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  1. Yeah i mean i read there are 1510 games released for GBA so i could imagine someone would say there's a ton of good games. About sequels and such, i think they count. They are still new games, if they're fun they're fun and valid just as much as a game from a totally different series, variation is not disqualifier. There are 3 Castlevania games on there and i had fun with all so why would i have wanted them to just release 1? Ninja Five-O i don't know much about but i've heard good things.
  2. GBA does seem to be a "portstation" just relatively speaking but i think a lot of it also has to do with the fact that the library isn't as explored as NES or SNES. Someone that has played every GBA game would probably drop a couple 100 names that are not SNES ports and argue that it's a great system but the thing is most people have not delved into GBA deeply. I think.
  3. Yeah if it is licensed and released it belong to the set. Those are some excuses that might be used but they still aren't valid enough to change anything.
  4. Yes i get that. Technically they are the same platform but in terms of structure they might aswell have been separate consoles. The CD could've been the next gen and it still would've made perfect sense. But yeah due to how they were released those 2 belong while the FX doesn't so it's alright.
  5. You mean the CD player being hooked up by itself? No i don't think that was possible. It was Jap only yeah. Altough with the whole TG16/PCE world i feel like there's way more regional crossover with players than other consoles people barely even recognize that there's regions at all. Probably wasn't like that back in the day but these days basically everyone is fluid, even referring to it as PCE rather than TG16 without a second thought. Maybe because the games are relatable not much requires Jap language skills.
  6. Well there are circumstances around it that are exceptional it has this weird sub-region of Hong Kong and was barely made available to anyone. Stadium Event and the others are more straightforward in comparsion.
  7. Yeah that happens sometimes games become practically unobtainable. Altough people probably don't go crazy over that one even if the numbers say it's rare.
  8. It's including the NA set as the default because that's the most broad library. The European releases have like half the NA amount it's a fucking joke. But yeah but would be legitimate aside from that. I don't know about that game. I'd say yes if it was licensed.
  9. I don't think i need qualifiers in the same way that counterfit items are not part of a discussion unless specified. People can qualify their unlicensed stuff though that's fine.
  10. It seems we're just not on the same page and there's really not much else to it. Your view is that any programmed junk on a cart is part of a "full set" while for me there's really no point in a definition wich doesn't exclude anything.
  11. They don't have to make it they still remain the source of that era. And they don't have to care about collecting either they just have to have sold an object. Well then they should've been more consistent. Yes i'm giving them sole authority - because they're the closest thing to be considered one being the original authors and biggest licensers aswell. It's not an "only" issue they are the source around wich the collecting revolves. It's a Nintendo collection. Ok you can define it like that but that is no type of collection to me. The id
  12. Man this quoting shit is a mess but hopefully it's clear what i wrote.
  13. Either way if it's your personal definition then that's what it is. They considered it part of their console. If something is considered an illegitimate entry then it's not part of the full set. Despite exiting. That's where the confusion seems to stem from. Because it opens the door wide for everything. A Chinese bootleg can be a game. A demo. A screen that i program and release on a cart that only blinks black and white. I read about some PC game programmer that created a program like that, basica
  14. But Disney is the official source for their cartoons and what will be shown on their channel. And Nintendo is the closest to a source for their platform.
  15. If your definition is set = everything playable then that's what it is. Regardless. There is a legitimate authority that has given it an approval. It's indicative that Nintendo's license is a recognized authority while the unlicensed games are debatable. The licensed ones aren't up for debate whether they belong to a full set or not. So it's more fitting calling a licensed set full than saying that it isn't. I wouldn't say it's a good one really seems too arbitrary and unfitting. But it is one.
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