, the e-Reader machine in the Post Office, inside the Able Sisters Tailor Shop, and on the e-Readers' menu. Two NES games (Mario Bros. (1983) and Ice Climber), thought to be "forbidden" games, are officially obtainable with two of the e-Reader cards. In the Tailor Shop, you can download the design tool to a GBA and create/edit designs on the go. You can also use the e-Reader here to scan cards that have patterns. You can then use the patterns on clothing, umbrellas, doors, signs, wallpaper, and floors. You can also put them on display in the Tailor Shop, then your animal neighbors may use them on their clothing or umbrellas. If another player visits your town, he or she can also use the patterns you have on display. You can use the GBA to travel to an Island. There's a flag on this Island that you can change with any patterns you have. When you're ready to go back to your town, you can download a simplified version of your Island to a GBA. If you leave your Shovel, Axe, Net, and Fishing Rod on your Island, your Islander can use these tools on the GBA. If you go back to your Island on the GameCube, you'll find your tools in the same spots where your Islander left them on the GBA. If your Islander finds any goodies with your tools, he or she may give them to you. One of those goodies is Wario's Woods for NES. If another player is playing and you have two GBA's, you can also trade the GBA versions of your Islands. There are Coconuts on the Island that you can take back with you to your town. When you're back at your town, you can dig the Coconuts and grow palm trees. When playing an NES game, there's an Advance Play option that allows you to download some of the included NES games to a GBA. Some games such as Punch-Out!! and Wario's Woods can't be downloaded because they're larger than the GBA's RAM. Pac-Man Vs. Pac-Man Vs. is one of the finest examples of GBA Connectivity. At least two players are required to play, but there are options for computer controlled Ghosts and up to four players can play. Three players control the Ghosts and look at the TV. The other player, of course, controls Pac-Man, and looks at the Game Boy Advance. The players controlling the Ghosts can only see their immediate surroundings, while the player controlling Pac-Man can see the entire maze. The player that catches Pac-Man then swaps Controllers with whoever was playing as Pac-Man. There are several maze layouts to choose from, Also, Mario provides commentary. Interestingly, the title screen music is from Namco Museum Vol. 1 on PS1. Pac-Man Vs. is included with all Player's Choice copies of Pac-Man World 2, and some copies of R: Racing Evolution. I believe it is also included with some copies of I-Ninja, and got a limited release by itself. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell The Splinter Cell series is considered best on the Xbox consoles, but the GameCube version of the first Splinter Cell has some cool GBA Connectivity features not in the other versions. A map showing your surroundings is shown on the GBA. The green arrow is Sam Fisher, the purple arrow is a guard that's been knocked out, and the red arrow is a guard above Fisher. If a guard is nearby, the GBA beeps to warn you. Connecting a GBA also allows a Sticky Bomb weapon to be selected. On the GameCube you shoot the Sticky Bomb using the SC-20K and then activate it with the GBA, taking out any guards that are nearby. If you have both the GameCube and GBA versions of the game, five more levels can be unlocked in the GBA version by completing levels in the GameCube version and then connecting a GBA with the GBA version of the game. Conclusion I could go on and on, but I think that's enough (for now). These aren't the only things about the GameCube that make it a great console. Like other consoles, you can hook it up to a Sound Bar or Home Theater System and listen to games in Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound (Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike stands out, because it has seven channel Dolby Pro Logic IIx). Many of its games have memorable soundtracks. A lot of its games have Progressive Scan support and some like F-Zero GX even have widescreen support, making them look reasonably good even on an HDTV. It was one of the first consoles to have an official wireless Controller. Even the demo discs are fun to collect (and play). The Cube was and still is an amazing console after all these years, and it deserves more respect. If you haven't played it in a while, it is worth going back to. If you've never played it before, I suggest giving it a chance. Check out my YouTube Channel for videos of GameCube demos, beta content, soundtracks, and my A Look at Imports series. I'll add more pics to this blog later. -MegaMan52
