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What I'm working on for the various consoles I can program for.

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Celery level 5 beginning

I worked on this for about three hours. After designing and redesigning the fence, I finally got it working. Mr. Celery moves right across the fence, moving up and down along the way. Now what do I do? Well, the next thing to do is add something for Mr. Celery to avoid that goes across the screen. The way to avoid it is to put Mr. Celery below it. And to do that, you don't press down, you just keep moving right until he goes down. I think this is the best looking fence I could make.

Celery level 4 done

Here is a picture of level 4 in action. To make the platform where it is in the picture, for example, you press down+left on the joystick. I made it like the Game and Watch game Manhole like I said. Mr. Celery is automatically crossing the screen and you need to place the platform under him so he doesn't fall into a hole and lose a life. Next up, making level 5. But not today. I'm feeling really hot in here. I don't know. I don't feel very good.

Celery level 4

So I've began to come back to Adventures of the Stalk of Celery after getting a couple of ideas. Level 4 will be like the old Game and Watch game "Manhole", while level 5 will be like the Atari 2600 game based on Garfield. Here is the background for level 4. Mr. Celery will walk across the screen beginning at one of four places. Your job is to make sure Mr. Celery gets to the other side. To do that, you need to move a manhole (or in this case a little island) over the holes before Mr.

Celery level 3 part 2

So I am calling level 3 finished. After I transformed it from a glitchy mess into something that looks halfway decent. It took about 3 or 4 days of work to complete the level, but I did it. The blocks travel horizontally. Your job is to get to the other side by hopping on the blocks. It's a lot like the part with the logs (the upper part of the screen) in Frogger. But unlike Frogger, I designed it so you can travel to the edge of the screen and come back on the other side. This is beca

Celery level 3 part 1

I made five blocks appear "randomly" on the screen. I'm going to try to have Mr. Celery jump on each block and go up. Once he reaches the top, he'll be at the bottom again. He'll need to travel ten screens to complete the level. If Mr. Celery ends up in the water, he'll lose a life and begin again at the bottom. Or else he'll get a point. So I guess you could get more than 50 points in this level if you want to lose lives in order to do so. The ice blocks are like the logs in Frog

Celery level 2 part 3

After getting some feedback about how the game played, I decided to make some changes to level 2. Here is what it looks like now. The lasers will shoot in the middle of the top, and at the sides and will sometimes be below. What the celery is doing in a spaceship shaped like a banana is anyone's guess, and the fact that the blockers look like stalks of celery isn't exactly helping his cause, but I need them to be green because there is no color left. It's a lot like a Game Boy: You onl

Celery level 2 part 2

Today's work was making the game fair. This means that all four lasers have to shoot the same distance. This proved hard to do since I had to move the blockers a lot. I finally got it working after all day working on this. It also means that the blocker has to be directly on top or right below the ship in the middle with no space between them. This is because the width is longer than the height. I don't think I can make a space between them, and I don't want to work on this any more so it w

Celery - level 2 " Spacing Out"

Work on level two of my Channel F game has begun. It took longer than usual due to the fact the computer was not cooperating with me until it decided it had itself enough fun and began to work. So in level 2, Mr. Celery is in a spaceship. Lasers are coming at him from four directions and he needs the help of the blockers to block the lasers from destroying his ship. I haven't put in the blockers yet. They will be green and show outside his ship. Pressing left on the joystick will make a blo

Celery - level 1 "I Herd It."

Level 1. The beginning of a new video game. This is the first level for "adventures of the stalk of celery." I dropped the "50-foot-tall" part of the name. So Mr. Celery finds himself in the middle of an elephant stampede. Your job is to avoid the elephants. They come in different speeds. First the slow ones, then the middle ones, then the fast ones. After elephant number 30, the game would switch to the second level. But since I haven't made it yet, it just ends. I just had an idea wh

Channel F news bulletin

I got back into the Channel F again. I had to hook it up to my VCR and then to the TV instead of bypassing the VCR to get a stable, colored picture on the thing. And that's not all. I'm back to programming for it as well. I want to make a "trimerous 2" cartridge with Elevator Events, Zyx and Adventures of the 50-foot-tall Stalk of Celery on it. But in order for me to do that, I have to begin work on the latter. Here is a title screen: This morning I actually did the first step of creat

I don't know.

Every once in a while when you design and then program homebrew video games like I do, you think you have a great idea, but when you actually go to program it, it actually isn't great. Such is the case with my Zyx game. I tried this morning to make the graphics a little better, but I doubt I'll be working on this for much longer, because, frankly, it isn't all that a great idea after all. I could add a tomato, but what would it do? I need to make this game really interesting. It needs something.


Gamegearguy in Channel F

Channel F Stuff

For a little change of pace, I worked on a new Channel F game. This is a zyx. Its favorite activity is eating blueberries falling from the sky. Its least favorite activity is eating cauliflower falling from the sky. Today a zyx is on an island in the Green Sea where reports of blueberries falling from the sky were reported. So this adventurous zyx went to check it out. It was true! But unfortunately so were cauliflowers. There's always a catch. As you can see, I put in a score and


Gamegearguy in Channel F


I decided to return to work on Quest of the Cranberry. I spent the last few hours trying to put a fish in the game. Craig (the cranberry) is now underwater, so a fish would be an appropriate enemy. But now I have no ideas left on what to do. So it's a good time to pause and think of new stuff for Craig to encounter under the sea. Do you have any ideas? I'd love to hear them. The last part of the work was trying to make sure the game ends (temporarily) and you can't go any further


Gamegearguy in Channel F

Starting level 3 of the cranberry game.

I started working on level 3 of Quest of the Cranberry a few days ago. But I was looking at my code (which is over 5,500 lines long) and I decided that I might want to move the password entering code to the end instead of the beginning because I will add to it as I make new levels. And I may break something. Apparently the Channel F is as finicky with code as the Odyssey 2. So I managed to move the password code down to the end and make it work in only about 15 minutes. So now I can actually beg


Gamegearguy in Channel F

Level 2 of the cranberry game finished

I finished level 2 of Quest of the Cranberry for the Channel F this morning. It was hard. But I finally got it working okay after a few hours of coding. I still don't know what the problem is (I think it might have something to do with code page boundaries, but I'm not sure.) I spent almost all day asleep. I went to sleep at about noon and woke up at 3 a.m. after a horrible nightmare. So I got up and solved the problem I was having earlier. Once you get to the end of level 2, it freezes for a bi


Gamegearguy in Channel F


So I'm back to programming for the Fairchild Channel F again. I wish there was a Flashcart for this. But that will probably never happen, due to lack of interest. Anyway, this time I'm making a game called... It's a fly swatting game, akin to the one in Mario Paint for the Super NES. So there are these flies. Your job is to swat them. To activate the fly swatter, push down on the joystick. If you hit one, that fly will disappear and another one will come take its place in a random posi


Gamegearguy in Channel F

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