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  1. While not as high yet, I noticed Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts sold for a combined ~$9k-$10k this last week on HA. Still waiting on getting my grades back... But am expecting good results. I paid about $450 raw for the pair just 12 months ago lol. No plans on selling though, my favorite games from when I was young.
  2. Best of Playstation Network, Folklore, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Puppeteer, Lollipop Chainsaw, Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Graces F are all mid tier titles that have jumped past week or two. None as bad as your example though. Glad I knocked my PS3 games out already lol.
  3. I haven't been waiting nearly as long as some of you (50+ days), but you'd think after a while they'd quit taking submissions when they get this far backed up. When I sent my games in, Turbo was labeled at approximately 45 business days and now it's approximately 90. Even going by those numbers, the approximate time is increasing faster than how long my games have actually been there. At that rate they'll never get graded. But of course if you pause submissions there goes your cashflow!
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong spot, couldn't really tell where to post this... I have a Genesis DS-16 kiosk unit that I've been able to test everything out so far except the manual cartridge switch. I have it set to loop on a schedule and it works fine, so that is nice. Someone sold me one of their extra buttons they say goes to their kiosk, but maybe it's a different connector type. Can someone point me to the right direction on finding the right connection? I don't care if it's a non authentic kiosk button since I don't have the kiosk to go with it, just want to test the functionality. Below ar
  5. I sent in a Turbo run early January. We're sitting right at 45 business days now which is what the estimate was when I sent them in (but the estimate jumped to 60 days while in transit to Wata). Hopefully I'll hear something back in the next couple weeks. The longer time goes on the more I wish I would have just paid the few extra $ for Speedrun.
  6. PS3 prices have already grown quite a bit since I started collecting them back in 2019. I'm at a little over 300 games for the console and have pretty much everything I'm after, including I think every single JRPG and horror game. Only big game I'm missing is Syberia but I don't think that'll happen. Lots of these games you could get for $10-$20 and have doubled+ in the past 6 months.
  7. I'm probably a little younger than most people here, so I pretty much grew up with the N64. Yeah the controller is janky, small library, etc, but probably my favorite multiplayer console. I still play Mario Party 1-3 every month with my friends. Micro Machines is probably my favorite not popular multiplayer game on the console. Throw in Mario Kart, Golf, Tennis, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2... great time. Also from a collecting point of view I love the variety of consoles and controllers. Biggest gripe is not a good way to put the carts on a shelf.
  8. Recently the notepad and two stress bananas from the DK64 press kit sold on ebay for $425. I have the VHS and keychain. Not really interested in selling, but curious if people think the VHS + keychain is worth more than, less than, or same as the notepad and bananas.
  9. I've got a huge PS3 collection which unfortunately I haven't played most of yet lol. Alice Madness Returns had a really cool atmosphere with pretty basic platforming elements. I wouldn't say it was a great game, but pretty unique. EDIT: Whoops just saw it was on 360 as well. I'll try and come up with some other interesting titles.
  10. I know Super Star Wars is pretty common to find sealed, but my first sealed game to find in a store. A few flaws but overall I am happy with it. Assuming it's a legit seal...
  11. I've got some Bose QC35 II's that I really like. Wireless, long battery life, comfortable (I forget I'm wearing them half the time), and noise cancelling. They're expensive but I use them for calls and listening to music pretty much all work day.
  12. Starting the year off good! In 2018 I found an NES M8 locally for $300 (from a game store no less). Today my wife found a Genesis demo unit on Marketplace for $40! Unfortunately I don't have a model 1 power adapter so I'm going to swing by a game store after work and give in a test run. Fingers crossed!
  13. Looks similar to the Gamestop cases. Maybe someone customized one?
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