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  1. Ships USPS to CONUS at this time. See pics for condition. Discounted based on condition. I will also trade for CIB Dreamcast games that I'm missing. WTTF list: Ice Climber - box, manual, cart only- $125 shipped. SOLD
  2. Got these locally today for $300 total. Not a steal but definitely cheaper than online prices. All in pretty good shape with unpunched hang tabs although Volleyball has a small tear on the back. I'm not an expert on print runs but Ice Climber looks like an early version with the sticker seal; there are actually 2 stickers with one on top of the other. I grabbed it because it was an upgrade over my current copy. I needed the other 2 games CIB so happy to add these to the collection.
  3. Ok, I won't get them but good luck finding a good home for thsm
  4. What models/brands are the CRTs? Looking for a curved screen with good input selection
  5. Our family had my mom's Atari from before I was born. We played it on a black and white TV and I didn't know Atari games were in color for a long time. In like 1991 or 1992 my Dad bought a NES on layaway with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for the family. We slowly got used games from garage sales and flea markets, which were pretty robust back then in my area. Eventually, I saved up chore money and was able to buy Zelda 2 new from Toys R Us from the Classic Series Line. This was the first game that was mine only. Since it was the Classic Series, it was a gray cartridge and I did not know that there was a gold cartridge version of Zelda 2 until I was in college in the late 2000s. A few years later, we got a SNES and my older brother was gifted a Gameboy for his birthday. He reluctantly shared it with me and I was gifted a few games over the years. We eventually got a Super Gameboy and that's how I experienced most of the Gameboy games we had because my brother stopped sharing with me. A few years after that, I got a Gameboy Pocket with Pokemon Blue for my combined birthday/Xmas gift. This was the first handheld that was all mine. This was 1998 right after Pokemon Blue first came out. I got a paper route around this time and was able to start buying my own games. I eventually bought myself a Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, PSP, etc. over time when I was working. Over the following years, we received various home consoles over but they were all for the family. The PS1 (which was more for my dad than us kids), the N64 for an Easter surprise, and a Saturn off of family friends. These didn't get played with very much because we didn't have many games and within a year or two of getting them my brother and I pooled our paper route money to by a Gamecube at launch. A year or two later my Grandma bought herself a Dreamcast that was heavily marked down on clearance (maybe $30?) with clearance games that stayed at her house. She would play Bust A Move and Wetrix and other puzzle/casino games when she was home alone but when we came over we had a small stack of games that we all played. Yet again, not mine but for the family. When my dad left our family a few years later, he got us kids a PS2 to try and make us feel better. I played it a little but never really got into it. It was more for playing PS1 games since my uncle had stolen ours and sold it for drugs a few years prior. Eventually, when I had graduated high school, my Grandma called and asked if we wanted her Dreamcast as she was going to sell it at her church garage sale if we didn't want it. Initially, me and my siblings all said no. A few days later I called her back and said I decided that I would take it. I figured it would be good to take to college with me. It was a day or two before the church sale so if I had waited it would've been gone. Technically, that Dreamcast was my first console that was mine outright. I played the crap out of it. My roommates were not a fan of the grinding motor. I still have this same console. In the late 2000s I found a TurboDuo at a flea market that I purchased with games. This was the first home console that I bought outright for myself. Shortly after this, I bought myself a 3-in-1 console that played NES/SNES/Genesis cartridges and I barely touched the Duo. The multi-console was a piece of garbage. For other consoles that I owned outright: Later on, my wife bought me a Xbox 360 slim on Black Friday one year. I barely played it, it was our Netflix box. I also bought myself a Wii U at some point. Also in the late 2000s/early 2010s, I found an OG Xbox, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Cd, and PS3 for cheap eventually over the years on craigslist/garage saling/flea market/etc.
  6. Mega Man 8 on the Saturn has some things that weren't in the PS1 version. The one that sticks out are some bosses from earlier Mega Man games that were added to the Saturn version. I know Wood Man was added in there and others too iirc
  7. These later Disney models have a pretty good image quality. What kind of inputs are on this? I recently found a Disney princess CRT on the curb for my daughter. I think it was made in 2008 or 2009 and the composite video is really sharp. Too bad mine doesn't have S-video or component, it might be my preferred screen if it did. Love my Trinitron but the more I use and look at CRTs for gaming I think I prefer a smaller better quality curved screen to a large flat screen CRT.
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