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  1. I mean... it depends on your perspective. it could also be in the very back!
  2. Hey gang! The last two years worth of work has culminated in this! I put on the first Art of Nintendo Power Museum Exhibit at a socal gaming convention called Megabit Gaming Expo last weekend! Here is an early video showing my display. More to come! So excited! And here is the much larger video!
  3. @Ricky Winterborn is that disc just a cut down DVD? lol
  4. I responded in a message, but it isnt secret information or anything. The magazine had a mock award show called the Nintendo Power Awards every year. This is a trophy from the 2000 awards.
  5. If you really want your collection in a museum, it would probably be easier/less expensive/less heartache to donate it to one of the existing brick and mortar museums like the Strong. I have a non-profit museum that doesnt even HAVE a brick and mortar component, and it literally takes up every scrap of free time and money I have. lol
  6. Would you like an unreasonable amount of money for it?
  7. I was actually on track to start touring the Nintendo Power Art Collection via pop-up exhibits this year...and then things happened. Pretty frustrated to be so close to my end goal only to be shut down by fucking nature.
  8. Yep! Also the one that looks like general grievous
  9. I dont know what the fuck this is. But its my new favorite thing.
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