  2. 2022 Sale Thread -E-mail jasonrippard@yahoo.com for questions -Buyer pays shipping (unless otherwise stated) -Ships to North America Only -Prices made based on condition -Parting out items considered but not guaranteed. -PM for questions/details/bundling -If there is a bold line through it... it is sold. -All NES games have dust covers. If it has a box, it has a box protector. -Virginia has joined a list of other states raising the limit to $600 per year til a 1099 tax form is sent. Sorry for the inconvenience. Alternative payment forms are fine if this is an issue. -OVER 150 TRANSACTIONS ON NintendoAge (BUY WITH CONFIDENCE) NES 720° $15 10 Yard Fight $5 3D World Runner $15 8 Eyes $15 Adventure Island (CI) $25 Air Fortress (CI) $15 Alpha Mission $10 Bandai Golf (CIB) $22 Baseball Stars II (Box only) $18 Battle Chess $10 Blades of Steel $12 Blaster Master (CI) $20 Breakthru $10 Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (CB faded) $18 Bump n’ Jump $8 Caesars Palace (Box only) $10 Casino Kid $10 Championship Bowling (CI) $8 Cobra Command $12 Cobra Triangle $8 Codename: Viper $15 Crystal Mines (blue) (CB) $70 Dance Aerobics $8 Dash Galaxy (faded box) (CB) $25 Demon Sword $10 Destination Earthstar $8 Faxanadu (CI) $20 Festers Quest (CI) $15 Gauntlet $10 Gauntlet II $10 Ghosts n’ Goblins $20 Golf $8 Goonies II (CI) $25 Gotcha! (CI) $10 Gyromite (w/ famicom convertor) (CI) $30 Hogans Alley $10 Hoops (CI) $10 Hunt For Red October $8 Hydlide $8 Ikari Warriors $12 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom $15 Infiltrator $8 Jeopardy (CB) $12 Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $6 Johan Elway’s Quarterback (CI) $8 Karate Champ (CI) $10 Kings Knight (CI) $15 Kings of the Beach $8 Load Runner $10 Mad Max $12 Millipede $10 Milons Secret Castle (CI) $15 Muppet Adventure (cart stains) $10 NES Open Golf $7 Orb 3-D (CI) $15 Othello $5 Pin Bot (CI) $8 Pinball (CI) $8 Play Action Football (CIB) $15 RBI Baseball $10 Robowarrior $10 Rush n’ Attack $10 Side Pocket $8 Silent Service (CI) $8 Soccer $7 Solar Jetman $10 Solstice $10 Star Voyager $8 Stealth ATF $8 Super Talking Jeopardy (Box Only) $12 Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (CB custom box) $30 Super Pitfall (CI) $15 Super Spkie V’ball $8 Super Spike V’ball/World Cup Soccer (CB custom box) $30 Super Team Games $8 Tecmo Bowl $10 Tecmo World Wrestling (CI) $15 Terminator 2 $9 Tetris 2 (CI) $15 Tiger-Heli (CI) $10 Top Gun Second Mission (CI) $10 Top Player Tennis $12 Total Recall (CI) $15 Track & Field $6 Vegas Dream (CIB) $20 Wheel of Fortune (CI) $8 Wheel of Fortune Family Edition $6 Winter Games $8 World Class Track Meet (CB custom box) $25 Wrath of the Black Manta $12 Manuals -Bards Tale -Caveman Games -Commando -Dino Riki -Iron Tank -Mach Rider -Paperboy -Tag Team -Volleyball
  3. Here is a list of stuff I have for sale, for offer, or trade. Let me know if you are interested or need pictures. I am negotiable on prices so don't be afraid to ask. NES - FS/FT/FO Airwolf - $5 Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing - $5 Goal! - $5 The Legend of Kage (trace repair) - $5 Meter Gear - $10 Super Mario Bros. 3 - $15 NES Satellite (No Receiver) - $15 SNES - FS/FT/FO Arkanoid: Doh It Again CIB - $40 Super Tennis CIB - $25 SNES Mouse - $15 Wii - FS/FT/FO Complete white Wii system with Wiimote+Nunchuck and all cables. - $60 Mario Party 8 CIB - $20 Wii Sports (Sleeve Version) CIB - $15 Netflix Wii Disc in sleeve - $5 DS - FS/FT/FO Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Swords (Sealed) - $40 PLAYSTATION - FS/FT/FO Official Playstation Controller (non analog) - $10 PLAYSTATION 2 - FS/FT/FO Grand Theft Auto III (Sealed First Print) - $200 Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (Sealed) - $20 SEGA - FS/FT/FO Animaniacs - $10 Sonic Classics - $10 XBOX 360 - FS/FT/FO Batman: Arkham City (Sealed) - $15 Duke Nukem Forever (Sealed) - $10 Tomb Raider Legend CIB - $10 Black OEM 360 Controller - $15 MAGAZINE & STRATEGY GUIDES - FS/FT/FO Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide - $10 Nintendo Powers: November/December 1988 March/April 1990 May/June 1990 Volume 27 Volume 46 Volume 51 Volume 44 Volume 75 Volume 106 Volume 108 Volume 111 Volume 112 Volume 113 Volume 116 Volume 117 Volume 118 Volume 119 Volume 120 Volume 121 Volume 122 Volume 123 Volume 124 Volume 125 Volume 126 Volume 127 Volume 128 Volume 129 Volume 158
  4. Hi all up for sale or trade is: 1. A 100% legit Super Famicom controller test cartridge. Not a repro or modern fake (pics of board available on request). Tested and working, Some wear and staining to the label. If you are looking to buy then I am looking for $550 (US) including shipping and PAYPAL fees. More pics: https://imgur.com/a/56DLAl8 2. A N64 OOT Promo T-Shirt and EB launch pack (plastic bag, leaflet, promo map poster, tattoos), map has some light creasing and bends, bag is worn, tattoos are creased. T-shirt is XL and looks unworn. If you are looking to buy then I am looking for $450 (US) including shipping and PAYPAL fees. More pics: https://imgur.com/a/0efNBSn If you are looking to trade then I am looking for official Asian Sega Mega Drive or Mega-CD games or any of the Wii U games on my list here: Let me know what you have. I am based in the UK. Thanks
  5. Well, here is my NFR want to buy thread. Looking to do trades or pay for not for resales and demos I am missing. I do have tons of Not For Resales up for trade, so if you are missing any, we can work something out. There are certain specific criteria for the games: - They must be mint as possible especially the back sticker. - The only writing that I am okay with is if the store name and number is filled out. - Front label should have no extreme tears or hard damage at all. Small scratches and ticks are alright including sticker residue. N64 Not For Resales Super Smash Bros. back sticker NFR DS Not For Resales (USA) Guitar Hero: On Tour Nintendogs: Dalamations - back sticker only Transformers Yoshi's Touch (-1 Version) - back sticker only 3DS Not For Resales (EUR) Puzzle Dragons Game Boy Advance Not For Resales Pokemon Leaf Green Game Boy/Game Boy Color Not For Resales Donkey Kong Country Kirby's Pinball Land - back sticker only Tetris - back sticker only Gamecube Demo Discs (Must include case) January 2002 Version 17 Version 21 Version 25 Version 29 That's it for now! Thanks for looking.
