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  1. Place an order before they are gone! HTF, Vintage, RARE, HOLY GRAIL.........;-)
  2. Free stuff from a co worker. No complaints. Shoe box is Nike Airs from 92.
  3. Pretty amazing free pickup. Co worker saved my number from a 2016 work trader ad and reached out to me this week. Nike Air shoe box from 92. lol
  4. Looks great. Ditch that pool table and add more shelving!
  5. Thanks! Yeah got lucky finding these and am really happy I have been able to share them.
  6. Shhhh. You have alot of folks counting on ignorant people buying sealed games. I have a sealed Castlevania II for NES graded by Wata that was previously rejected by VGA. VGA stated that the seal was not consistent with the seals they have seen.
  7. New basement pic. The Atari banner I got some months back just breaking up the Nintendo vibe. Banner was new in tube from 82.
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