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  1. Too many to list them all but a few are: Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ CIB for $20 in 2019 Chibi Robo CIB for $5 in 2019 Einhander CIB for $4 in 2017 Mega Man Legends 2 and Tron Bonne CIB for $5 each in late 90s or early 2000s from a local music/game store Little Samson at a garage sale for $0.25 in the mid-2000s (I sold it years ago) CIB TurboDuo lot at a flea market for like $100 or $150 and came with several CIC HuCard and CD titles. Bought in late 2000s We got the Pokemon Stadium N64 Console Battle Set as an Easter gift when my Dad got a bonus at the factory he worked at and now that price is 4-figures. Probably 2000 or 2001. I think the Gamecube came out the same year we got this or the year after we got this I got all 4 NES Dragon Warrior games CIB with all inserts for $100 total at a game store while visiting my brother in college in 2008/2009 Dragon Quest 4-6 on DS new sealed on ebay for like $15 each around 2012ish. Opened and played all of them I got Mega Man V new as a kid with paper route money so like $30? Late 90s. Had it CIB for a long time and I think my brother tossed the box when he cleaned our room one time. I still have the cover-less manual Sealed Eternal Darkness at a garage sale for $0.25 in 2020 Ducktales 2 and Conkers for $2 each from a pawn shop in 2009/2010ish There are several more that I know I'm forgetting
  2. Voted Mikey. Loved him as a kid. Revusiting it as an adult, his dialogue in the cartoon is unbearable.
  3. Looks great, can't wait for a physical release!!
  4. Neat to see the different timelines. For home consoles, my mom had an Atari from before we were born that we all played. After that was: NES>SNES>PS1>N64>Dreamcast>Gamecube>Saturn>Turbo>Wii U Handhelds are all over the place for my history
  5. Oh man I would've loved those plushies for my kid. Congrats to whoever ended up with it
  6. I forgot to order the LRG Mega Man Wily Wars before it closed. So that will be my answer to this question in 6 months when people start listing on ebay
  7. Got a copy last night. I wasn't even aware there was a VGS homebrew store like that and I guess there was an earlier release by neodelphino that I missed
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