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  1. The 60ish Dreamcast CIBs I'm missing and the missing boxes/manuals for my Mega Man CIB set. Maybe the TG-16/CD games im missing but I've been priced out of some of those for a while now so I've accepted thatvinprobably wont finish that set. There are some random RPGs, shooters, and miscellaneous games too but most of the ones on my mental list tripled in price since easter.
  2. Damn I passed on the re-release of 8 at retail when it came out. Didn't think I would finish in time for FE Echoes and that it would get cheaper because of the Switch. Whoops
  3. A lot of stuff I sell I have recently bought and not liked it once I played it (typically sold for close to what was paid, sometimes at a loss for new Switch games), or, it is something I have had for years and the going price is too high to keep it since it is a meh or ok game to me (which would be classified as Capital Gains if held for more than 1 year if treated as a Collectible by the IRS, which it should be treated as). With my current tax bracket, my Capital Gains rate is 0%. So now, for newer items I sell, instead of just selling at slight losses or minimal profits I will get my
  4. @Mr. CIB I appreciate the response, and you're right that I should've answered these. Most people won't and don't know how to cover their asses for this. My little rant was more rhetorical and geared towards the legislators enacting it (since they're clearly on VGS ) because the average person doesn't know how to properly document these and I guarantee that wasn't considered when this was proposed. It's onerous to all small-time Ebay users. EAs and CPAs also don't want to deal with this shit, the 8 million questions it entails, and the unorganized documentation to sift through. At least w
  5. I just don't get how to record satisfactory bookkeeping and receipts. Like if you buy a lot of 10 ga.es off Craigslist for $50 and keep 2 games and sell the rest online of $100, what is the COGS? Do you average out the cost per item at the time of purchase? As in, each game is worth $5 and you COGS is $40 for the sale? Do you use $50 COGS? And hold the rest? What if you decide to sell the remaining 2 games later? What if you keep 8 if the games and sell the rest of the lot for only $20? Is that $10 of income using a cost of $5 per game or a $30 loss? Who the fuck knows. What if you
  6. I've been spending too much time with my daughter and my first thought when I read Super Potato was Peppa Pig
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