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  1. Yeah yeah... you know I've always got things in the works. Just wish more GB promos were coming up lately. I know you've got your eyes on a few things of mine
  2. Ran out of Gameboy stuff to buy, so I started searching for other random promo consoles... within a month, I found two promo Xbox360's. I've never actually owned any Xbox before, so it's a little comical for me to have bought these. - "300" Movie promo, 20 made, autographed by Frank Miller & Zack Snyder. - DC Comics promo, 10 made. These are the product of my boredom, I can't stop searching just because the stuff I go for is drying up... Anyway, Id be interested to trade for promo Gameboy(s) if anyone is interested Nintendo>
  3. Thank you! Sorry, I dont check here as often as I should One each ASI CHN and HKG pocket are in pic there for fun, but my "international set" was console variants not box variants at some point I'll post everything, but its mainly a space issue at the moment. Ive followed you on IG for a few years as well yes I pretty much only do consoles, I have a few games / proto / service center / etc items as well, but my main focus has always been GB consoles - most specifically Pockets.
  4. FC Fiorentina are two different version consoles the one that does not say Gameboy Pocket on the box is the version given to team players and partners. Swedish, yes I agree many have a sloppy edition sticker on batt cover, but that is from subpar glue used on the sticker, and heat from hands during play that slides the sticker. Not sure if by compromised you just mean ugly, but if you're touching on authenticity, Swedish have a unique serial prefix, and I have never seen the matching certificate replicated.
  5. I have box protectors on the limited / bundle ones (once I have condition up to my standars that is) .. I don't bother for the common colors as it would just be too much for lower value boxes lol Gold is considered limited, and a TRU exclusive, or so it was advertised. US only got 3 limited colors and 5 bundle sets, plus mail order NP100. Definitely worth going for Id say
  6. Complete international CIB official release console variant Gameboy Pocket collection! A few extras / box variants in there too Many more box variants on hand that I was unable to fit in a clean picture... ** not including promos or kiosk / display consoles, or anything considered unofficial (Wood and Marble are the two I was on fence about being unofficial... since they do not have a unique box, I consider them promo or unofficial. I do not own either of these yet.)
  7. Thanks been at it for a while. I have quite a few bundle sets / box variants, but not enough room to take a picture Thank you
  8. This collection includes boxes both with and without LED, all 5 bundle sets, as well as NP100. Does not include Walmart blister set (arguably unofficial). Also includes 3 additional / unnecessary boxes - Toyworks stickered clear, and two different red bundle boxes with sticker over UPC. ** retail releases only - promos, and kiosk / display stuff not included. I also plan to take some time and get a picture of my full official international CIB GBP console collection later today. Enjoy
  9. GBP - GameBoy Pocket I have two Swedish editions, one is with certificate, but is missing the manual sadly. I have been searching for the manual a long time Fun note for my Swedish GBP, although the edition number is far between them, the serial number is only 2 apart!
  10. Welcome! My friend when to the expo in Sweden earlier this year, I asked him to look for a Swedish GBP with papers for me, but no luck
  11. Hey all, just wanted to share and get some opinions on this Judge Dredd box I picked up a while back. The artwork is different (more zoomed in), and the logos have different placement, as well as the ESRB rating being different (rated T like the other console releases, whereas the retail release of Judge Dredd was rated KA). The back of the box is mostly blank, plain white box instead of a UPC, and the flap code is DMG XX USA. I'm pretty sure I know what it's from, for lack of a better way to put it, but I'd love to hear some opinions on it. (Hope this imgur works)
  12. Authentic Gameboy games have a number imprinted on the label, sometimes with a letter. Most games only had a few different number imprints from what Ive seen, and the number imprinted on the label of my cart matches other SML26GC carts
  13. Of course, no worries. I have a friend who helps me with UK shipping so it wasn't too crazy, but yeah I only have the one because they're pricey. Would be amazing if cases like these were put to production though!
  14. I know someone who has a UKV SML1 upside down label also and Im pretty sure Ive seen one other out there of some different game, cant remember what it was though... Mine has correct number imprint also the clear case is custom made by Adrian Fields on FB who also goes by PR Displays, based in UK. Can give you a link to him if youd like, he does the cases in any custom size small or large, but they aren't cheap lol
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