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  1. Before I was born my Mom had an Atari 2600 with a small pile of games. So I guess that would be it but I dont know exactly what she had. When I was older I remember playing Pac Man, Frogger, Warlords, Volleyball, Jedi Arena, Barnstorming, and Kaboom. It was hooked up to an old black and white TV in our basement and I didnt know Atari games were in color until much later in life. I remember being like 4 or 5 and my parents getting a NES on layaway. Came with a Mario/ Duck Hunt. Probably in 91 or 92. We slowly got secondhand games from garage sales and flea markets. I remember DuckT
  2. 2/18/2021: Found a gamecube with hookups and Animal Crossing locally on Facebook for $50. I offered $40 and met up the lady selling the it. Neither 3rd party controller worked but I have extra controllers to bundle with it. Going to try setting up my daughter with a village of her own. Great stuff!
  3. I avoid them as well. Unless it's in a series (Zelda, Fire Emblem, etc.) I have been into for a long time I don't bother. Editions where the only extra is the soundtrack and/or an art book are neat though. I usually get those especially if it's an RPG with a good art style. The 3DS had a bunch of these and most were at or barely above the price of the standard retail release at launch iirc. I don't bother with 99% of the trinkets/junk that come in most Special Editions and especially the Limited Run Games ones. I just don't get it but apparantly some people love that stuff.
  4. They're at gamestop locations iirc. In the checkout lines with impulse buys. Noticed them a few weeks ago but they're not for me
  5. On NA: Did quite a few transactions there but the one that sticks out the most is trading a bunch of common, but desirable, N64 games for the only known vinyl banner of Super Punch-Out!!. It was all my duplicate games like Mario Kart, Yoshi's Story, Mario Party trilogy, etc. This was like 5-6 years ago. I also traded a copy of the first 5 Pokemon Gameboy titles plus Mario RPG for CIB Magic Knight Rayearth with stickers. On ebay: Probably my World of Nintendo sign for $100 free shipping. I've also gotten several lots over the years and kept 1-2 titles and sol
  6. My mom lost her house a couple years ago and the tv I grew up playing NES on went with it. I wanted to go back for it and other stuff but never had a chance to. Cool that you still have your tv
  7. Looking for dreamcast games that I'm missing. My list if what I want to trade for is linked above in the original post
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