  6. Hey guys, I’m looking for game recommendations for my son’s 5th birthday. Being almost 5 years old, he has pretty good platforming skills, but very little patience for unforgiving deaths and restarts. I’m mainly after Switch titles, as that system is the easiest for our family to play together, and easiest for my wife to operate if I’m not around. A year or so ago, I began by starting him with Mario Kart 8, toggled on the auto drive and bumper rails and allowed him to become familiar with using a joystick. Before long he was driving on his own and navigating the menus from memory as he cannot read. For Christmas 2021 I bought him a PJ Masks game for Switch, that has basic platforming and he quickly completed this, stating it was too easy and not that much fun. Next up was Lego Jurassic World. This took him a little while to understand, but the co-op in the Lego games is excellent and allows for me to help him through levels and free play if/when he is stuck. As of last night he is at about 97% completion, leaving only a few “collectables” left and he will have 100%’d his first game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was released in February of 2021. He has completed the minimum 50 cat bells to fight the final Bowser and just loves completing the final battle again and again and again. As for Super Mario 3D World; we have completed this as a family and have unlocked both bonus levels. He has been replaying each level and getting all the collectables (green stars and stamps) and is at about 75% completion. So, what’s next? He really badly wants to play Minecraft, but I’m afraid it will be terribly difficult, since he cannot read yet. The new Kirby game just launched, and I’ve heard good things, but I have not played it for myself yet. Ideas?
  7. Going to Use this thread to showcase some NES stuff. Questions/Comments/Concerns Welcome.
  8. I'm looking to get into some more obscure systems this year. Specifically I'm interested in Master System, 32X, Sega CD, PSVR, and TG-16/PC-E CIB games. I'm also interested in pretty much anything CIB. I am happy to consider large lots as well. Please PM or comment. I'm happy to consider any offer for anything. My For Sale/Offer/Trade Thread $$$ Want To Buy - CIB, Good Condition or Better $$$ Sega Master System Games (21) Sega 32X Games (1) Sega CD Games (13) TG-16/PC-E Games (List pending) PSVR (87) Secondary Goal (Sets I want to Finish) - Want To Buy CIB, Good Condition or Better Gamecube Games (list incoming) Wii U Games (list incoming) N64 Games (list incoming) NES items I'm interested in buying. CIB NES Games (NTSC USA) for a Full Set Stadium Events (plan to buy in 2021) NES CIB Variants Athena Blades of Steel - Konami Classic Series Cyberball - Without -1 after box code. No promo version? (unclear if this exists) Mega Man 6 - Blue border Capcom release Mike Tyson's Punch-out - Original release with white bullets on box/cart Monster Truck Rally - Original release without -1 after box code (unclear if this exists) Motor City Patrol - Original release without -1 after box code (unclear if this exists) Simpsons: Bart vs Space Mutants with poster - Original release without -1 after box/poster code NES Posters/Inserts/Extras Al Unser Jr poster California Games - need full size poster without outer blue border Castelian poster Cowboy Kid poster Double Dragon 3 poster Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge poster Incredible Crash Dummies - poster Kid Klown poster Mario is Missing - poster/map (2nd copy for Mario Discovery Series version) Mario's Time Machine - poster Section Z - black and white map Star Force poster Total Recall poster Wacky Races poster Winter Games poster World Champ poster
  9. I recently started playing Pokémon brilliant diamond on the Nintendo switch. When I was looking at the box art, I saw a cancer and reproductive harm warning. I went to the website and one of the things it says is “Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. By requiring that this information be provided, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.” This got me wondering several things. What about this packaging or the game itself makes it cause cancer and/or reproductive harm? I could not find anything saying what exactly in this product makes it cancerous. What other video games have this label? Can it really cause cancer/how serious are the agents within that could cause cancer? this is a pic of the warning label
  10. Fake GBA games, they're probably the most faked of any game on a system, probably after fake DS games. Don't believe me? Type in pokemon emerald on eBay. The first 6 listings are all fakes. One of the listings has sold 238 fake pokemon emeralds. Do your part, report any listings of fake games, or as they tend to call them, reproduction games. It is illegal to sell bootleg games. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=pokemon+emerald&_trksid=p2380057.m4084.l1313 BUT MAKAR, HOW DO I KNOW IF MY GAME IS REAL?!? Unfortunately fake GBA games are harder to spot than DS games, but luckily there are a few easy ways to spot fake GBA games, especially when it comes to the most faked games, Pokemon games. The easiest way to tell if a GBA game is fake is the label, BUT only if it's a really poorly made label. Does my label look like the real label? Unfortunately over the past 5-10 years, scammers have gotten very good at making the labels look a lot better so you tend to have to rely on other methods now, which I'll talk about below. These methods will work even if you can't test the game, open it up, or see it in person. Opening it up to see if the board is legit is one way to tell if it's fake but I find that to be the most complicated method to verifying a game when these methods can do the trick more easily. THE 2 (OR SOMETIMES 4) CHARACTERS ON LABEL IMPRINT METHOD Real GBA games have 2 characters imprinted into their label (sometimes 2 groups of 2 characters). These characters can be numbers or letters and the same game can have different characters. For example, my Pokemon emerald has an 11 imprinted on it but yours could have a 12 or 08. If your GBA game does not have 2 (or 2 sets of 2) characters imprinted into it's label, it's fake. Sometimes the 2 characters are hard to see, but I assure you, they're there somewhere. I have yet to see a legit GBA game without 2 characters imprinted into it's label. My legit Drill Dozer has 2 sets of 2 characters imprinted into it's label. E3 is slightly over the Nintendo official seal and 09 is above E3. 08 is above the official Nintendo seal on my legit Zelda four swords. 11 is above the official Nintendo seal on my legit Emerald 09 is above the official Nintendo seal on my legit Pokemon ruby THE 4 RECTANGLES METHOD (FOR POKEMON GAMES ONLY) Turn over your main series GBA Pokemon game. Look in the top left corner. Are there 4 rectangles? If there aren't, your game is fake. Pics below are all of legit Pokemon games. I have a blue circle around the 4 rectangles, and then the same pic without a circle on it just so you can see the whole board. THIS IS THE BACK OF A FAKE POKEMON RUBY. Notice there are no 4 rectangles in the top left corner. There are definitely other methods to spotting fake GBA games, most of which involve the board. Please feel free to post your methods too. If you have any questions, please ask.
