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  1. Found a Nintendo service center brochure on eBay and was quickly snipped as I logged into PayPal. Took a screenshot of something I found interesting. Haven’t been able to find the listing since. I’ve asked some people about the service centers repairing games and never really got anything concrete. Surely there’s a collector out there with a repair center binder that details the process.
  2. That group is pretty insane! Probably could have squeezed out a couple hundred more. Sorry if my evaluation was low.
  3. The super Mario world sign is one of the most common out there. Still fetches from $500- $1000 depending on condition. One sold new in the box with the paperwork for around $1500 shipped recently on eBay. @Jman there’s another version to this sign that has a button and speaker that plays a commercial for mario 3. Both versions are very sought after. There’s a kiosk and sign group on Facebook.. probably the best place to sell. Wish I could afford it myself. Good luck!
  4. Close to 2k depending on condition.
  5. Incredible piece! Are the hangtabs broken? There’s a sign and kiosk group on Facebook that would definitely be able to point you in the right direction.
  6. Great stuff! There’s a display and kiosk group on Facebook that would love this info.
  7. Very cool stuff! Here’s a marketing kit for a Mercury Villager with a Visteon N64 installed.
  8. Awesome collection! I could be wrong but I might have traded you that U-Force proto on Nintendoage.
  9. @wyansas This is the first time in a couple years or maybe ever that one is listed as a N7 variant on eBay. Pretty excited to see where it ends value wise. The Gretzky -3 has been selling for crazy money and this is way harder to find. Looking forward to seeing how many people actually care.
  10. I agree that label looks bad. He sold another 5 screw Tyson in February for a little over 1k open auction. Positive feedback for the sale. I believe this guy is intentionally faking damage on reproduction labels and replacing with a five screw shell.
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