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  1. Thanks, I had a local print shop scan the original marquee and print it on the Acrylic. It took me years to find a place that does good work
  2. Yes, it sticks out and behind the marquee their is a clear Acrylic vacuum forum holder that allows it to stick out.
  3. I'm always a sucker for Nintendo cabinet.... Looks as you have two 48 inch cabinets and a 60 inch. if you looking for repop marquee let me know and I have few extra base for the 48 inch cabinets also if your looking to complete them.
  4. Great work man and the starforce and GB is unreal
  5. Honestly, I feel the next big spike will be condition of 1st print games and sealed NES, who every has the highest grade will be able to name their price once wata release their population report.
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