  11. Fake DS Games. They're a huge problem, almost as bad as fake GBA games. Every popular DS game has been faked, and most of the expensive titles have been faked too. This guide is meant to show you the difference between fake and real authentic Nintendo DS games and how to spot these differences. Here's an example of an authentic and fake Digimon World DS game. The real one is on the left. Fake one is on the right. REAL DIGIMON WORLD DS FRONT AND BACK: FAKE DIGIMON WORLD DS FRONT AND BACK: SIDE BY SIDE OF THE REAL AND FAKE DIGIMON WORLD DS GAMES. REAL ON LEFT: MORE FAKE DS GAMES: FAKE SUPER ROBOT TAISEN OG SAGA AND AGE OF EMPIRES MYTHOLOGIES: HOW TO SPOT FAKE VS REAL DS GAMES: You'll notice several things. The artwork in the case might be slightly off. The front sticker of the games themselves might be off. The backs of the games are always off. Unfortunately, scammers have gotten great at faking DS game cases and labels. Always be careful buying sealed DS games. Ask where the buyer bought them from. No matter how good scammers get, one thing that's still always wrong with DS games is the back. The front of the Digimon World DS game says NTR-ADNE-USA. The back of the authentic one says ADNEN0J13. The back of the fake one says CP3EN0J09. The first 4 characters on the back MUST match the first 4 characters on the front of the cart, otherwise it's fake. This method applies to North American, PAL, and Japanese DS games (not sure about other regions, but it probably applies to them too). All 3 of my fake games have the same serial number thing on the back which says CP3EN0J09. I suspect this is the given serial for the mass produced fake carts. There may be other fake serials for fake carts besides this one. Just match the characters on the front to the back to be sure. Another way to spot fakes is the NTR-005 part. It's hard to tell but it's just off on the fake carts. Not placed correctly, it's bigger, and raised more. It's easier to see when you do a side by side comparison with a legit cart. Not to sound xenophobic, but if you are buying DS games or really any game for that matter online and it's from China, it is 99.99999% a fake game you're buying. One more thing, I've noticed a lot of fake sealed Pokemon games lately. Luckily they're easy to spot. If you see a Pokemon game with the Nintendo label repeating across the middle, it's fake. REAL SEALED POKEMON DIAMOND: FAKE SEALED POKEMON DIAMOND: POKEMON AND INFRARED GAMES ONLY: There is a very simple way to determine if your Pokemon HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 is fake. All of the legit carts of these are black in color, not gray. If your HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 is gray, its fake. *NOTE: The legit Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum are all gray, not black* If you don't have a gray DS cart nearby to use as a reference or you're not sure, shine a flashlight onto your cart. The legit carts are actually a see through red (which looks black when you don't have a light shining on it). If it doesn't appear see through red, then it's a gray cart. As mentioned by @sceptios, there are indeed a couple other black (really see through red infrared games that this check will work on too. See that list here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_game_card#Infrared_support) Gray legit Pokemon platinum and black legit SoulSilver and Black 2 below: THE RECTANGLE ON TOP METHOD PER @tidaldreams This is another method to spot fakes. On the top of every legit DS cart is a rectangle. The size can vary from cart to cart but that's okay, a different size doesn't mean it's fake. If a DS cart DOES NOT have any rectangle on the top, then it's fake. This method applies to North American, PAL, and Japanese DS games (not sure about other regions, but it probably applies to them too). Here are some pictures showing the rectangle: The three on the left are all fake. Three on the right are all legit. 12/23/2021 update unfortunately they’re getting better at faking DS games. This is a real Pokémon platinum game. this is a fake Pokémon platinum notice that they both start with CPUE on the back. That used to be a quick way to spot DS fakes but they’ve figured that part out. What they still get wrong is the placement of the numbers and letters in black. On authentic DS games this part is always above that little rectangle I circled on the right side. On fake cartridges the black numbers and letters are on the same line as the rectangle I circled. Hopefully that helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  12. Wargroove on the switch is absolutely incredible. I recently got this game basically for free with the coins I won from the Tetris maximus 99 cup. I told myself if I ever won, I'd use my coins to try out Wargroove. Wargroove is a tactical strategy turn based game much like advance wars and fire emblem. It is very similar to advance wars in the style so for anyone who has been waiting for nintendo to make a new advance wars, this technically isn't it but it is pretty darn close. You can buy certain units, capture buildings, get gold, heal, etc. It has some new tactical elements too, especially with healing. You can stand next to a structure to reinforce your unit but it'll cost you gold and deduct the health from the building. And when you