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  1. No pardon should be given. Definitely deserves no pardon she wasn't even "taken away" by the mob mentality wich some do but was actively condoning the actions by how she posed with that window and talked in the aftermath. She says it outright that she feels in her heart that she did nothing wrong so she only feels bad about being punished basically.
  2. Well one doesn't have to exclude the other. It is a Western one and what it is in Japan and to their gamers i really don't know.
  3. One difference is that the extreme right will claim patriotism and order in general as one of their points and project those sentiments outwardly. By claiming an issue as ones own there is also more to live up to so when you beat on policemen, vandalize government institutions and try delegitimizing election results it becomes an exacerbated failure. Conservatives are being done a disservice having shit like this associated with their cause.
  4. It does look great. They mention it's inspired by Ninja Gaiden but the swordslash with the shooting beam is taken from Shadow of the Ninja and i noticed a robot-samurai boss getting split in half wich is also similar to that.
  5. Retro inspired game to be released soon for PS4, Switch, XO and Windows.
  6. Now in retrospect i see you don't even have to dodge that jump with precision you can go the very end of either side and provoke a much higher jump. Some dude on youtube beating it with 0 damage. But yeah that boss used to get me a lot i found out about the overpowered holywater attack (not by myself) and went along with that beating the game my patience had ran out.
  7. If the current pattern is any indication i'd say Shatterhand before Pocky & Rocky but it isn't impossible.
  8. I thought it wasn't possible on the last boss but don't really remember
  9. I don't really know anything about the source material tbh but i reckon the smalltalk or whatever plot would would be enough to frame what the action is about.
  10. I think it's underrated doesn't really get brought up much
  11. I see. Yeah i've heard good things about Scott Pilgrim i might finally pick that one up aswell altough probably without all the extra stuff.
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