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  1. One of the only times I'd ever give a 10. This game's intro stage is the perfect tutorial that isn't put forth as one. The controls are precise, the colours pop, the music is legendary, and the darker, grittier story is what Mega Man needed to evolve. There aren't enough superlatives for me to describe how amazing and perfectly balanced I think this game is. I speed run this game several times a year on SNES just because I love it so much, and is easily a desert island game or one I'd keep if I had to sell all but a few titles.
  2. My sister and I just beat Legend this afternoon. We would have had this beat a couple of weeks ago but encountered a glitch in the second to last level that had her character stuck in a wall, so we got annoyed and put the game back on the shelf until today.
  3. A 9 for me. I remember when I bought mine (just before the price drop to $100) and picked up Grandia 2, MvC2, Capcom vs. SNK, Bomberman Online, and Shenmue to go along with. I played the hell out of each, and picked up games here and there as the prices were really dropping. The library is full of amazing games: Tech Romancer, Project Justice, Canon Spike, SFIII, Gunbird, Giga Wing, Mars Matrix, Jet Grind Radio, a bevvy of fantastic SNK ports like Last Blade 2 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Virtua Tennis, the 2K sports lineup...there's just too many awesome games to list here. A
  4. Hey! Yes, I love old Koei games. I really like Aerobiz and Supersonic, recently got New Horizons, and LOVE the Nobunaga's Ambition titles (I've beaten the SNES version of the first game, but none of the others yet). I still want to pick up Inindo and Liberty or Death at some point soon. I've got several RotTK titles, but haven't invested much time in them yet. The box art for the simulation series games are just the best, aren't they?
  5. On Friday, a couple more books came in from Thriftbooks; Metal Gear is on the way, so now I only need the Bases Loaded Worlds of Power book to complete the set. I still have a ways to go with the Nintendo Adventure Books (I used to have them all as a kid and I miss them). Then, on Saturday, my sister wanted to go to the local game store together to trade in some fodder and asked if we could go together. I found a really nice copy of Battle Phantasia for $11, while she got a CIB LoZ: LttP on GBA and banked the rest of her credit. My younger brother came with us as well and wanted to s
  6. We didn't buy into the 2600, so a couple years after launch, my folks bought my sister and I an NES, but it was the budget pack w/out a game. From a video game standpoint, my Mom has never been one to go with the hot hand, and here's where it started...with copy of Q*Bert for NES. That was all I had to play for a while. Oddly enough - although few to begin with - Q*Bert is the one game from my youth that I haven't re-bought...don't really know why.
  7. A place of wordsmiths From beat to beat, thread to thread Still being woven
  8. Oh my, and all this time I thought it was a port of the SFC game. Hahaha, I bought the game when it came out and never got around to popping it in the GBA, then when Let Us Cling Together was re-released on PSP, I thought, "Well, I'll just play this version then". Thanks for the heads up Reed
  9. It's been a slower month on new things coming in with most still being in the US, but a few games came in today and a few over the past couple of weeks. I saw something somewhere that put Bubble Ghost on my radar, and what I saw looked like a lot of fun, so I picked up a copy that arrived yesterday; can't wait to give the game a go this weekend. Today - from the same seller that I got Bubble Ghost from - I received Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise and Tactics Ogre. I'm always down for another Adventure Island game (and I read that the music is awesome in this one!) and I
  10. I went with a 4. While in high school, I worked on weekends around the neighborhood and saved to get an N64 on launch instead of PS1 or Saturn, and quickly came to regret my decision. Some of the games were over $100 in Canada, and I had a tough time finding things I wanted to play. All the RPGs were gone, sprite based fighters were gone, shoot 'em ups were non-existent...I only ever bought SM64 and LoZ:OoT Collector's Ed. But that's all in the past. I look at it now - and the 21 games I have for it - subjectively with a 2021 lens and see a handful of fun games with a few more that I
  11. That's awesome news, docile! Shout-out from one bithead Patreon to another
  12. Unfortunately, it doesn't. My Japanese is mediocre, so I can get through but a lot of the humor is lost on me. I did a search to see if anyone had done a translation and it seems that there are. I also found out that the first game (PS1) was re-released on PSP; I have 2 and 4 on PSP but wasn't aware that Sony did this for the first game, so I just bought a copy a few minutes ago to complete the set
  13. My favorite PS3 game is Boku no NatsuYasumi 3 Summer Holidays Whether Japanese or North American, this game is just about being a kid and going to a relative's in the country for summer vacation. It's a beautiful, lighthearted game that let's you explore and just...be a kid.
  14. This may be interesting for your Gold/Silver research, here's what I have included as well as the tab and manual numbers: Gold: 000823 tab (printed in black), 000718 manual (DMG-AAUE-USA), 'consumer info' DMG-USA-7, Rev-A 43427 (Pikachu N64 ad), Player’s Guide offer Silver: 000731 tab (printed in red), 000718 manual (DMG-AAXE-USA), 'consumer info' DMG-USA-7, Player’s Guide offer It's interesting that the SIlver copy doesn't have the Pikachu N64 ad, but then - if the tab numbers are meant to indicate print run timing - the run could pre-date those inserts' existence. Both manua
  15. Yep, all the inserts are as you listed. There's isn't a 'Pokémon Stadium March 2000' ad in mine.
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