capture buildings they get half the health if the unit used to capture it. Additionally, buildings and your main person gain 1 health (out of 10) per turn. I'm only about 10 levels in, but I was addicted after not even 3 levels. The gameplay is great, characters are great, the difficulty is perfect, and one of my favorite parts is the cutscenes are NOT super drawn out like they are in fire emblem. You can get to the next level within a minute usually. Strongly recommend this game for those who love advance wars and/or fire emblem. It's only $20 for the digital version too. And there is a physical version as well (for $30-40) which comes with a cool map, stickers and guide book! For those who have already played it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  13. This is a work in progress. I'm sure there are some missing club caps. Help is appreciated so if you see anything missing or have good pictures I would be glad to add them. Super Power Club Caps INDEX Donkey Kong Country (10) Donkey Kong Country 2 (8) Earthbound (7) Greatest Games of All Time Super Power Club Caps (8) Jelly Slammers 1 (5) Jelly Slammers 2 (6) Jelly Slammers 3 (6) Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Nintendo Power Sheet (Silver Slammer) Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Super Power Club Sheet (Red Slammer) Killer Instinct Frogs (8) Legend of Zelda (8+1 Slammer) Mario Club Caps (8) Mega Man X (14) Stunt Race FX (8) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (8) Super Metroid (8) Super Punch Out! (16 + 1 Slammer) Virtual Boy (5) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donkey Kong Country (10) # 1 King K. Rool # 2 Klump # 3 Krusha # 4 Kritter # 5 Cranky Kong # 6 Candy Kong # 7 Donkey Kong Country DK Barrel # 8 Funky Kong # 9 Donkey Kong # 10 Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country 2 (8) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 Earthbound (7) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 Greatest Games of All Time Super Power Club Caps (8) # 1 Mario # 2 Fulgore # 3 Samus Aran # 4 Yoshi # 5 Kirby # 6 Link # 7 Andross # 8 Donkey Kong Jelly Slammers 1 (5) # 1 Donkey Kong Country # 2 Killer Instinct # 3 Super Metroid # 4 Super Punch Out! # 5 Zelda Jelly Slammers 2 (6) # 1 Donkey Kong # 2 Diddy Kong # 3 Spinal # 4 Fulgore # 5 Yoshi # 6 Mario Jelly Slammers 3 (6) # 1 Fulgore # 2 Spinal # 3 Pink Yoshi & Baby Mario - Yellow Background - SMW2 # 4 Yoshi & Baby Mario - Blue Background - SMW2 # 5 Dixie Kong # 6 Diddy Kong Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Nintendo Power Sheet # 1 Fulgore # 2 Jago # 3 TJ Combo # 4 Chief Thunder # 5 Spinal # 6 Riptor # 7 Glacius # 8 B. Orchid # 9 Saber Wulf # 10 Killer Instinct Logo # 11 Silver (KI) Slammer Killer Instinct (10+1 Slammer) Super Power Club Sheet # 1 Fulgore # 2 Jago # 3 TJ Combo # 4 Chief Thunder # 5 Spinal # 6 Riptor # 7 Glacius # 8 B. Orchid # 9 Werewolf # 10 Meltdown # 11 Red (KI) Slammer Killer Instinct Frogs # 1 Fulgore # 2 Riptor # 3 Glacius # 4 Saber Wolf # 5 Jago # 6 Spinal # 7 Orchid # 8 Thunder Legend of Zelda (8+1 Slammer) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 Plastic Triforce Slammer Mario Club Caps (8) # 1 Mario # 2 Yoshi # 3 Wario # 4 Wart # 5 Mouser # 6 Bowser # 7 Koopa Troopa # 8 Roy Koopa Mega Man X (15) Mega Man had three sheets to complete the set. # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 # 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 Stunt Race FX (8) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (8) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 Super Metroid (8) # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 Super Punch Out! (16 + 1 Slammer) # 1 Gabby Jay # 2 Bear Hugger # 3 Piston Hurricane # 4 Bald Bull # 5 Bob Charlie # 6 Dragon Chan # 7 Masked Muscle # 8 Mr. Sandman # 9 Aran Ryan # 10 Heikie Kagero # 11 Mad Clown # 12 Super Macho Man # 13 Narcis Prince # 14 Hoy Quarlow # 15 Rick Bruiser # 16 Nick Bruiser # 17 Boxing Glove Slammer Virtual Boy (5) # 1 Mario's Tennis # 2 Teleroboxer # 3 Virtual Boy # 4 Galactic Pinball # 5 Picture of Virtual Boy Unit Contributors: @Ferris Bueller @acidjaguar
  14. I am working on documenting all the different Super Nintendo Era Store Display Banners. What I have is a good start but I am sure I am missing a few. If you know of some that I am missing or have better pictures of these banners please let me know and I will add them. Store Display Banners College Slam Basketball - Vinyl Donkey Kong Country – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country (Donkey Kong Set) – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country (Banana Bucks) - Vinyl Donkey Kong Banner (Huge) Displayed at Toy's R Us Donkey Kong Country 2 – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country 2 / Yoshi’s Island Combo – Vinyl Donkey Kong Country 3 - Vinyl Doom – Vinyl Judge Dredd - Vinyl Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – Nylon Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run - Vinyl Killer Instinct – Vinyl Kirby's Dream Course / Kirby’s Avalanche Combo - Vinyl Mario Mania! - Nylon Maximum Carnage – Vinyl Mortal Kombat - Nylon Mortal Kombat II – Vinyl Mortal Kombat 3 – Vinyl NBA Hang Time (Triangle Shaped) – Vinyl *I do not have a picture of this banner but I have seen it. NBA Jam - Vinyl NBA Jam T.E. – Vinyl NCAA Basketball - Nylon NHLPA – Nylon Primal Rage - Vinyl Sears Super Mario All Stars Bundle Stanley Cup – Nylon StarFox (Competition Weekend) – Nylon StarFox (Competition Weekend) – Nylon (With removable "Competition Here" Ribbon Banner Attached) Stunt Race FX - Nylon Super Mario All-Stars Free Game Offer– Nylon Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars – Vinyl Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars (English / Spanish) - Vinyl Super Metroid - Vinyl Super Nintendo Entertainment System 6 Foot - Nylon Super Punch Out!! - Vinyl Tetris Attack - Vinyl WWF Raw - Vinyl Yoshi’s Island – Vinyl Yoshi’s Island (Very Large, Seen at Toys R Us) - Vinyl *I have never seen this banner but have been told by a few people that it exists. Zelda A Link to the Past – Nylon
