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  1. There is 1 metallic sleeve. It has slight crushing
  2. Selling 41 NES sleeves - 22 Nintendo branded sleeves and 19 generic NES sleeves. Varying condition. 1 of the Nintendo branded is a metallic sleeve (slight crushing). Looking to ship in the US for $45 shipped. SNES sleeves are pending.
  3. Nintendo isn't perfect but I don't mind this. It's a long overdue translation of a 30-year old game for a $6 digital-only download. If you want extra trinkets to fill your shelves it'll be an extra $44. No physical release for now if you don't count the DS remake.
  4. There will be a post like this in 80 years with that Jurassic Park refrigerator collection found in a storage unit
  5. On my lunch I got a Zelda game and a Gorillaz record on their release day today. Surreal that 2 franchises I really enjoy released stuff on the same day. Also found a Talking Heads album while waiting at the record store!
  6. There was a window yesterday when I ordered a copy. Try going into a store today. I've had decent luck pre-ordering Nintendo limited edition items in person when their online stock runs out
  7. I ordered for the art book and the hope that my repro translated cart innards will fit in the shell that comes with this. I would pay extra to have a physical Switch copy of the game and/or a functioning NES cart. Not having a functional NES cart is disappointing but understandable. The game requires a MMC4 mapper chip that wasn't made for any North American releases iirc. (Maybe there are [cheaper] alternatives nowadays but when I had my repros made 10ish years ago I needed the Famicom carts for the mapper chip). The overhead to get something like that produced in 2020 would probably be
  8. Necro bump! I decorated the game room recently and snapped some pics. Trying out a shoe rack holder next to the couch for controllers. Wii U/boxed NES/DS are on shelves in our storage room until I invest in some proper shelving. Any shelving suggestions? Looking for something with doors/drawers to make it look clean instead of a wall of games/cds/movies.
  9. Been collecting for a long time. My mom worked at Toys R Us in the 90s through the early 2000s and I got a few things from her store when I was a kid/teenager. Other things I slowly got at flea markets, local KMarts closing, trading, asking Gamestop employees for stuff, and a small amount on ebay
  10. This is FO. In original shrink wrap with price sticker on it. Slight imperfections and shelf wear. I tried to document the condition as best as I could in the pics. I accept PayPal and will ship to CONUS and Canada.
  11. 4 years ago I sold off some of my heavy hitters for several consoles. We were expecting our first child and this made us able to buy a second car outright, payoff existing medical debt from an unexpected complication, and pay off some other debt before our child was born. Out of everytning I sold I miss Little Samson, Star Fox Super Weekend, and my NTF2 Test Cart the most. Eventually I want to get copies of them back. I have replaced most of what I sold back then (and almost all below what I sold them for!) but those three have risen in price since then and too expensive to justify at
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