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  1. You don’t give a shit about this person’s livelihood. You’re just seizing the morale high ground in order to elevate your soapbox a little more. You’re so transparent—I can’t believe more people don’t call you on this bullshit. Oh wait. I know why. It’s because you’re so insufferably obstinate. But hey, it plays in your favor. Now you get to walk away from these debates with an unearned sense of satisfaction after we throw up our hands at the futility of the task of convincing you that you’re wrong. Well played.
  2. I’ll echo @RegularGuyGamer Instagram collections don’t do it for me. Scooping every game at your local thrift store just to stack your shelves for the camera is weak. I prefer a tight, thoughtfully curated collection of classic/fun/rare titles. I’m also a fan of advertising pieces—kiosks, signs, posters, banners, standees, etc. These items are legitimately hard to find. Some of these display items take years to find. Whereas 90% of games can be had with an eBay account and a wallet.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit about Taiwan?
  4. I played like crazy for a while but have since put it down. It’s an awesome game but it doesn’t have the staying power of the original in my opinion.
  5. I’ve heard from a couple people that the prices for official store displays (standees, posters, point of purchase displays, kiosks, etc.) are skyrocketing. Is this true though? On the one hand it seems logical. A lot of collectibles are rising in price. But on the other hand some of these items sell so infrequently isn’t it hard to gauge price jumps? What has been your experience?
  6. You know I love you, @Quest4Nes but I think it was wrong of Trump to make this wild and dangerous allegation on national television—twice—before having any evidence. It’s one thing to say that you suspect impropriety, it’s another to falsely claim that you won an election. It’s divisive at best, incendiary at worst.
  7. When this investigation eventually turns up no impropriety, Trump will then deny the validity of the investigation. There’s no reality where Trump concedes graciously. He’ll go to his grave claiming that this election was stolen—undermining the mechanics of our democracy. And why? Because he doesn’t want to give up power. I suppose it’s possible that he has sincere love for this country and genuinely believes he’d do a better job serving as president, so maybe in his mind the ends justify the means. Even still, what he’s doing is dangerous. And he set us all up for it.
  8. Hold on, let me say something else about the matter. If I were to try to tabulate all the kind, generous, polite moments I’ve shared with Idaho Trump supporters I would have a 10 page wall of text. People are generally good—and that includes Trump voters.
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