  15. Star Code Boxes The prevailing theory used to be that the star indicated the game was given away as a promotional item. However, as per previous discussions on NA and from my personal experience, the preponderance of evidence indicates the addition of a star probably represents an update to the sales and warranty info on side of the box to read "FOR SALE IN USA AND CANADA ONLY (+/- MEXICO)." As far as I can tell, the star code is usually found on first-party Nintendo releases that had an initial circle SOQ release, then continued production as an oval SOQ release. There is one known exception to this rule (Dragon Warrior), which only has an oval SOQ version. It seems that around the time of the switch to the oval SOQ, Nintendo updated their warranty and sales statement on the side of the box. It is likely that many of the first-party games that had their SOQ switched were shipped without the updated statement, hence the requirement for an update and the star revision. This would generally be the last revision for most games that had the star, with the exception of major changes and re-releases (LoZ, LoZ II, and MTPO/Punch-out!!!). I've attached a picture of my MTPO with star code and two copies of Dragon Warrior (-1 without start and-1 with star) for reference. These are NOT the Nintendo Power promotional copies of DW because they are the -1 revision. I don't have a non-star MTPO but I'm pretty sure it does not have the statement. I will thumb through my collection and eventually update this post to be more definitive based on your feedback and my own anecdotal evidence. Please let me know if you have any info to support or refute this theory. Star Code Box Games List (in progress) Star Code Box Pictures Circle-T Manuals Late-gen releases and revisions have a Circle-T symbol on the front cover of the manual. This seems to indicate that the "Projection TV Warning" that was previously included as a separate pack-in sheet, has now been included within the manual. Evidence for this conclusion is two-fold: All manuals with the Circle-T that I have examined have the projection warning Several major re-releases/revisions that added a Circle-T to their manual have been examined and the only notable difference in the manuals is the projection warning. See pics below for examples. Interestingly, very late gen releases (July 1993 and on) drop the Circle-T and the projection warning. Big thanks to @0xDEAFC0DE for reviewing dozens of manuals to contribute to the list below. Circle-T Manuals List (in progress) Circle-T Manuals Pictures Star Code Manuals The prevailing theory is that this star was added to manuals that were revised to include a rear projection TV warning (RPTV). This is usually a brief statement saying "Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention may occur." Some games started with a star on the manual then lost it on a revision (NES Play Action Football), started with and maintained it (Little Nemo), and others added it as a revision (LoZ). There are also many games with both the Circle-T and star (Play Action Football), which further muddies the water. Big thanks to @0xDEAFC0DE for reviewing dozens of manuals to contribute to the list below. Any help here is much appreciated. Star Code Manuals List (in progress) Reference Threads Extra Space
  16. Hi, I have in my possession an original Game Design Document for the N64 version of Eternal Darkness. It was nearly completed, but never released, as it was ported to the GC. The GDD has a bunch of extra (unused, cut, changed) content, technical specs for N64, and a ton of original concept art. It's in very good condition, and the paper is high quality and textured, to give it a bit of a "grimoire" feeling. I know there is a small but keen fanbase for ED stuff, it was suggested to me it might fetch quite a high price -- but would require getting it to the right market. Looking for advice and recommendations for how/where to sell. I'm new here, so maybe "here" is a good place, I don't know. Thanks,
  17. Hello. New person here. I have an item in my collection that I would like some help identifying. It looks to be an actual Nintendo Power Award. The item consists of of metal frame in the shape of an arm and hand. In the hand sits an actual N64 Millennium 2000 controller. I'm looking to start downsizing my collection, so any help identifying/valuating would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Update: I got one! Looking for a BD&A Black Yoshi N64 Plush. Doesn’t have to have the Secret Hint Tail Tag.
