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  1. 3 slices of white bread, butter, 2 slices of cheese and 1 slice of chicken. A soda.
  2. The game looks like a godforsaken abominal piece of shit get it out of my sight before i start breaking things
  3. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    Apparently there's a lawsuit against Nintendo going on over the joycons of both the regular and lite
  4. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    Thans, I guess i'll see what i can do. Really unhappy about this shit and having to find replacement parts.
  5. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    Is there a video of this repair by someone you'd say does it properly?
  6. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    They ought to release solid joycons before that happens, before the console has ran it's course. And then you attach them to your current display screen just as usual. But i mean they release the Lite and that has non-detachable controls ON TOP of being the same malfunctioning piece of shit i really don't know what the fuck they're thinking over there.
  7. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    It seems to be inevitable then pretty much. I don't like the idea of constant maintainance even if Nintendo gave out replacements for free because you can never have a working console.
  8. cartman

    Joy-Con drift

    So now i've experienced it happening to me aswell. I suspect it started earlier with the BOTW map cursor having a little extra slide once you release the analog and thought maybe the game was just made like that but now when i see movement without even touching it i know what time it is. Fucking shit a console gets released in 2017 and you have to put up with this. So what is the solution? Should i just keep buying new joycons every 3 fucking months forever?
  9. Yeah people missuse that phrase it's supposed to be couldn't care less since what you're trying to say is that you don't care at all. But if you can care less then it means that you currently care to a degree.
  10. That i like Double Dragon 3. The arcade game, the GB game and NES game are all considered either bad or broken and i like all of them.
  11. cartman


    Will those games on the current PSN be available with PS5 too does someone know this?
  12. I agree that is an issue. But the thing with in-group loyalty is that it happens despite what has been socially or juridically deemed acceptable so it's hard to root out, if possible at all.
  13. With a large enough sample of encounters there will be x amount of shootings, just as there will be x amount of everything else that covers the spectrum of human behavior. A lot of people seem to have this unrealistic expectation that unlawful killings must be brought down to 0 so whenever one happens there's new evidence of how "the system is failing" and fuel for activism. But the chase is illusionary because the utopia is unreachable. There might be room for betterment i'm not saying there isn't but if the cultural paradigm is for mass protests and vandalism as a response then you're looking at having those become a fixed institution endlessly taking a toll on American society. No society can afford mass upheavals taking place on a routine basis that's not a reflection on their validity either it's just by their nature they can't keep being kicked off.
  14. Well i don't know about those PC games but every console game from Nintendo has either a plastic/cardboard trey or the cartridge itself filling out the inside of the box and thereby mitigating gravity. So yeah i don't know if you're example can be applied to these console boxes? Or how those PC boxes would've fared compared to if they stood up.
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