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  1. Sounds good. I've been skeptical of Nintendo's newer releases as being easy to hook kids and accommodate everyone. I don't have a Wii but is a title i would want to play.
  2. Is it easier than NES and SNES?
  3. Do you never experience that you hit a directional input and it registers as something else? I use an actual NOS controller now and it hasn't had a lot of mileage but i realize that it can't last forever. I don't want to use NOS controller that are being sold it doesn't feel right.
  4. Did you experience that your old controller buttons were dull and just didn't offer enough pushback? Or did you have playing issues aswell, like unintentional d-pad hits? What did the new rubbers improve for you more specifically?
  5. What are the different solutions out there for the rubber pads under the buttons that have gone to shit over decades of use? I see quite a lot of those different 3rd party ones being sold on Ebay and elsewhere, yet i've also heard complains that the diagonals have a hard time to register and that they don't live up to the original controller standard. Then it struck me that Nintendo have released their own new-retro controllers for recent systems and whether those would do the trick. I've never actually owned one of them. But they do look identical, and if someone ought to know and wanted to use the same rubbers as in the old days it would surely be Nintendo that had the means to do so. Does it work good to just take those rubbers out and put them in an old controller?
  6. Yeah i don't know i get confused by all of it. I was listening to this guy talking aboutlag in Cotton But he talkes about frames of lag but i guess that's not the same as ms. What would 2 or 20ms be in frames? Is he just exaggerating how bad 4-6 frames of lag is?
  7. How much in lag is 2.4ms is that like 1 second delay for every 10 minutes or something? 9.9-17.3ms though seems pretty bad. How can i know where 'm landing at myself?
  8. It's ASUS VG245H. This one does have built-in speakers.
  9. How about using a gaming PC monitor. Will that have better results than even an expensive TV?
  10. I thought lag was when a console wasn't properly optimized for HDMI gameplay. Analogue's consoles are built for HDMI specifically. Also why would they advertise 1080p and zero lag then if it's due to the TV anyway?
  11. What do you mean? Is it a known fact that Mike Tyson's Punchout has input lag on Analogue NT?
  12. Yeah all the single components that make up the game are pretty much flawed. Still i kept coming back, wanting to get further and beat it. There's definitely a positive bias added to it by having beaten it. If i didn't i'd feel worse about the game.
  13. Have you played the SNES version? The enemies surround you, have a bigger range than you, always hit before you do. Sometimes you freeze on the spot and can't even move around. Then the way he'd do that tip-toeing on an edge and fall over really pissed me the fuck off. On the running stages sometimes he'd just stop in his tracks and get swept up by the chasing screen. I kept getting frustrated on clunky and shitty everything was but now that i finished it after countless of hours i kinda feel it's a good game after all. All the issues got translated to challenge. There was also a decent amount of variety between the fighting, platforming and climbing and it was cool too see how they incorporated the movie's villains into the games scenario. I kept thinking back-and-forth about how they acted there and here.
  14. Oh yeah that game is awesome everything is on point. That probably would be my #1 movie based game.
  15. I've barely reached any distance but Total Carnage looks like shit and the warps are the same looking shit and just an annoyance to get inside of. They add nothing. But i like the gameplay. I feel Super Smash TV did it way better.
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