  19. Here is my on going list of the different Super Nintendo Era Buttons and Pins. This is some of my personal collection and I have also been collecting images off of eBay and other websites for awhile now, but have lost a bunch I use to have. This is everything that remains. If anyone knows of, or has pictures of anything I'm missing please share them with me and I will add them to the list. Thanks, Brian. Buttons, Pins, and Patches Buttons Bubsy Button Domino's $25 Million Nintendo Instant Win Game Button - SNES Era - Nintendo Power #54 - 2.25" Donkey Kong Country The Beast is Back Button – 2.25” Donkey Kong Country Banana Bucks Button - 3" Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Button Hook 'em Together Button - 3" Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run Button - 3.5" Killer Instinct Flashing Eyes Button – 2.5” Mario Mania! Button – 2.25” Mario Paint Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Mortal Kombat Button - 1" NCAA Basketball – 2.25” New Nintendo Flashing Light Button Samus – Free Double Your Product Repair Warranty Button – 2.25” Star Fox Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Stunt Race FX Button – 2.5” Super Game Boy Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Mario All Stars Free Game Offer Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Mario RPG Button - 3" Super Metroid Button – 2.5” Super NES Super Scope 6 Lenticular Button – Ask Me About! – 3” Super Nintendo Entertainment System Lenticular Button - Ask Me About! - 2.25” Super Punch Out!! Button – 3” Tetris Attack Button - 3" Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games Button Toy Story Button Pins Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Pin Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong DK Nintendo Pin Donkey Kong Country Gold Employee Pin Fast Forward Nintendo Gold Pin Fast Forward Nintendo White Pin Fatal Fury 2 Pin Final Fantasy III Pin Flintstones 1994 Ocean Pin Killer Instinct Pin King of Monsters 2 Takara Pin Mario is Missing! Pin Mario Paint Pin Mega Man 7 Pin Mega Man X Pin Mortal Kombat Gold Midway 1992 Pin Nintendo Globe Pin Return of The Jedi Video Game Launch Pin Star Fox Pin Street Fighter II Turbo Gold Pin Street Fighter Ryu Pin Super Bomber Man 2 Pin Super FX Nintendo Pin Super Mario All Stars Gold Pin Super Mario Kart Pin Super Mario World Gold Pin Super Mario World Around the Globe Nintendo Employee Pin Super Mario World Pin Super Nintendo Entertainment System Pin Super Street Fighter II Pin The Best Play Here Nintendo Pin Patches Mario Mania! Nintendo Patch Merchandising Mission 95 Nintendo Patch Nintendo Power World 9 Challenge Patch The World Standard in Video Games Nintendo Patch - 3.5" Contributors: @8-bit_boice
  20. This is an on going list. Always looking for better pictures or other variations of the different Super Nintendo Kiosk. Kiosk Variations NES M80C – Counter Demonstration Display 13” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M80L – Counter Demonstration Display Base NES M81C – Counter Demonstration Display 20” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M81L – Counter Demonstration Display Base M82C - Mobile Demonstration Display 20” Monitor (Super Nintendo Kiosk) Lighted Game Boy / SNES Interactive Demonstration Module Lighted Interactive Demonstration Floor Display (SNES Kiosk) 20” (Almost 300 lbs) Nintendo 3 System Interactive Demonstration Tower Grey Nintendo Lock Box SNES Kiosk - I Had more information on this but it got lost. Proven by old Nintendo Merchandising Catalogs to be a Kiosk.
  21. I've been keeping track of the different Danglers/Shelf Talkers that come up on eBay and a few other sites. There has got to be a bunch of them and I am wondering if the community could help me with pictures of ones missing from my list. Thanks for the help. Here is what I have so far. Nintendo Entertainment System Kirby’s Adventure The Classic Series Roger Clemens MVP Baseball Super Nintendo Entertainment System Battle Clash Donkey Kong Country Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball Mario Paint NCAA Basketball Star Fox Star Fox (IS COMING! BE PREPARED TO COMPETE!) Super Nintendo IS HERE! Vegas Stakes Game Boy Buy Basic Set Kirby’s Pinball Land Super Mario Land 2 NES/SNES/Game Boy Mario Mania Yoshi’s Cookie Nintendo Power Nester – As Featured In Miscellaneous Nintendo Summertime FUN! Contributors: @LaC - Star Fox (IS COMING!, BE PREPARED TO COMPETE!)
  22. NES CIB LOT 1 marble madness commando ht mickey mouse tetris mike tyson punch out rev-a pac man excitebike ht ikari SNES CIB Lot #1: pocky rocky 2 mega man x3 power rangers rock n roll racing final fantasy ii final fantasy iii evo secret of man breath of fire zelda alttp cv4 Genesis Lot CIB #1: outrun mega turrican battletoads double toejam panic turtles hyperstone splatterhouse 3 gunstar heroes streets battletoads sonic knuckles NES Cart Lot 1: Title Qty chiller 2 Crystal Palace 2 Donkey Kong Classics 2 double dragon 2 Dragon Warrior ii 2 Dynatron City 2 felix 2 Final Fantasy 2 jackie chan 2 kickmaster 2 Lolo 3 2 Mega Man 5 2 Metal Storm 2 metroid 1 2 Mickey Numbers 2 tmnt 2 2 zelda gold x2 Dragon Warrior IV 2 2 Battletoads 3 Beetlejuice 3 Bucky O'hare 3 Castlevania 3 3 Mega Man 2 3 TMNT 3 3 Bubble Bobble 1 4 Castlevania 4 mario 3 4 Mega Man 1 4 mega man 4 4 mega man 6 4 ninja gaiden iii 4 mario duck hunt 5 tecmo super bowl 5 mike tyson punch out 7 Adventure Island 3 bart space mutants batman batman joker Bomberman ii bonk Bram Dracula casino kid 2 Chip N Dale 2 Contra cv1 w manual Darkwing Duck Dino City dk math with manual Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong JR math Dragon Warrior iii Dragonstrike Duck Tales 2 ducktales dw 1 dw 3 Frankenstein Ghenghis Khan Ghousts and Goblins godzilla godzilla 2 Guantlet 2 Ikari iii indiana jones last jetsons kirby's adventure Legacy of the wizard lethal weapon lolo 1 mario 2 maxi 15 miracle piano MTV nightmare on elm street Ninja Brothers ninja gaiden 1 overlord p'radikus pac man tengen paperboy punchout rainbow island Ren Stimpy Buckeroos robocop 2 SCAT secret scout shadowgate smb 2 Snow brothers Soccer soccer ultimate Street cop super c tmnt tf TMNT tournament toki totally rad Toxic Crusaders treasure master trolls turtles 1 uninvited vice volleyball Wacky Races wally bear Waynes World Where's Waldo wrecking crew w manual Wrestlemania xcitebike zelda 1 grey bubble bobble 2 chip n dale 2 bonk powerblade 2 zombie nation dragon warrior iv felix the cat ninja gaiden iii gun nac mario 3 left bros rares only availble please a Nintendo Power lot: power # 73 66 20 38 21 25 42 18 59 33 37 mario rpg guide mario advance 2 guide dk secrets mario 3 advance guide Gamecube lot #1 (5 consoles and games) hardware: 3 Gamecube consoles (1 JPN Orange, 2 NTSC) matching gameboy player attatchments 1 JPN gameboy player disc 2 GBA console Gameboy advance GBA gameshark games: Mario Sunshine zelda tp zel
  23. Hi! I recently started getting back into NES and am looking to build my collection again! I'm looking for the following games 100% CIB in amazing to mint condition! If you have any of the following, please PM and let's work some deals out! PayPal ready!! The * sign means these are my priorities and would buy almost immediately. I'll keep updating the list for newer things! Much appreciated helping me get my NES collection back!! And happy to be back!! Little Samson Snow Brothers** Bonk's Adventure Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom** Blues Brothers Panic Restaurant Rally Bike w/ poster Race America w/ poster Dragon Fighter w/poster & reg card Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue*** S.C.A.T. w/ Poster & reg card Zombie Nation w/inserts Cheetahmen 2 Myriad 6-in-1 Hot Slots Peek-A-Boo Poker Bubble Bath Babes Cowboy Kid w/ poster** Jetsons Color a Dinosaur** Wayne's World Fire 'N Ice Toxic Crusaders Mario's Time Machine w/poster A Nightmare on Elm Street Frankenstein the Monster Returns** NES Yellow Test Cartridge
  24. Nintendo Game & Watch - Collecting Guide Release Date Model # Silver Models Ball 4/28/1980 AC-01 Toss-Up (Mego Corp Variation) AC-01 Flagman 6/5/1980 FL-02 Flag Man (Mego Corp Variation) FL-02 Vermin 7/10/1980 MT-03 The Exterminator (Mego Corp Variation) MT-03 Fire 7/31/1980 RC-04 Fireman Fireman (Mego Corp Variation) RC-04 Judge (Green) 10/4/1980 IP-05 Judge (Purple) 10/4/1980 IP-05 Gold Models Manhole 1/29/1981 MN-06 Helmet 2/21/1981 CN-07 Lion 4/29/1981 LN-08 Wide Screen Models Parachute 6/19/1981 PR-21 Octopus 7/16/1981 OC-22 Popeye 8/5/1981 PP-23 Chef 9/8/1981 FP-24 Mickey Mouse 10/9/1981 MC-25 Egg 10/9/1981 EG-26 Fire 12/4/1981 FR-27 Turtle Bridge 2/1/1982 TL-28 Fire Attack 3/26/1982 ID-29 Snoopy Tennis 4/28/1982 SP-30 Vertical Multi Screen Models Oil Panic 5/28/1982 OP-51 Donkey Kong 6/3/1982 DK-52 Mickey & Donald 11/12/1982 DM-53 Green House 12/16/1982 GH-54 Donkey Kong II 3/7/1983 JR-55 Pinball 12/5/1983 PB-59 Black Jack 2/15/1985 BJ-60 Squish 4/17/1986 MG-61 Bomb Sweeper 6/15/1987 BD-62 Safebuster 1/12/1988 JB-63 Gold Cliff 10/19/1988 MV-64 Zelda 8/26/1989 ZL-65 Horizontal Multi Screen Models Mario Bros. 3/14/1983 MW-56 Rain Shower 8/10/1983 LP-57 Lifeboat 10/25/1983 TC-58 New Wide Screen Models Donkey Kong Jr. 10/26/1982 DJ-101 Mario's Cement Factory 6/16/1983 ML-102 Manhole 8/24/1983 NH-103 Tropical Fish 7/8/1985 TF-104 Super Mario Bros. 3/8/1988 YM-105 Climber 3/8/1988 DR-106 Balloon Fight 3/8/1988 BF-107 Mario the Juggler 10/14/1991 MB-108 Table Top Models Donkey Kong Jr. 4/28/1983 CJ-71 Mario's Cement Factory 4/28/1983 CM-72 Snoopy 7/5/1983 SM-73 Popeye 8/17/1983 PG-74 Panorama Models Snoopy 8/30/1983 SM-91 Popeye 8/30/1983 PG-92 Donkey Kong Jr. 10/7/1983 CJ-93 Mario's Bombs Away 11/13/1983 TB-94 Mickey Mouse 2/28/1984 DC-95 Donkey Kong Circus 9/6/1984 MK-96 Super Color Models Spitball Sparky 2/7/1984 BU-201 Crab Grab 2/21/1984 UD-202 Micro Vs. Models Boxing 7/31/1984 BX-301 Punch Out!! ??/??/84 BX-301 It is the same as Boxing but with the success of Punch Out!! they quickly changed the name. Donkey Kong 3 8/20/1984 AK-302 Donkey Kong Hockey 11/13/1984 HK-303 Crystal Screen Models Super Mario Bros. 6/25/1986 YM-801 Climber 7/4/1986 DR-802 Balloon Fight 11/19/1986 BF-803 Special Models Super Mario Bros. Special 8/1/1987 YM-901S Ball (Club Nintendo Re-issue) 4/1/2010 RGW-001 Super Mario Bros. 11/13/2020
  25. Looking to buy these plushies, will pay big money. Have the money, just need the opportunity! - Black and White BD&A Yoshi's (can be tagged or untagged) - BD&A Peach - Also looking for a 12" talking bowser (can be boxed or not) - Also any medium 18" or "Big Ol" Plushies from Nintendo Power Attaching pics
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